June 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

June 2008 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

June 9th, 2008



Do you feel like a tornado hit your life this month? If you do, you’re not alone. Mercury Retrograde put many aspects into a tailspin over the past few weeks creating mass confusion and miscommunication. But don’t worry, the last two weeks were the worst, and now we are coming out of it. It’s best not to make any large decisions, especially FINANCIAL ones until after June 19th. Personally, I would wait until we are in the clear…closer to July 1.

This aspect seemed to hit the sector of friendships this month. You may have heard of many misunderstandings between long term friends. If this aspect got the best of you, you may even have cut off their friendship. Or a close friend may be dealing with this. But don’t worry. Your friends aren’t gone forever. However, this will be a period of positive space, growth and change for a lot of people. Since we are in a land of confusion during mercury rx, misunderstandings are usually clouded and temporary. Once the communication aspects return, things will turn around. Any decisions made during mercury rx are usually temporary and have a chance to be changed.

Whatever your confusion may be, my advice for the rest of the month is DON’T PUSH IT. Do not try to force things to happen, or to make people see your point of view. You will only distance them further, and it will be even harder to remedy later. It’s best not to force your will onto anything you think you want. Reflect on the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

If you force something now, during a time when things are cloudy, it may not be something you’ll want in the long run. Then you’ll have an even larger issue of trying to “get out” or undo what you agreed to. This is especially true of contracts, agreements, and financial business. READ THE FINE PRINT MORE THAN ONCE. Better yet, have a second set of eyes look over everything.

If you are considering a job change, or deciding to work for someone new, BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR JOB DUTIES! If you are thinking of making a commitment to a new relationship, make sure you are not blinded by the chemicals of a new romance. Make it a point to learn enough about that person to make a well informed decision. All in all, we are still riding a difficult wave, so if a decision is not dire, don’t make it!



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