June 2009 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

June 2009 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

June 7th, 2009


So are you pretty much at your wit’s end? If so, you’re not alone. Communication and problem solving, especially at work this month, has taken it’s toll for many due to the erratic energies of Mercury Retrograde. It’s over! However, there is a week period where the energies need to stabilize, so I wouldn’t do anything risky right now if I were you.

This month was probably so draining for you that it may be time to ‘hand in the towel’ so to speak. Stop fighting and take a break. It’s time for a vacation or to at least take a day off from work. The energies are calming down now, so peace should be sought if you made a ‘mess’ this month!

You probably felt a little out of control in the past few weeks and have not even recognized yourself as you flew off the handle or said things that usually “weren’t you”. The good news is that you’re not crazy! Those things that no longer serve you need to be cast out! Make some decisions for change and go with it.

This past month has also been a very fear based month. Fears seemed to surface in the areas of finance and romance! These fears have been with you for many years and now is the time to let go and move on. This ‘unearthing’ was also seen literally during the earthquake in CA.

So moving forward, stop the self pity!! It’s not serving you. If you are reading this and you have been feeling sorry for yourself, this is a message for you to cut it out! The universe doesn’t respond to whiners.

Realize that you have the power to make choices in your life for the better and stop blaming others for your life circumstances. A question to ask yourself: Did you have a part in your life choices? Are you pleasing others rather than taking care of yourself? If so, who is the finger pointing toward? Yes, that’s right, YOU!

Have some GRATITUDE for your life already! It’s really not that bad. And if you want to change, then face the music, be uncomfortable and do it. Stop procrastinating and make some decisions. Take your innate power and wisdom back, and assume responsibility for your happiness and your life. If you start making decisions to make yourself happier, then those around you will benefit.

Some of you are addicted to drama and chaos and will find something wrong no matter what. Great things are around you but you can’t see them. If you are a drama king or queen (you know who you are!), then use that your advantage and create some new exciting opportunities for yourself in a positive way. Go on an impromptu trip, scream on a thrill ride, or try an extreme sport. Create some positive drama!

Now, after all that, relax!!! Take some time out for yourself over the next two weeks until this energy stabilizes and get out of your own way. Do the things that make you happy, and turn your phone off! Take a break from television, especially current news. Spend some time at a pool or around water to clear negative energies. You really need to replenish right now!

All my best!


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