June 2012 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

June Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


So…you thought  that the wave hit you hard last month huh? Yeah, I know it’s been a HUGE shift in energy. Some of you may have slipped into a state of depression over the past few weeks or have just been plain tired. Some of you may have been really angry!! Know that you’re not alone. A lot of people who are very sensitive are experiences major shifts and if you have been going with the flow of your highest vibration, you should have experienced some lifting of it at the end of last week going into this week.

If you are someone who is interested in going into the intuitive or metaphysical field, you may find a strong push to do so now. You may want to get involved in classes or start your own business. Those in the healing fields may find that NOW is a good time to get your attunements  and/or to clear your residual energy that has been like a gray cloud hanging over you.

Now, for the good stuff! You are moving at a high rate vibrationally and you could feel like you are going at light speed. You know there are so many hours in a day, and it’s hard to get it all done! Try not to get yourself in a tizzy. When you are leading with your higher forms of mental energy, or what some of us call “tuning in”,  sometimes that mental energy could get a bit  imbalanced and could manifest in restless energy or obsessive thinking. Like a hyper puppy needs to release energy, you may need to get in physical mode by working out to bring everything into balance. And you may need a faster paced activity to do so. Slowing your energy down may not be best for this sort of balance.

Business ideas, dreams and passions could be at the forefront of your mind now. The Magician card in the tarot comes to mind when thinking about the current place you could be in. Right now, your manifestation energy is very high, so make sure you are putting out there whatever you would like to see come in! And make sure it’s of your highest vibration and very positive. MAKE HIGH GOALS A PRIORITY. If you have spent a long time building your foundation, now is the time to make the leap and SPRING onto the scene. The universe will definitely meet you halfway, provided you take the actions necessary to go forth!! And you should!! Because you have planted your seeds and now is the time to show the world what you’re made of! Star quality is the energy of the week!!

If you feel you are held back, it’s because of your OWN STUBBORN QUALITIES!! Yes, you are only you are the one keeping yourself from shining. What is it you always wanted to do? Do you have a creative project you would like to get out into the world? Begin it now!! Or if you had it on the shelf, get it finished! And if it is finished, well get it out there!! Funny thing is, if you’re normally a shy person and/or you think too much, the current energy will lift that and you will feel you could accomplish anything so GO WITH IT!!

Now onto the MINI MESSAGES:

Steve/Stephan: You have a foot problem or a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Get it looked at!! You are not feeling great because your career path is boring you. Take a look at the sciences. I think you would do well taking some classes, and I see you in a lab coat 🙂

Marcella/Marcy: Someone from the other side is coming in congratulating someone on a baby AND  a graduation!! I see a string a pearls passed down to a grandchild. The name Roger/Raj or last name Rogers is coming in. He is mentioning something about someone’s eyes and clearer vision. If you have to get new glasses, they want you to get the more “modern” look!

Tony/Anthony: Man you are a mess! It’s time to get your back and hip checked and stop thinking it will just go away. There are STRONG intuitive abilities in your family, so make sure you are using them, and refining them. YOU could work in this field and you tend to give great advice! You also need new carpets, there are too many stains. Your grandmother is coming through speaking broken English and yelling at you. She says, “You can cook! Stop being lazy and stop eating all that bread…and those greasy subs!” And clean your bathroom drain…there’s hair clogging it!

Susan: Wow, they are so proud of you on the other side. There is a joke about an “Ezmerelda”, and you used to love dressing up and being dramatic as a kid! They are congratulating the one who is graduating and saying, “Don’t let them get ahead of themselves!! Stay humble! And YOU my dear are going back to the gym again! They hear those thoughts and they are trying to inspire you! What is with the strange noodle dish or casserole you are attempting to make. Be careful not to burn it…AGAIN. There is a Joe and Louis or Louise connection, and tell Joseph to be mindful of his lower back, and put those damn tools on a lower shelf!! All in all, they are so proud of you!!

Well, that’s all I have today! I hope you all have a great week!


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