June/July 2018 Inspirational And Mini Messages


My, my it has been quite a ride in the past sixty days, has it not? The good news is, the clearing out of the old has already made one swift pass through. We are in the midst of an intense and emotional eclipse season. In the past several weeks, you were most likely feeling indecisive, agitated, and may have engaged in arguments with those closest to you. It’s no secret that you are seeking to move towards a more peaceful and serene life. That should be the goal at least. At this point, the material world should be second and the spiritual world first.

Why is this so important? Well, for one, you aren’t going to continue to get away with your current relationship patterns. I’ve seen so many clients in the past month realize they don’t want to continue with the same cycles that have created so much pain for them in the past. However, they find they cannot control their behavior despite the intellectual knowledge that they aren’t good for them.

Over the past six months many messages were presented to clients which gave them ample warning of the upcoming consequences should their patterns and choices continue. I find this insight is invaluable because it allows further emotional hurt to be prevented should the precautionary advice be followed.

However, in the past two weeks, I’ve had client after client call saying these consequences had come to pass and they wanted to know how they could stop or reverse it. When I hear of things after the fact, it’s difficult to change the energy and/or instantly repair it. I feel bad that the energy has continued its course and that my clients have to deal with the results that follow.

I would like to be able to help them avoid the situation PRIOR. However, it just shows me that intellectual understanding of a situation does not mean the pattern will stop. I see a lot of grief and guilt with my lovely clients who wonder what is wrong that they cannot stop doing what they know is not good for them.

Changing patterns does not come easy, so don’t beat yourself up too much! After the first eclipse where even making the smallest decision seemed foggy, you are now coming into a time of great mental clarity. This does not mean you need to make ANY decisions. In fact, it’s better you don’t. The best thing you can do now is seek spiritual relief for everything you have just been though (on all levels). Go to any place with a high level of spiritual energy. Allow it to renew and refresh your spirit from the last two months where your mental energy has been extremely erratic. Be patient and allow yourself to come back to balance. This is a time of very close observation. Stay connected to the universal source. You are in a period where you MUST renew your physical and mental energy.

When those are both out of balance, making emotional decisions is strictly advised against. You are not clear right now, even though you may feel a bit better than you have in the past several months. Don’t let this spike in good energy make you think you can take on the world! Wait and have patience. Those are the two major virtues right now to pay attention to.

It’s also best to seek peace and harmonization in all of your activities. Try not to be too strict on fighting based on principle or trying to teach others wrong from right. Everyone is in upheaval right now. Each person needs to seek balance within themselves, and find ways to restore their own energy. It’s best to not try to save others right now. You’ll just drain yourself in the process.

The other area of interest is home and family. You may be feeling a bit unsettled in those two sectors. Don’t worry, by mid fall those should balance out. You are clearing pathways right now, and I see so many people fighting to keep patterns of behavior that the universe wants them to leave behind. Perhaps these have served you in the past but they aren’t now. Ask those closest to you what patterns they have seen you repeating and seek to be honest with yourself about where you really would like your life to be.

Create a vision board for yourself to help manifest your ideals. Ask yourself if what is currently in your life is in alignment those ideals.

The shadow side of yourself wants to leave now. It cannot protect you anymore. It will only hurt to hold on. Be brave and realize you’ll be protected by a much bigger source if you just connect to it. Trust in the power of that source to carry you, and not your own will power. The energy changes are so strong now that your will power will not withstand it.

Immediately seek to connect with your spiritual advisors in this world, your guides and angels and those in the next world.

All you have to do is let GO!

All my best during these changing times and looking forward to much enlightenment of your spirit.


July Mini Messages From The Other Side
Channeled Messages From Spirit

Millie/Mildred: This message I feel is coming back again from a previous month! Did someone not claim their relative??? It’s extremely important that special care is taken of the woman named Millie or Mildred in the living at this time. There are some things that are not clear and medical details that have not been brought to the surface. Handling this situation with “kid gloves” is advised now. There should be no quick or very strong decisions made. Something connected to this person was very powerful, or a major change happened in the month of May. She will be able to pull through, but patience is required on all sides. Once again, no sudden changes or decisions with health!

Jodi: I feel this person spells their name “exactly” as I have written it. There is also a Mike connection. Jodi, I feel your family is all standing in a line on the other side telling you to not make such a horrible decision! Normally, they haven’t been so strong about telling you what you need to do in life, but they are seeing you go over the edge here honey. I feel this decision involves your romantic life. Be careful! They are here giving you ample warning. You are about to get yourself into some “hot water” (No pun intended!)

Naomi: You may go by the nickname NAY or NAY NAY. There is a concern about a child close to you from the the people connected on the other side. They are telling me to advise you to pay close attention to a child needing you for emotional support during this time. You will be their only source of comfort. They are also telling you to watch your feet or ankles! Have you had a previous injury where your foot gets a little swollen from time to time? Elevate those feet. Also, there will be issues with travel and transportation specifically. The transportation part is emphasized, so just be aware that you may have to be a little fluid with plans. Someone around you also needs to have their brakes checked. There is also a STEVE connection. Not sure if this person is living or passed. Pay close attention to what this person tells you and realize there is yet some information that is concealed. The words “Many Moons” comes to me. Not sure what that means. They say you will understand. Also, they are telling me to tell you to beware of certain “cereal grains” as you don’t handle them well, and if your knee is throbbing, take a 2 week break from whatever is aggravating it!

Darnell: I feel like you are referred to as Auntie D, or Aunt D, or Dee Dee. Your grandmother on the other side is coming in and says that your “biological” mother is with her. This woman looks very young so she could have passed when you were very young. Pay close attention to any genetic family issues and make sure you will either avoid them completely or make some great lifestyle strides for yourself. A bald man is coming through who had hypertension and heart issues. He also had issues speaking clearly at the end. He is telling you that he has heard you asking for him, and he is there! Hang in!

Rudy/Ruby: I feel this is a dog coming through with your “MUM” on the other side. Are you Australian? Not sure what accent this is. Could also be reflective of the UK. I feel like I’m getting something reversed with this message. Perhaps this is the woman’s name? Not sure, but all I know is she LOVES her red shoes, or she is referring to RUBY SLIPPERS and the Wizard of Oz. This is something very symbolic for you and special. She is mentioning the poster of the ruby slippers or the artwork. You are coming into some great times of recognition! Keep smiling and be happy!


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