June/July 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

June/July 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

July 8th, 2011

June/July 2011 Inspirational Message By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Yes,yes I know. I am a very confused medium! My May message came later in
the month and I just realized there was not a June Inspirational Message, so I
am wrapping them into one today! My apologies to my readers!!
So, what to write! Well, lately I have been reading some quotes by the
great metaphysician Edgar Cayce’s I came across something today that inspired
some thoughts relating to this month’s message.

Here is the post from the
official Cayce facebook page today:

“First, as may be indicated in that given, the soul should
within itself know its own ideal – and that as the standard should be ever kept
in the forefront of its mental and soul activity. And with the awakening within self that only in putting into
practice that the soul finds is the expression of the ideal in the manifested
form may the hands, the mind, the body, the soul become in harmony with the
activities that become necessary for making the developments that may be gained
through these experiences. 439-2“


Of course this could be
interpreted in a variety of ways, but it’s interesting as it relates to the
current energetic shifts you may be experiencing right now. First, I want to say
that many of you may be feeling a bit (shall we say) “sluggish”. You may want to
move faster, but for some reason you just don’t have your usual energy. Forcing
it seems the only way to get moving, but you may feel completely drained as a
result (and I might add quite moody!!) You may be hard on yourself classifying
the actions as “lazy” or “procrastinating”. And at times you may be. But I can
tell you for sure what you are experiencing now and over the last several weeks
has been a major transitional state. This energy state will cause all of these
feelings to take place. Your body needs to adjust and catch up to the energy as
the vibration heightens within you.


How does this relate to Cayce?
Well, the transition right now is exactly that: experiencing life and reaching
your soul ideal. A knowing within you has come with the result of this
transition. A knowing of what you want, what you enjoy, what makes you happy,
and where your passions and talents are. You would think that if we all had this
information, we would immediately jump on it and move forward. Not necessarily
so. Sometimes knowing intellectually is only half of what you need to do.
Reaching that ideal and holding the bar to those standards that you deserve, as
Cayce indicates, takes ACTION in all areas: the mind, the body and the spirit,
and these ideals on the soul level must match the activities we choose.


So think about it. Make a
ideals list. Some of you might think you are out of the ballpark by thinking
these ideals are accessible. You MUST believe they are possible and that they
will happen! Why wait to pursue your dreams? Take one step a day in the
direction of them and they will become a reality!


Now onto the MINI MESSAGES for
the month! A great time to do the mini messages as it’s raining and the
connection is great for the channel!


Ok here goes:


PAT – It’s time to get a new
suit. You really need to make yourself look your best. You have gained weight
and are trying to fit into your old clothes and they just look very tight. Go to
the Men’s Warehouse and get yourself a nice suit for your business outings. You
will find that you will not have to unbutton your pants after you eat a


MARGIE OR MARGI – It’s time to
start that new business you were thinking about. Wedding dresses and a little
boutique!! You’ve already paid your dues. Something about being a teacher is
coming up as well. The name “Uncle Al” is also coming through. He is mentioning
his shoes and how nice they are. He is glad his legs feel better on the other
side and is mentioning someone needing to check their thyroid in the living.


JOSH OR JOHN (or both). You
are barking up the wrong tree buddy! You think you have time to get your life
together, but all your friends are all moving forward and will leave you behind.
Make the best use of the time you have now, and PLEASE go back to school. Even
though you are not into books and studying, you can go to trade school.
Military? Not both.


SAM (on the other side). This
man is coming through a little sad. He misses his dear wife here (calls her his
bride). He loved Elvis and says he still listens to music on the other side.
Someone was named after him in the living. It could even be the name Samantha. I
also get the name Bart in association with him or Bartholomew. He is mentioning
soup crackers. He loved breaking up the crackers in the plastic before putting
them in his soup and he loved clam chowder and seafood! And homemade meatballs!
He is mentioning that it is now time to consider alternate housing for his wife
as she really needs some extra care.


conscious of health and that you are taking care of yourself. A vacation is much
needed and a lot of rest. I see orange juice, so you really need a boost for
your immune system as well.


JOSH AGAIN – Are you


PLAYA or MAYA. Wow, you are
not listening to those around you! You are going on your own instincts and they
are really coming from an emotional place which is not very balanced. You need
new shoes or sneakers that are comfortable because you can have foot problems if
you don’t. Something about your tongue is also coming up. Really??? Dance
music?? When did you stop listening to your top 10 pop songs? The people on the
other side are not recognizing you! Are you recognizing you??? Be yourself!!


MEGAN — Oh nelly! You need a
new job. Stop trying to make this one fit. You are complaining and are clearly
not happy. What’s the DEAL-IO??? Get yourself in a ruffle, stomp in there and
tell them you’re not taking it ANYMORE!!


JIM — Someone on the other
side is saying happy birthday coming up and they are saying that you really need
a shave. He is telling you to order two egg rolls for old times sake. Also,he is
mentioning your new home and congratulating you on it! He is very excited. Also
Eileen is going to be making a BIG purchase. He is clapping on the other side.
Check the tires on your daughter’s car. The front passenger side definitely
needs air before the weekend.


STANLEY (on the other side) He
loved the Glenn Miller band and wants to mention a Laurel, Laura or Lori in the
living. Someone connected to him is in cosmetology or is a hair stylist. They
really should go back to school to learn color. As a result they could be a very
famous colorist! He is mentioning a scar he had around his abdomen from a
surgery. Just wanting to make sure you know it’s him! He misses the apple
orchard or tree and is mentioning a set of keys that someone has of his. Someone
is also very good at basketball (a young male). Happy birthday coming up and he
is also referencing “the boys” or twins.

Hope You Enjoyed the Messages and Have A Great Weekend!



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