June/July Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

ridersJune/July 2013 Inspirational Message and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

I will title the Channeled Message “Riders On The Storm”!


Well, I guess I will have to combine last month’s and this month’s message. With the holiday, supermoon and this crazy retrograde, I have been amiss with time. I do apologize for those of you that are used to reading the messages every month. I hope this message will come at *just the right time* and hopefully deliver the message you need to hear.

May’s channeled message seemed to get a lot of attention and people really enjoyed the channeled dialogue.

This message will be less etherial and more to the point. With the current energies, many of you are scrambling to find some balance and just a “little something” to make sense of it all. I know a lot of you are feeling a bit lonely, out of place, and maybe a little “out of touch”. Some of you may have felt spacey over the past few weeks.

This retrograde was followed by the Supermoon last month and boy has it had an effect! The best way I could describe it would be to say that things are “being brought to light”. Some of these things may not have been good. The tides were strong and your emotions were even stronger. You may be feeling a bit discouraged as we speak. Things may have fallen away. You may feel a bit alone.

However, know that what needed to fall away was of necessity. Ok I’m feeling the writing is going to change again. I wasn’t planning on this as you could see above, but I guess something more needs to be said from elsewhere! So, I had a plan, but this supercedes it, so here goes!

Dear Ones,

You have so much to bear. We have heard your cries, your shouts, your tears. Many have experienced losses. Some at the core. You have hit bottoms. You have arisen. 

At times, arising does not feel light. It is heavy at the root, but you are risen from within. The lightness, the freedom that you feel is only a lightening of the energetic vortex as it raises, but first the shift within must occur. You have sailed stormy nights, you have fallen. But you will rise. Like the sea at high tide, it was once low, sullen, but none the less wise. Where would the sea be? Who would marvel at its wonder, its thunder, its power had it always been rough? It is mighty, but it is wise, and does not use its power when its power is not needed. No, the intent and focus of the sea is minute, and very precise. So must you harness your energies. Flailing about, using energy without direction, is dangerous. Even the windmills have direction, precise flow, and movement. So you must also.

You must trust that what has fallen away is due to a shift in all around us, and all around you. Sometimes it is not for you to know. We don’t know. The great mystery is. And it always will be, and there are precise laws at work. You must not question or try to fit the puzzle together. Remain separate, remain at a distance. Remain in solitude. 

You are meant to listen at this time. Stand in stillness, bask at the night. For it is the night that is now upon us. We have been driven into the subconscious aspects of the self. Those who reflect you will now appear, and those who will deflect will immediately go. You may worry there is no one left, but vibrations will tune, and those who sing your song will appear, and this time, you are in tune. You are in perfect accord with those that surround you. The past no longer exists, as you will see. Vibrations are higher and lower, frequencies are measurable. Time is an element left to it’s own interpretations. For it serves what it does. But with vibration being a matter of tuning, the past does not serve itself. It is really the matter of the instant, the moment, the raising or lowering of vibration. Do you see that “time” is linear, and that vibration is vertical. As we think we are moving along the line, we are really moving within it. 

As with transcendence of all physical planes, or what you will call metaphysical or the like. All is a matter of vibration, and that is all. Energy shift creates experience. Once you shift the pages turn. You no longer follow that path. You are not one with it. You see, when you are one with it, the same lessons are learned. What you call “history” repeats itself, same circumstances, different itinerary. You wonder why. Vibration. 

Once a total shift occurs, not a slight shift, but once a total shift occurs, a powerful surge of energy shatters the existing bubble. But it is silent to you. You don’t “see” it, but will experience a silence. Not a silence that of loneliness, but a silence that will speak to you. The past will not call you. You remain still, and in that knowing you will have arrived. You hold 

fondness to those who are dear, on all planes, but you must now meet others along the open road. All patterns are clear at this momental shift in your lives. You will know the shift by the inability to assign emotion to past events. They remain objective in the mind’s eye, and open to objectionable release. You will be able to look and assess what has been amiss, and the feeling of needing to know, to try, to analyze will not be within you. In the moment you are free. 

There will be a period of NO-THING-NESS. Appropriate for the time being to be addressed that way. There may be few, maybe one or more, who will have tuned to the level you are on, and you may both talk of these strange occurances. You will be in it together…riders on the storm. And yes we are in tune with those words. Now within the calm, you will both look back and not withstanding lack of understanding, you will know it was all necessary and of the good. You will speak as if you both crossed the threshold, tired and burdened from your own singular journeys and you will sit along the shore, weary, but not broken. You will both smile, because you knew you would meet there. You had your own battles to fight, and you promised to come together for the next step in your journey.

You look from where you came, not with regret but with a smile, and you know you made it through. You have few spiritual warriors near your side. Remember, they may not always be with you, but they are fighting the same spiritual battles and they are on the same line. You will know they are there even when they are not present, doing what they need to do for the greater works. You will find one another and rest, renew and walk on. 

Trust, brothers and sisters. The journey is just beginning. Reunite with those again. It is time for the in betweens. Share time. Share stories. Embrace one another. You made it!Mini Messages For June/JulySteven – Please be aware of your back. There are some issues that have been present for the past 15-20 years, it’s not time to try to overexert yourself and make it worse. Also please make sure to check your left knee. The name Margot/Margo is coming through for you. This could be someone living or on the other side. Watch your drinking. Something about wine does not agree with you. Time to detox!

Sylvia – Your grandmother on the other side is with a “mother figure” of yours. I don’t believe this is your biological mother, but someone who was like a mother to you or took care of you when you were young. She is showing me a specific white bonnet as a validation. You may have gone through not feeling well as a child and she took care of you. In your family line, there is a lot of spiritual energy. You made have had very strong relatives who were of the spiritualist religion. They are calling you to your roots and to check out your ancestry. Classical music is also coming through and the name Tom. There is a very pleasant man on the other side who has a wave to the front of his hair, and has a beautiful shine to his hair too. He was very handsome in his day, looks like the 40’s by the way he is dressed. He remembers you in the knee length red dress with your strappy heels, and the flower on your lapel. You looked beautiful then. Someone may also be dressed like this on the other side. He is sending you orchids as a symbol of his love. Be brave he says, you have much to do.

A message from a man named George who has passed. I’m not sure if he is of Spanish descent or not but he is either speaking Spanish or with someone on the other side who only speaks a little English. The name Nancy is connected. George is really happy he is on the other side. His life here, he mentions was not what he expected. He lived for others, and really did not take care of his health well. He had heart issues and some chest fluid or congestion. He is also mentioning a Richard, or Dick that is connected to him, but I don’t think related. There is also a Tony or Anthony connection, not sure if that’s living or passed. He wants you to be aware of your own breathing. It’s time to really take a good look at your health and your overall physical body. Are you taking good care of yourself? He is concerned that you are not thinking right about the upcoming years as far as your overall well being. He doesn’t want you to live your life as he did. He is concerned for you. The name Debbie or Deborah is also coming through. If you like the name Maggie, use it as a name for a new animal coming into your life. There is a baby boy in spirit around you. Richard is coming up again, so this is something he wants to stress. And something about a first communion, or communion. Go fishing. Something about eating Trout, or a fried fish sandwich. Specifically he is saying “Fish and Chips, Long John SIlvers” and is laughing to himself. Just don’t eat the “hush puppies” he says, for you will pay for it in the morning!

Ron or Rhonda. A older female on the other side, looks like an Aunt is coming through mentioning “assorted chocolates”, especially the ones with the “rum” in it she said. She smoked and drank and insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way. I sense a raspiness in her voice, which means to me that she may have had some complications due to smoking later in life. She walked with a limp, as one of her legs kept giving out. She says she should have gotten the left knee replacement. She is saying she had a strong cough for a number of years and drank a lot of cough medicine, but it was something she should have had taken care of. She is mentioning a WILL, and he was called WILL not Bill or William. I smell a lake. There may have been fun times with the family on or around a lake with possibly a state park nearby. She is not happy with some of the family distention that is going on. She says she dealt with that enough in her life. “Will everyone PLEASE get along?” Go get a haircut too! It’s getting too long.Bud or Buddy. Stop saying mean things to people. You aren’t being funny. In fact people think you’re quite rude. This is not becoming of you anymore. People are going to start distancing themselves. It’s time for a new job and new clothes to go along with it. Even though you are older in years, they are telling you to get some manners and grow up!!

Priscilla is coming through from the other side and is not happy about where she is laid to rest. She is saying she had it all set up. What happened? And why next to “that woman”?? She is giving her daughter the sign of a Rose, and asking you to please take her wishes into consideration. She is saying you STILL need to get your house blessed even though it’s an old tradition. 

Rooney, or Roomy. Sounds like a nickname to me and is a validation that your loved one is doing quite well and sending you love from the other side!! There is a small dog with a red collar with rhinestones on it alongside the man on the other side. He is also mentioning his tie collection and bow ties. He was a little obsessive about the way they were put away and they don’t look like that now!! Please make your old fashioned lemonade!

Hope you enjoyed the messages and your Summer!!

 Blessings and Light to You!

Marisa Liza

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