March 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

March 2008 Inspirational Message From Marisa Pell

March 12th, 2008



I hope you are as excited as I am about the new additions coming to Knowledge For Living. Please feel free to send any suggestions or additions you would like to see take place. We welcome all new ideas!

As for March, are you feeling the roller coaster ride yet? If so, welcome in the new energy that’s bound to make you stressed if you don’t force yourself to take some time to do the things you need to do for yourself.

This is BURN OUT time. Everywhere you look, people are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, which is always good. But sometimes when you get so busy, it’s hard to make time to slow down. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying, “relax take it easy”. To the contrary, if you want to take risks with your personal life or business, now is THE TIME.

But in the midst of the crazy speed you may be feeling, know that your defenses are down energetically because of the rushing energy that is coming in. This means that you may be prone to flus, not tolerate foods well, and common colds. The stress makes your immune system weak, so storing up on Vitamin D and soups is important right now.

With this motion energy, it’s going to be hard to relax and stay still because your mind will be racing. So instead of trying to sit and meditate, (which will probably be torture), try instead to get back to the gym. However, you don’t want to overdo it either. This is why I don’t recommend land exercise at this time like lifting or running. Because of the current energy and carelessness, we are prone to more injury such related to impact due to NOT TAKING THE TIME TO WARMUP OR STRETCH.

So instead I recommend swimming if you can handle laps in a pool. The water energy will balance you, and it would be great if you have a sauna, hot tub or steam room to soak in afterwards.

In symbolic terms, it’s life you have a sharp sword in your hand now. Whatever you want to cut out of your life is directly in front of you. With the current energy, you feel fearless and ruthless in getting the job done. Next month you may not feel the strength to get as much done as you will now.

Think about what no longer serves you and waste no time in making changes. Don’t feel guilty. Take risks without knowing what’s ahead.

All my best!

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