March 2011 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

March 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

March 21st, 2011

March 2011 Inspirational Message Plus *Mini Messages* From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Welcome to the energy I have been telling you about! Are all your ducks in a row? Even if they aren’t, you have to be ready because new opportunities are coming in quick and you need to “jump on that train and leave the station” as my good friend Jim always says.

There is no time to waste! I always tell you to clear your energy, but now it’s time to CLEAR completely. If you are holding onto anything from your past, it’s time to let it go. This is true for all items, paperwork, old books, and any excesses that may be cluttering your home right now.

I should know!! I am not the most organized gal, however with the energies going this fast this month, you will need some organization to keep you centered and to keep you grounded. If your mind is racing it’s because you’re being catapulted into a new energy before you even THINK you’re ready. But there is no time to think, it’s time to take some risks and ACT.

Also, you may see that your intuitive skills may be extremely heightened this month due to some peak energies. Some of you that have not experienced anything out of the ordinary in the past will be shocked to find out that you are indeed tapping in to some force that is pretty magical. Those with intuitive abilities will be taking it to the next level, and groups will form for support of these gifts. You will find that now is the time that you will know who your true friends. These “Earthly Guides” will be sticking with you through the next universal transition. I know this is some heavy stuff, but the vibration of the universe as a whole is shifting to a new energy. I know some of you can feel it! It is important that you be around those of your highest good at this time.

DREAM BIG this month, and TAKE ACTION on those dreams. If opportunities present themselves, dive in — as anything you do will prove to be on your path of your highest good. Make sure your decisions align with the right frequency. Before you act on something, always “tune in” and try it on. See how it feels. If you feel a warm good feeling and your body feels relaxed.. go with it. If you feel any strange sensations, doubts or your body is tense, delay that action. Be sure that you don’t mistake doubt for panic! Sometimes we get nervous to act suddenly and want to make sure we are making the right decisions before doing so. You may THINK you need to wait until the “bridge” becomes clear. Think again. The lantern will only light the way and you will have to act on faith a lot this month! What a great exercise for you!

A few questions: What was your dream as a little kid? Are you passionate about your life? Is there something you always wanted to do, or a place you always wanted to visit? Make those plans now, as the universe will take care of the necessities.

Live purely in the moment and enjoy life! Now onto the monthly mini messages! Hope there is one for you!

STEVEN (other side) – I am unsettled about my passing. I am trying to get a message to a family member who is like a brother to me. He is very depressed and is using drugs, specifically cocaine. I had an addiction issue (heroin) and a heart issue. I passed suddenly. I really want to try to help. There is also a Mike connection to this person and a Sam. Someone is wearing a broken watch that needs to be fixed. I had VERY SMELLY socks!

Laurie — Someone passed of breast cancer in the family. There is a Ron or Don connection and this woman is happy about the memorial and loves the song “On Angel’s Wings”. Someone recently wrote or read a poem that reminded them of her. She is also mentioning the teddy bear they still have. I believe she has a daughter living.

Ralphie — Something with the word “Cantor” or “Cantonese” — not sure. This man cracks a smile and his smile is cockeyed. He was quite the character. He loved fishing and had a hat with a fishing license. He passed of heart related trauma and kidney issues. He still has a father figure living who he wants to say he’s sorry to. At one point he stole money from family members.

Shawn (living) — You are getting a bit lazy! Stop with the internet sending of resumes. It’s time for you to go back to school and finally get into the trade you would like to do. Driving trucks is not for you. There is a girl is your life that is right for you, and you are screwing  it up. BAD BAD!! Get yourself together Shawn or she’ll be gone! (hey that rhymes)

Nubie (or Noobie) — Is this a dog or a pet name for someone? Someone on the other side has the dog, who had a hearing problem in life. He also had a weird shaped ear. He had some white on his face. He is with dad, who was not too wise with money. People in the family were not too happy about what happened with his finances since he passed. He regrets he wasn’t able to get his finances in order and he is sorry. He really misses his spaghetti and meatballs.

Sharon (living) — It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Stop that whining and complaining and meet new friends and people. Life is moving fast and you are moving WAY TOO SLOW. Get a new pair of jeans, you deserve them!

Lance — Oh Boy. Not good here. Be careful of putting money in the wrong hands and dealing with the wrong people!

Shamus — Keep cool buddy. You are coming out of the woods and everything is going to be fine.

Cindy — Do you want to be a mom? If so, it’s time to start trying!! A baby girl is waiting for you!

Gus (other side) — This man had a leg problem in life and was a Vietnam Vet. He misses chopping wood and making fires. He loved bees and may have even made honey. He knows a Margaret.

Paulette — Sign those papers!! Pay attention to the fine print and get that paperwork complete. It’s time to move past this and stop delaying. You must move forward to see what will happen next.

Joe Sr. (other side) Wants to give money to his wife to buy a new sassy coat with the rhinestones that she likes (he likes the dark red cranberry one). He is telling her to splurge. There is also a Dee or Delores that he is mentioning.

Jake — Stop taking any nutritional supplements that increase your heart rate. It is imperative that you have blood work done before you take anything for working out.

Micha/ Michele (with one L) — Those on the other side do not like the BOB HAIR CUT. They hate it actually. If you have been thinking about doing it, DON’T (you will look like a Beatle) and if you have already done it, well then I don’t really know what to tell you LOL.  GROW IT OUT I guess.

Tara — Take things slow and enjoy getting to know your new friend. Like Heinz Ketchup: Good things come to those who wait. Mom likes the bling bling!!

OAT?? — Is there seriously someone named OAT out there? If so, please e-mail me immediately. That was weird.

Amish / Aneesh: Go to the throat specialist and see what’s going on. Your PH is off and you have some issues with acid reflux.

Laura, Laura Laura. This name has been on my mind all week. Who are you???

Blake — Chill out brother!! People are really getting annoyed with you. Let other people take the lead for once.

Joan — You need to get out of your mind and tune into that great intuition you have! You are thinking too negative and it is affecting those around you. Just say, “Enough is enough!” Let go of the resentment and get on with your life.

Mike — Get a goldfish.

Ok that’s all for now!! Hope you have a great March and stay tuned for more messages!

All my best and blessings for the month of March!


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