March 2014 Inspirational Message And Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

marchMarch 2014 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Can you believe it!!??? Yes, I’m EARLY this month!! Well we have a couple of great events coming up early and Mid March so I had to get on it. Ok, so are you guys and gals ready to speed up your progress and STAY FOCUSED on your path? So much can get done this month and next if you just stay on track and do NOT waiver. You see, any ground work or foundation you have already secured is now ready for you to stand atop of it with firm footing and MOVE FORWARD!

If I were a personal trainer, I’d yell, “Let’s GO! Move It Movie it!!!!” And that’s the energy you’re going to be working with especially up to the 17th of March. All systems are a GO. Green lights mean opportunities FINALLY moving forward and you SHINING BRIGHT without much added effort. What had brought you struggles in the past is now officially in the past, and any renewals of relationships or business situations will be off to a brand new start without any past hangups or influences. You have much success to look forward to, so be ready for it! And don’t shy away from Golden Opportunities that you feel you may not be ready for yet. You have to take this LEAP at some point. Don’t let fear hold you back.

When windows appear like this, they do not appear often so take advantage of it!! If ANYTHING slows you down, time to let the big backpack off your shoulders and put it down. It will be there waiting for you when you get back. You can put things aside right now without much emotional pull as you coast to the next level. However, this STILL involves some heavy lifting on your end for you to move up to the next few rungs of the ladder!! Once you are at that next plateau, (and needless to say it took you probably close to 10 years!!) you can walk for a little bit, but this next step will only be about 8 months in and then you will be movin’ up again!!! And this will happen once more for a two month period!! So you have work to do, BUT with small intervals of enjoying your hard work!! You’ve earned it, and I’ll be the first to say, “I’m proud of you!!”

Whatever you’ve been working towards, whether that be self improvement, a new career, the next level to your success, or improving a love relationship in your life, you have worked HARD and now it’s time to take those next big leaps and CELEBRATE SOON!!

So, that’s for you this month! Short and sweet and to the point. Not much fluff here!

With All The Best! ~ Marisa

Monthly Webcast Readings

Here are a few webcasts from this MONTH. More to come starting THIS FRIDAY!! Also make sure to tune into our radio show every SATURDAY from 3-4pm on 920AM The Voice, Princeton. 920AM is the sister station of 94.5 WPST and is an all Talk Radio station!!

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Here is a fun 3 card reading from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorns Deck!! Check It out!

Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: Your **WEEKLY** Reading!
Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Friday Webcast: Your **WEEKLY** Reading!
For the week of February 28

If you are looking for more of a longer range, MONTHLY detailed projection headed into MARCH, check out the video below for Marisa’s playing card reading, and get a good laugh with Intuidate Radio® co-host and RELATIONSHIP EXPERT and STRATEGIST, CJ. Westyn (@cjwestyn) as he delves into his OWN love life. Also, learn a new CAT TRICK with a little bit of psychic humor sprinkled on top! 

Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Marisa & Friends: Your **WEEKLY Reading & Cat Sitting!
Medium Marisa Liza Pell: Marisa & Friends: Your **WEEKLY Reading & Cat Sitting!
For the week of February 21


March MINI Messages From The Other Side:

Donna D.- Is this for #DonnaDrama??? Perhaps! Be watchful of joint and leg pain. Walking will be great for you at this time and some water activities!!! Also lay off any caffeine and stay hydrated! This is from “Pop” or “Pop Pop” on the other side. If there is another Donna D. this could be for you too, since Donna’s last name is not Drama! LOL

Larry:-I feel this is a YOUNGER Larry who was named after a Larry who passed. Perhaps there are two Larry’s. Or if you resonate with this name, it is time for you to go and search for a relative you have been wanting to find for some time. It’s time that the two of you meet and put aside any long term disappointments that have been with you for most of your life. If you have a Larry that passed this could be for you as well. But Larry definitely has a son with his surname. George is coming through as well. He is mentioning the Army and/or a military reference. And something about a swiss army knife and fishing. Maybe it would be a good idea to go and seek some solace in the great outdoors. The wolf animal totem and spirit guide is with you, and guiding you. It is a female wolf. You are meant to have a dog in this life that is like an Akita (or wolf like). Your spirit guides will bring this sacred animal spirit to you. It’s time to wear something around your neck for protection. Your energy is too open and susceptible right now, and it’s also time to purify yourself and seek to hone your massive intuitive gifts.  Does georgie porgie or the cartoon monkey mean anything to you? Or a monkey named George?

Lori –  Something about administrative or secretarial work is coming up. You have great talent and work well with numbers. It’s time to get a secondary certification and move forward to the next pay level! Watch your feet, and soak them in epsom salts!

Ted – You are a little in limbo these days, and feeling a little “mucky”. It’s time to get the “old Ted” back. This spring and summer could be wonderful months for music, travel and fun with friends. But be mindful of maintaining practical areas of your life as well. You have the opportunity to make international connections that can really take off if you make them on solid foundations and nurture them in the winter months following your initial meeting. I keep hearing Georgie Porgie again as I did above. Not sure if this is for you or not.

“Mags” – A nickname maybe for you. Maggie perhaps. I see the four leaf clover really BIG in front of me. Last two years may not have been the best. There are two people coming through who may have been in a vehicle accident. Not sure if they are friends of yours or family members, but it was something that happened quickly. I also see rain at that time and late, like 2-3am. They are making the transition and know you pray for them and talk to them almost daily! You are a gift to those on the other side. They keep showing me something you wear, a necklace that has great spiritual significance to you and you hold it when you reach out! They love you and thank you for not only your support by from the outpouring community spirit supporting them too.

Melinda: You go girl!! Rock on. You have a very creative event or project coming up. There is makeup artistry around you and lots of cameras!! Go get em!

That’s all for today!! Hope you enjoyed the message and keep movin’ in March!!!


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