March 2018 Inspirational & Mini Messages


I’m sure with the latest Jupiter and Mercury Retrogrades, you have been experiencing a lot of *SLOW* movement, irritability and major confusion!!! While this is extremely frustrating, know that these blips will most likely be mediated, fixed and resolved. Re-communicating needs will be the best tool in your toolbox over the coming weeks. Remember to double check EVERYTHING, as so many twists and turns in plans are on the horizon.

However, this period of time remains ESPECIALLY nostalgic. You may have this intense feeling to reach back out to re-connect with old people, places and things. While these experiences will be worthwhile, the fantasy of them being exactly as they were in the past will not exist. It will be nice to hear from old friends and revisit places, but the “feeling” you are seeking is a little out of reach. And that’s ok. Because as this period comes to a close, it will be time to begin a brand new chapter!

While Jupiter is in retrograde, it’s not a complete halt of progress on your new ideas and goals. It is primarily a slowing down. These projects will not come to a complete standstills, or even delays. These projects that began in the New Year are still moving ahead, just slower. The first three months of the year, we experienced most planets in forward station, and everything was moving at lightening speed. Projects that weren’t hitting their mark or destination point finally broke through in 2018.

In addition, indecisiveness has left the building. So many of you have completed your inner transformations as well (which for many in the past year and a half has been painful), and you are starting on new roads. This has caused many businesses to finally close that have been around for decades. These ending are merely openings in the universe for many new decades of new memories to come. We are now on the brink of new horizons and COMPLETE FRESH STARTS.

If you are in space of wanting to move to a completely new place, start an entire new career, or go back to school in your later years, then this is the time to finally take a leap of faith and begin round 2! You will see great rewards even though it’s a slow start.

For those of you that have planted seeds, and cultivated your soil for close to a decade, you will see that new roads will appear with those people that are meant to help you. This aspect is especially powerful over the next fifteen year period. You will finally have the support you’ve always needed to see success. Those rallying behind you will provide a solid foundation of support and will not let you down. This is a very special period for those that have endured hard work iwithout little help. This is truly a time where you won’t need to manage this help and will know you can trust the support given!

Enjoy this time of quiet and stillness. Do yoga, meditate, go within.



Mini Messages From The Other Side From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Joseph: This is the name of someone on the other side and he’s mentioning he is the Grandfather of the one reading. There is also a grandson named Joseph in honor of him but no Joseph II or Junior. I feel the name skipped a generation. He is very proud of his grandson and this has something to do with schooling or finishing school with high honors. There are many blessings after a slow summer and fall, so tell him not to get too impatient. Next spring brings the “springboard” so to speak for many exciting and rare opportunities in his career!

Mitch/Mitchell/Mitchum: This is a name of someone in the living who really needs to get off their behind and stop spinning their wheels! The other side is saying he is thinking too much about what he needs to do and not really doing anything about the present situation. Tell him also to stop *waiting* on a female who is not giving him any commitment or response on a very important matter. Move on and let “the good times roll in” they say! There are many other fish (s) in the sea! I smell sweet pipe smoke when this mean is speaking to me so his old pipe was often his most favored accessory.

Richard “The Warrior”: This is a strange one as I usually don’t get a name in quotes after someones first name. I wonder if this was a sports reference of some kind. Sounds “gladiator-ish”. I’m not sure if Richard is living or passed at this point as the name is the only reference that is coming through. I get a cautionary message from whomever is reaching out saying that there is a division between two family members that is not getting resolved. I wonder if Richard “The Warrior” wants to come in and resolve the matter himself. It seems like whoever is on the other side detailing this issue isn’t too happy, and wants results ASAP!

Troy/Trey/ “T”: I get a feeling this is someone on the other side who passed young. He is referencing a fast paced life, but that’s the way he liked it! I also feel he was a bit of a ladies man and even has a child who is living (I would venture to say he is suggesting a son). I see a pregnant woman, so either this same woman is having another son, or was pregnant with his and he didn’t get to meet him on the Earthplane. In any case, he is saying his son is destined for great things and although a bit impatient, will surpass all odds. He doesn’t want the family to worry that he will struggle with the same issues he did. He is saying he was quite determined as well, it just went in a different direction. He is very happy to see his son through all the next years of achievement from the other side and is congratulating and celebrating with him!

Joy/Joyce: She is also referencing a baby, but this time a baby girl making her way to the Earthplane. I feel the parents are already aware of her arrival as I see baby showers in the works! And yes, there will be more than one!!! Happy Baby Arrival!

That is all for the month of March! Enjoy the beginning of Spring!



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