March/April 2012 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

March/April Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

April 5th, 2012

March/April Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Ahhh. Yet again, I am late for March, BUT I GUESS I WILL BLAME IT ON THE RETROGRADE so I guess technically I’m ok :) I apologize to those of you who enjoy reading my messages at the beginning of the month. To make it up to you, I’m going to write a combined message for March/April on a topic I don’t normally discuss and also add some readings at the end. I know it has been a time of a lot of transformation for many of you, so I hope this message finds you all coming into a time of peace.

Although you may be experiencing the calm after some storms, please know there is still a lot of work to do, and this break is a time of renewal but also preparation for the next steps in your life, a window that could encompass the next 29 years! Whatever you would like to manifest, begin action now, as doors will open for you!! But before we get into the next steps,  which cover aligning with your life missions (and of course adventures and a time of much happiness) we must discuss the process leading there. This may not be the “type” of inspiration you are looking for in the moment, but it is what needs to be looked at along the road of the destination.

What I am going to write about is going to be a little different and perhaps a little bit of a conversation starter. I hope to hear some of your comments and/or questions regarding what I am going to write. And yes, it may be a little “on the dark side”, but it is something that needs to be expressed now.

We are coming into a time where our shadows are being exposed. Many of you lived with many shadows most of your life, whether it be the “shadow side” to yourself, or perhaps you have had entity attachments. These could be actual spirits that could have attached to you from a place that you lived, or ancestral attachments, perhaps passed down by various members of your family line. You could have also encountered or been involved in dark activities, addictions, or were over exposed to negative energy or people.

The truth is that we are ALL susceptible to shadow and perhaps without it, many of us wouldn’t see our greatest light. The problem is that if the shadow is integrated deeply into the spirit, and into the psyche, it is very possible that the true center, and your most powerful access point to the universal source or God, may not be able to be fully realized. Vacillation is the name of the game. Problem is the MORE POWERFUL the spirit within you, the MORE INTUITIVE you are, the MORE WISDOM you came into this life with, the MORE SUSCEPTIBLE YOU ARE TO THE DARK and TO THE SHADOW.

This would be ok if we were in a time where there was room to play, but at this point, the universe is calling most of you to your highest potential AND asking you to become fully ACTUALIZED. In this sense, you are being tested. You may have encountered many challenges this past year and you may have seen sides of yourself that are without a doubt aspects that are more powerful than you realized. Most of you are or have been exposed to the darkest parts of yourselves, either though circumstance or through people around you.

The hard part to say is that the path must be chosen. You are being exposed because you are seeing what needs to be looked at, purged and renewed. It’s like you have been wearing a heavy cloak your whole life and there is the most powerful part of your spirit underneath. POWER not of worldly power, but your true heavenly being with everything you need to fulfill your purpose here. Some of you have very important spiritual jobs to handle, especially now and in the upcoming years. You are, without a doubt, facing your highest challenges, and learning your toughest lessons. You are being called into service to shine… and to make a difference.

You may be saying, wow. that’s great.!However, it’s not as easy as you think. Those of you that are being called to your highest potential are also being called by the dark. Some of you will get caught in the tug of war and like a pendulum go back and forth without ever stepping into your center and your force of true power, which is at the core, love of God, yourself, your fellows and ultimately mankind. Those of you with the greatest darkness, if propelled to the path of altruistic service, are the ultimate warriors of light. Problem is that without great sacrifice and crumbling of what was, you may not see what you are really here for, which is carrying the message of light, inspiration and service to others.

The problem is that this takes a great amount of faith, facing your deepest pains, being ruthless in your quest for the highest connection to spirit, and ultimately great sacrifice of your comforts. I’m sorry to say, there are some of you that may not see yourself fully actualized in this lifetime, and may miss out on the greatest moments that your spirit has come here for. You are caught in a cycle, a cycle of never choosing. You must be passionately devoted to your path. All paths point to God, to the higher self, to our most centered beings. So to be narrow minded in saying that religion is wrong, metaphysics is coo-coo, or to judge spiritual healing practices only keeps one at a point of fluctuation. Without depth, you are not going to experience anything intimately. You may sweep over knowledge, gain great worldly wisdom, but without sacrifice, some pain, sufferance, and committing to a path a depth, you will only experience and be able to give back on a surface level.

Worldy power, ego, manipulation and control may be very tempting at this time. We must understand that true power is not controlling the world around us, playing angles to manipulate situations to our desires, trying to force certain things to be our way, and causing pathways of destruction while doing it. We are ALL very susceptible to this. It is part of having defects, being human, and being fallible. While there is nothing wrong with not being perfect in this regard, it’s important that we are accountable to check ourselves and have the awareness to do so, so that we can bring ourselves back into balance and into our true nature, which is the power of love, service and the spirit.

It is important that these challenges present themselves, so that we are able to see them clearly, and see that they are not serving us at our highest level. This is why it is wise to have “reflection points”. Reflection points are usually those powerful human spirits around around us who are also working toward their highest good, to point out, without reservation, judgement and/or without a critical mind, what may be holding us back. It is our job to be willing to listen and to try to raise above ego, be objective and to hear those people who are our reflection points. I know many times, I do not see certain aspects of myself that may be causing me challenges or even hurting those around me. It takes courage for someone to bring those things to my attention, so that I can work on those issues.

Most of the time the people who you choose as your reflection points are those with the same character defects as you. It’s so important to those of you who serve as reflection points to understand that you also have a responsibility to stand back, be objective and provide insight with a non-judgemental, objective and loving view. Otherwise, if the person that is trusting you feels attacked or criticized, it would be hard for them to hear you, and they may ultimately be on the defense. Also, a lot of people will say to me, “well why do I need to be accountable to another person? I have myself and my connection to God and that’s all I need to do.” Well, simply, why would God put others in our lives on this Earth plane? Aren’t we all ultimately here to learn, grow and inspire each other? On the highest level, all of humanity needs to work together to elevate consciousness, and trusting other human beings provides us with a knowing of the truth that we are all connected. Plus when we are accountable to others on our paths, it does speed up the process for us to take action and stay committed to our growth.


You will either experience a great struggle right now to hold on to what’s comfortable or you will let go and experience change. I can tell you this will not be comfortable, because it is merely different. However, if you hold tightly to what is familiar, you are choosing for everything to remain the same. This change must be a huge LEAP, not minor changes only to still hold onto both worlds. Get of the see-saw and move forward!  Try the swings, and if you like the flow, climb the ladder and go down the sliding board of life! Let mystery fill your soul, because remember God’s plans for you as SO much better than anything you can imagine for yourself!


All my best,






Susan: Check your legs for excess fluid retention. It may be very beneficial to make some major changes to your diet, as you could be a little tired and lethargic right now. There is a Sam or Samantha coming through around you. This is a person in spirit or a guide for you saying to “Get off the pity pot and get moving already.” If you are looking for a companion, they will be right around the corner in the Summer months during an outdoor event with a tent! Raise your glass, because you could be meeting someone important. The other side sends you a bouquet of Lilies :)


Mike: It’s time to “play ball”. Your grandfather is here on the other side reminding you of major league baseball, Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, Joe D, and he is especially mentioning your favorite pitchers. I see red and white uniforms. He is mentioning an engagement ring, and it’s ok to start planning. He is mentioning hiking or camping and looking up at the starts AND a new tent!


Jack: Your mother is coming through from the other side, and wants you to know that her legs feel much better but to get your eyes checked. She is mentioned professional sports and said you had a knack for some athletic talent. She says the reason you feel a bit unsettled is that you put off pursuing your dream for a long time because things were “safe” and that you would get to it sooner or later. Well enough time has passed hasn’t it?? No more excuses. You could move forward at any age!


Mort/Mortimer: (First or Last name). Someone is coming through from the other side who has quite the personality. They are mentioning carnivals or the circus when you were younger and that it may be fun for you to return just to enjoy it! They are telling me that you are ALL over the place and really need to focus on one thing that you should be doing. It is not wise to try to have many irons in the fire for you as you get distracted. Starting things is great for you, but what about completing them? Pick one and go with it.


Mary Ellen: Wow, you are inside the box, hun? Come on! Give people a break. Bust out of your shell and have some fun. You are way too much into your routine and how things “should go”. Get out for a night out with friends and enjoy yourself.


Stacy: Oh boy. You are in a spin cycle of life doing the same thing over and over again without any movement forward. It’s time to go back to school and get a dog LOL. I don’t know what that meant. There is a Charles connection to you. May be best to listen to your  own heart rather that seeking advice for what you should do. The other side wants you to have a picnic and eat a damn HOT DOG!! (with kethcup :)


There is a Sam/Stan coming through from the other side who would like to connect with his wife or female companion in the living. He is showing me a barber shop symbol so this could be significant of a barber or a barber shop quartet. I do hear him singing that’s what the latter came to me. He is saying you are not one traditional girl and that he had to work extra hard for your attentions but it was well worth it. He still wants to marry or call you his wife! He is very proud of you as a mother and a grandmother as well. Pay attention for signs as he leaves silver dimes all over the place. Someone has his reading glasses and even wears them sometimes, but they need to be cleaned!!


Well, there you are!! Hope you enjoyed the inspirational and mini messages! Have a wonderful week :)


All my best,



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