May 2010 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May 2010 Inspirational Message From Marisa Liza Pell

May 8th, 2010

May 2010 Inspirational Message From Marisa Liza Pell

Greetings!Congrats! You are through the majority of the major harsh energies from the past several months including misunderstandings, delays and worries. This is especially true concerning business partnerships and the workplace in general. The word “monkey wrench” comes to mind! Sometimes your carefully laid plans don’t work out no matter how hard you try to force them to happen.

And there is usually a reason for that! It’s either not the right time, or a different opportunity is meant to be in your life. Remember, what the universe has in store for you is usually better than ANYTHING you will dream up for yourself. Plus, the universe is not self-defeating and does not look to sabotage our lives!

Right now you are in the midst of some very clear and “clean” energy. It’s like going from a traffic jam in the city to a nice Sunday drive through the country side. But those of you who are used to the chaotic life will be quite weary during this time. You might ask, “Why am I feeling so calm”? “The other shoe must be dropping soon!” or better yet, “I’M BORED!!” Yes, this calm energy will make you feel a little bored, but with the racing mind a little on a the back burner, you are ripe with new possibilities for creative expression AND to put your affirmations to the universe on the table. What are your dreams? Now is the time to reaffirm them to the universe, because anything you put out now will act like a healthy seed that will begin to sprout great results!

Do not try to plan your “future” right now. There is a saying which makes me laugh every time but it’s so true, “If you want to make God laugh, plan your day!” Sometimes your carefully laid plans are really not the best for you! If you’re unhappy or most of your life has been difficult, maybe you should STOP planning — because the decisions you are making on your own probably aren’t working in the long run.

This is a time to trust others and have faith! Of all the challenges in the universe, FEAR is the largest culprit. It affects more of us than anything, and misread perceptions are the number one cause of us acting out towards our fellow human beings. What we perceive is usually our reality, but we usually fall short in getting the FACTS! Usually, instead of communicating our fears, we go into protection mode, and when we PERCEIVE a threat, we act on it. Whether that means pulling back from an important person, not being open with a loved one, or acting out through irrational emotions — the only person you will hurt is you.

How many of you have found out that what you believed in your head wasn’t true at all once you asked for the facts? Perhaps you held onto anger and resentment for years only to find out that you misinterpreted someone’s intentions. Being overly protective of yourself will only alienate people! However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Back in the old days, people didn’t lock their doors!! Can you believe it? Yes, people actually trusted their neighbors and knew that in time of need they could rely on those in their community for help. In the era of TV and Media News, we hear the message of fear every day — PEOPLE ARE BAD! They want to rob from you, steal from you, sue you and so on. We don’t hear about people that are GOOD and who help other people.

Also, we are trained to take actions so we aren’t taken advantage of. We are told that if we scream at people we get results! The screeching wheel gets the oil. We need to put up fences to defend our property lines! Don’t stop to help someone in need, you might get hurt! We are being told to isolate ourselves more and more from our fellow human beings. The message in our minds is that at anytime someone could turn against us! So you better protect yourself! Doesn’t that sound silly? What happens to those people that do this? Yes, they end up alone and bitter at the world!

I could tell you personally that this is not the case when booking clients for my services. I give my appointment setters and administrative staff full reign over the business I take in. An overly aggressive client, a rude tone, or someone speaking to my staff in a disrespectful manner will not get an appointment.

Yes, it is true. I do not take every single client that wants to book an appointment if the energy is not right. I know that this will only drain my staff and myself, as WELL AS THE CLIENT. Knowing when something or someone is NOT RIGHT FOR YOU is the solution. Who wants an unhappy client? I have to know my limitations and what I can handle and what I can’t. I am not superwoman and cannot handle everyone’s energies. I tend to react and then I don’t give my best. However, I do have readers that I refer who are not affected by the same energies I am sensitive to! Knowing yourself is the first step to a peaceful life!! Knowing what WON’T work for you before you agree to something is the key!

The question for you is: Who are YOU saying YES to when you should be saying NO? In business are you dealing with people who aren’t right for you just for the money? Are you in a job that doesn’t treat you right because you are in fear of not finding another one? Are you helping so many people that you have no time for yourself? Do you live in guilt that others won’t like you if you don’t do things for them? Let me say for sure, it will never be enough!! Guilt is an endless treadmill! People pleasing doesn’t exist — because most of the people you are trying to please are never pleased to begin with!!!

So on this lovely weekend in May, get yourself off the couch and do something fun! Plan a trip– give yourself something to look forward to in life! Say NO today!! You don’t have to be rude — see how it feels! Just say, “I’m sorry I have other things planned today!” Give me a call during the week! More often than not, that person will find someone or something else in the upcoming day for relief and YOU WILL BE HAVING FUN!!

Have courage and take great risks!

All my best,


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