May 2011 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May 2011 Inspirational Message from Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May 26th, 2011

May 2011 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell and MINI PERSONAL MESSAGES!


Well well…yes I am VERY late this month with my May newsletter! My apologies for the wait, BUT, MAYBE.. just maybe this is going out at just the right time!

As I am writing this, it is after 2am and the world outside is mostly asleep. I love this energy, because it allows me to process without distraction and where something I have my best creative thoughts and input. So of course I usually don’t know what I’m going to write about UNTIL I start writing, so what the HEY…YEP I guess I’m inspired :)!

To me personal expression is extremely important whether that be through music, art, dance, martial arts or any form of creative self expression. I see people dealing with excess energy lately wondering why they want to jump out of their skin! It seems their thoughts are out of balance because they are thinking too much. We are accustomed to a world of fast paced energy, lightening speed technology and instant gratification, and at no point do we ever think that it’s time to slow down and FLOW, create and enjoy this universe.

First I want to ask, what is the rush? And secondly, I want to ask what are you waiting FOR? Ok, so you may be thinking that those two questions are completely contradictory and they may be in a sense. But in the way it’s presented here, it’s the rushing of the MIND that I’m referring to. The need to figure it all out, to analyze, to process, to control the outside circumstances, to worry, to create inner strife and conflict.

What is the purpose of the RUSH to stay out of the present moment, to be thinking of the future, or to be processing the past? What, in essence, is the RUSH to remain out of the present? This is where your POWER resides, your life force, your creative center, and most importantly your connection to source energy, your higher power or God.

Now onto the second question. What are you waiting FOR? The first question relates to inner conflict, mental process, unbalance and erratic mental energy that is pleading to be honed and focused into your power. The second relates to ACTION processes. What are you waiting FOR is a question I am asking those of you who have reached a sticking point. Procrastination will lend itself to the phrase, “I’ll do this tomorrow, or I’ll do this WHEN..”

I especially understand that it’s most difficult to get into action when the mind is in the way, but the only way out is through. A pioneering concept by Dr. Abraham Low, M.D. in the late 1930’s included such phrases as “Move the muscles and the mind will follow.” He fully believed that mental health can fully be recovered by certain “spotting” techniques and “will training”, and rehabilitated many “revolving door” psychiatric patients who suffered from extreme bouts of anxiety and depression. Through his method of retraining the mind, and what he referred to as essentially spotting and changing the thoughts, he was able to see amazing results.

Here is one such concept: “The Will. Dr. Low maintained that, no matter what stress he or she faces, every human being retains a certain autonomous power of choice. The seal of this choosing faculty is the Will, which lies within a kind of impregnable bastion at the center of each person. Despite appearances, Low maintained, no emotional body can capitulate to stress without secretly choosing to do so. The reason is that no stressful experience is ever wholly real; properly tutored, we can learn to ignore it and go on acting.”

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when looking at this concept, but let’s shift a minute to the feeling of being overwhelmed by work or stress. It is extremely difficult when the mind is racing or obsessing to get into action or even think about completing a task. That just adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed right? Well, according to Low, not necessarily so. He suggests that we “spot” and do things in “part acts” instead of worrying about completing the entire project at once. How many of you decide you want to clean the house and don’t do it because you get overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning the ENTIRE house and not just one room or one drawer, or you want to start exercising but get overwhelmed by the thought of needing to do it perfectly every day for two hours or not at all?

Also, Low stresses the importance of tempermental lingo and how we should stay away from it. Instead of the word “depression” he uses “lowered feelings”. Even the use of the word “overwhelmed” would be termed temperamental lingo. I thought it may be interesting to post some of the “spots” that he suggests to use whenever situations arise in which they are needed. He claims that constant use of these “spots” can eventually retrain the mind to a more emotionally balanced place. One of my favorites is “Feelings are NOT facts.” I hope you will enjoy these and like positive affirmations, they can be used to restore a feeling of balance and harmony to the mind.

  • “I can not” means “I care not”.
  • All I know is that I don’t know.
  • Anticipation of an event is usually worse than the realization of that event.
  • Approval of others is a want, not a need.
  • Avoid self importance. Others don’t sit around and think about what I did or said.
  • Be group minded.
  • Calm begets calm, temper begets temper.
  • Change your thoughts and impulses and your feeling and sensations will follow suit.
  • Choose peace over power. Don’t go for the “symbolic victory”! (See, I told you so.)
  • Choose to hope rather than “gloom, doom and despair.”
  • Comfort is a want, not a need.
  • Decide, plan and act.
  • Discomfort can be patiently borne, bravely faced and humbly tolerated.
  • Don’t blame, complain or explain.
  • Don’t let the trivialities of everyday life work me up.
  • Don’t take your own dear selves too seriously.
  • Drop the excessive need to control outer environment.
  • Drop the judgement on others and myself.
  • Drop the need to be exceptional.
  • Drop the use of temperamental lingo.
  • Drop the vanity of always knowing better and best.
  • ENDORSE for the effort, not the outcome.
  • Every measure of self control, brings a measure of self respect.
  • Everyday is full of frustration and disappointment. That’s average.
  • Failure to practice spotting is Sabotage and so is failure to practice muscle control.
  • Fear is a belief and beliefs can be changed.
  • Fearful temper is temper turned inward, toward ourselves: self disgust, embarrassment…
  • Feelings are NOT facts.
  • Feelings rise and feelings fall.
  • Feelings should be expressed and temper suppressed.
  • Focus on what you Can do, Do have and Do know, not the opposite.
  • Get out of duality. A firm decision will steady you.
  • Have the courage to make a mistake.
  • Have the will to “humility”.
  • Helplessness is not hopelessness. There is no hopeless case.
  • Humor is our best friend, temper our worst enemy.
  • I can act my way into right thinking. (Action produces motivation.)
  • I can bear discomfort and do hard things.
  • I can do the things I fear and hate to do.
  • I can do things in part acts, (baby steps) and then endorse for each act.
  • I can feel guilty without being guilty.
  • I cannot control outer environment, only my inner environment.
  • I don’t need to be a saint, hero or angel.
  • If you can’t change an event, change your attitude towards it.
  • It’s okay to be average.
  • Lower your expectations and your performance will rise.
  • Mistakes are a healthy and valuable part of life.
  • Most symptoms are NOT dangerous, only distressing.
  • Nervous people have a passion for self distrust.
  • Objectivity terminates panic.
  • Our feelings and thoughts can lie to us.
  • Our self worth does not depend on our performance.
  • Outer environment can be rude, crude and indifferent.
  • Peace from outer environment is temporary and isn’t really peace.
  • People do things that annoy us, not to annoy us.
  • Resist impulses that are not good for your mental health.
  • Secure your racing thoughts.
  • Spot and see if your “imagination is on fire.”
  • Take the total view of a situation, not just the partial view.
  • Temper is a luxury I can’t afford.
  • There is no right or wrong in trivial matters.
  • To be simple is to be great.
  • Trust in your own validity.
  • Unrealistic expectations bring disappointment.
  • We feel better in proportion to the amount of discomfort we are willing to bear.
  • We want to be exceptional, but fear we aren’t even average.
  • When we express ourselves in temper we end up with self disgust.

Usually I speak in terms of energy and intuition, but sometimes these faculties are a bit clouded when there are other elements of the mind in an imbalanced state. Sometimes it’s wise to look at things objectively and seek practical tools so that the intuitive could be accessed properly and interpreted fairly. As much as it is important to purify the physical body for intuitive development, it is equally as important to train the mental and emotional faculties so that we are able to effectively seek the spiritual growth that we came here to do.

What I have to say today to you is simple: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Whatever you are struggling with (and we all seem to be having great internal struggle at this point), move through the mind and just take action, even if it’s just a small step. You may start with a small goal only to realize hours later that you have accomplished much more just by applying the principle of “moving the muscles” and the mind will follow! It really works!!

Now onto the MINI MESSAGES!! Please note that I channel in the moment as the messages come. I do not think about specific family, friends, or clients when writing these, nor can I take “requests” to grant a certain person a message. These work the same way the principles of channeling and mediumship work when getting a reading. The messages are only in the moment. I cannot go back a day or two later and get more information or answer questions via e-mail if the message is for a specific person. Sometimes the messages may benefit more than one reader! I really like to hear that some readers feel they “know” who they might be for and actually forward the e-mail to a friend who isn’t even a newsletter reader. Sometimes things just happen that way :)

  • Frank from the other side wants to mention an Angel or Angela. He also wants to remind someone in the living to maintain the landscaping by his memorial stone! He mentions someone still looking through his old beat up wallet and also mentions a Stanley that is with him on the other side. He had leg problems and possible water and fluid retention that caused a lot of problems. He mentions that he loved writing lists on yellow legal pads and someone still has some of them in their kitchen. He loved his orange juice and his white sugar powdered mini donuts. He also mentions a Celeste in the living that may need some support before or around Sept.  He is saying that a young person living needs to take up singing or go back to singing lessons. This is very important. He loves hearing her sing. Someone living needs a new refrigerator. He also had bad feet and wore corrective or orthopedic shoes! He didn’t like those too much because he loved to dance when he was younger. He also loves his wife very much.
  • Someone needs to travel to Frankfort CT for work.
  • Marilyn (not sure of the correct spelling of that name) needs to get paperwork in order. Just like my messages above. YOU my dear are EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED (how is THAT for temperamental lingo)?? Financial obligations need tending to as well as overdue bills. Don’t worry, it will all be SETTLED! Just start with getting the old paperwork thrown out.
  • Trish or Patricia. Kenny is very happy with the work you are doing, but says you need to take some time to yourself and take a vacation. The family unit is doing a lot better. Kate is ok, stop trying to figure it all out!! He is mentioning music and a guitar and says he is FINALLY smiling and happy. Back to his old self. He wants you to take those embarrassing photos off the refrigerator!
  • Olivia – This person is still waiting for a message or for her message to be delivered. A woman on the other side is proud of the new baby that just came into the family. There is a Doria or Doris connection here and an Audra or y.
  • Sasha the dog is here to say hi to her owner! She is with grandma on the other side, along with the bird that she ate!!
  • Buddy or Bubby is here — OH WAIT! Buddy AND Bubby are both here!! Bubby has a bug tummy and she LOVED to cook her special pork on Sundays and her meatballs. I could smell the sauce now!! She said her secret ingredient is a splash of OJ! Who knew??
  • Trixie ( I believe this is an animal too)  is here to say hi!
  • Uncle Larry is here from the other side mentioning a Tim or Tommy or both. He had a pretty bad limp or a foot problem (I believe it was the left foot) and blood sugar issues. Someone is very susceptible to hard drug use.. I see syringes (this could also signify insulin as well) but he is warning of someone living going down hill pretty fast ( a female). He is very concerned for her health. There is a Marie or Mary connection to the family. This person also needs to be careful of passing out with a cigarette or leaving a stove on, which could result in major problems. There was also a friend of his named Randy that he is mentioning. Also there is someone who is military with him and/or had a military connection. He loves a good game of cards and still has his think bifocals on!!
  • Sampson the dog is here to say hi!
  • The name Russel or Rush is coming through and I believe this is a living person. There may be some major difficulties arising with the family as whole and counseling or some sort of objective outside help is necessary to rehabilitate and/ or keep the family together. Someone here likes dried pineapple rings.
  • Rudy or Rudolph. Your dad on the other side is very proud of you. There is a V name connection, but he says you need to invest in some new ties for work, and it’s time for a haircut (or you may just have had it cut). Keep those shoes shined! Image is everything he says. Also he is mentioning an old heirloom or timepiece that you may have, and also a burnt orange hat. Someone in the family loves cheerios but needs to vary or eat a healthier breakfast. Take care of mom. She needs you and he really likes you car. Be careful you don’t get your suit dirty!! Take it to the cleaners! Also you need professional socks. You are low and please don’t wear two different ones if you can’t find the match, even if to you they look VERY similar. Someone will notice! This man is VERY well groomed and stresses the importance of well manicured nails LOL.
  • Lucius or Lucy is here from the other side to say hello to their daughter who is living and going through emotional or marital difficulties. Your parents on the other side are behind you all the way and are supporting you through this every step of the way. You are not alone!! Be strong and do what you know it right. The rest will take care of itself. It’s time for you to make a change with your hair!! Whoever is here liked scratch off tickets and says you will have good luck in the next 3 months!! Pretty cool! :) There is a Robert or Ross connection here.
  • Dad wants to say hello to Tom in the living. He has a nice mustache and shares the same positive personality as his son!! He is very proud! Something about the liver. Make sure you are eating healthy and not drinking too much!!

Well, that’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed the monthly message and of course the June one won’t be too far behind!

All my best!


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