May 2012 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May 9, 2012


So you thought  April was crazy LOL! Well May brings with it an element of “shifting”- shifting from the old to the new. Those of you who are connected with your spirituality and have done a lot of work on yourselves to elevate your own vibration in the previous years will experience the MOST discomfort in May! I know, I know…you may think why?? Well the shift is happening more rapidly in you. You have already SHIFTED to the next level of your vibration and are now IN IT. However, the residuals of this shift may be leaving you tired, cranky, and for some of you EXTREMELY DEPRESSED.

Some of you may be confused wondering how you could be experiencing this depression when you are normally a pretty happy person. I think it may be helpful to know that in the last several weeks, this has been at its peak. You should be feeling lighter today and should be going into the rest of your week with a pretty positive feeling.

Doors are opening, but slowly. I cannot stress enough, FOLLOW UP – FOLLOW UP – FOLLOW UP. So many people are in their own zones that they are having a hard time keeping up with following through. If you are seeking a new position, new employment, or planning a move, YOU MUST initiate AND make several if not many follow up calls and emails. This is not a time to wait, and make the excuse of, “it will happen when it’s the right time.” I  know some of you are laughing on this one…. 🙂

And another common phrase is “When in doubt, DON’T”, meaning you will feel at this time decisions ARE necessary and may feel the need to make them, however, impulses may cause you to go against your intuition. If you feel something is delaying you to take action, listen to that, and wait on it. You will ultimately know the next step when it arises, and at that point, try not to talk yourself out of it.  Make the decision and move along with it.

This is also a time where you may feel alone, but it is necessary because there are some things that need attention that you must focus to complete. Even if partnered or married, you will still feel you have to go out and handle things on your own. However, this will be a very empowering time for you. You will do things almost instinctively without reservation or worry. It is almost like you have courage to do what you always thought you couldn’t, and GO WITH IT, because at this time the universe is lining up for it to happen naturally. You do have the strength to go forward, and you don’t need to depend on others to do so. Perhaps in the past this was your pattern, and maybe you feel comfortable this way. Trust that you will surprise yourself, and come away from any experience feeling more confident and surprised. Some of you may be a little frustrated also that you spent so much time thinking this wasn’t possible.

My message is plain and simple: GO FOR IT. TAKE A CHANCE.

Do not go “by the book” or by “what looks good on paper”. Use intuition mainly AND most important use logic, reason and facts to back it up, not the other way around. This is what will work best in this current timeframe now.

So enough with the reading and research. Dive in and make some thing happen in your life. You’ll be happy you did 🙂




Charles, Chuck and/or Charlie “Chawlie” this is a man with a great personality coming through from the other side. He is mentioning a Steve/Steven that is close with him. He had trouble breathing during the last few years he was here. His wife is still living and he wants her to know he still makes the coffee ! Sometimes she smells it and thinks about him, and she thinks it’s her imagination. But it isn’t! He wants to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. I believe she has at least one daughter and also considers another like a daughter, so there are two special women in her life today (could be a daughter in law). He is mentioning fruit cake and to make sure they get one for their family outing or get together. Also, make sure they do the picnic this Summer!

Owen. I believe this is a living person, could be a younger male and/or child. His parents are worried about his schooling, but want to keep him on the fast track. Those on the other side are saying that you are being selfish because you don’t want your child or family to have this issue, especially for others to know about it. The fact is that he needs extra help and may need to start a grade again or have extra personal tutoring or schooling. If you keep him where he is for your own ego, he will be under a lot of stress in the upcoming year which could contribute to substantial emotional problems. Be smart about this decision and think about your child first.

Scott. You are not listening to anyone regarding your relationship. Don’t you see this has been going on for years with your significant other? You have tried numerous times to make things work. Truth is you are putting it all the effort and it is not appreciated and also not noticed. You are a good guy, find someone that is willing to work WITH YOU so you don’t have to do all the work!

Emalda/Ezmerelda/Amala/Alda (this is a tough name I’m getting, I’m probably not spelling it right but it sounds as if someone is speaking Spanish to me). They are mentioning their favorite fried corn cakes (have no idea what this means either) and traveling to Mexico for a trip. Someone is considering going soon on this trip, they are saying you should probably go somewhere else. You have been there numerous times, and they are saying you are going to get bored. Go somewhere new. They are mentioning Florida. Someone in the family is thinking about getting a vacation property, or a home in a warm climate. Go for it!

Adam. There is a message from Glenn coming in for you. He is mentioning your work, perhaps you worked together at some point  and he wants to bring up your leg or your knee. Perhaps you injured it in the past, but he wants you to be careful with any type of manual labor you may be doing. Actually, he’s saying to consider a new line of work. He is mentioning a brother or someone who is like a brother to you. At some point in his life, this person was on the wrong track, but now they are in a position to help you. I believe the person coming through had some sort of emotional struggle or depression throughout his later years. He is mentioning a necklace, or something on a chain that you used to wear and is wondering why you aren’t wearing it anymore.  It’s time to get into the projects that are closest to your heart, as well as a creative endeavor that involves some writing. He is saying, “I miss you, man”. “Keep your head up.”

Lori/Laura: Your aunt from the other side is coming through and she was a force to be reckoned with! She is scolding you and pointing her finger at you telling you, “You know better!” Why are you trying to “force the issue”? It’s time you start trusting both your spiritual guides, the people on the other side AND people here who have your best interests in mind. YES, you are a smart woman, and YES, you have a lot of your S%^& together, but when it comes to issues that are closest to you, you get WAY too emotional and and are not thinking clearly. Let go, and let life take its course. You may be surprised when you surrender, that you may just get exactly what you need and MORE!

Jason/Jay Oh Nelly! Your grandmother is coming through and is not too happy with you. She is mentioning the need to take care of yourself better and watch your fats and or high cholesterol foods.  You may have been experiencing trouble with your stomach and it is due to not sitting down and taking your time to relax when you’re eating. She wants you to get back on a bike and start to get moving a little bit. She is bringing up a baby. Are you thinking or considering starting a family? She is saying it’s ok to wait a little bit, but not too long! She understands your need to feel like it’s the right time. But there is a spirit waiting on the other side to come in. If you are not sure yet, it’s ok, you have some time.

Joni/Johnni: There is a female figure coming in who was an obsessive compulsive cleaner! She is saying you may have a clean house but you don’t dust the right way! She is joking around saying you must go BEHIND things to clean them, not just forget they are there.  There is also a Steve connection here, and he has to get his act together! I see someone with head issues or a previous incident with a fall. Please tell this person they need to be very careful when going back to those activities. I am also getting the name Rose/Roz or Rozelyn. This could be someone living or passed. In any event, they are saying things WILL WORK OUT provided the family is on the same page and is making smart decisions.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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