May 2013 Inspirational Message By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

featherHi Again 🙂

Ok I am writing you in reverse. As I was writing this message, a channeled beautiful message of love and insight came through half way through the inspirational message. It could be seen clearly below as the writing and language freely changes. When reading it back, there is almost a simulaneous flow and rhythm, almost musical in nature when it reads.  I find it ultimately beautiful and inspiring in a very deep spiritual way. Because of this message, and the amazing symbolism and love at which it was conveyed, I feel its reach would be diluted by adding the mini messages in addition. I feel this message is more powerful to all of you as a whole, and I would like you to experience it without being distracted. I will write the mini messages in an upcoming newsletter soon, so you will have some! But for now, it’s important that you read this! So below you will see the inspirational message as I started writing in my usual way. It changes half way through. I have noted it. 

Hello Again!!

Well it’s STILL May!! But I think it’s the perfect time for the message. 

This may be one of the most important messages this year, so please take a moment and apply it to however it fits your situation. 

Take a pause. You must be silent in this period. It is imperative that you stay completely centered, still and conscious of where you are, and where you belong. And most importantly, where you are going!!!!

I won’t fluff anything up this month, and there will be no tough love inspiration. It is SO important that you be still and listen to your inner callings. People will be shifting all around you, in whatever paths they are taking. And you must be completely cognizant of your path and others. You should be able to identify where someone else’s path begins. If you have trouble with that, it is important that you remain separate from any person, place or opportunity that may hinder where you are trying to go.

It is completely about finding the inner space within you, and your truth.

You are in a time where you may feel alone and separate but not “separated”. You may feel ok in the silence, even protected by it, because you are. It is so important at this time that you do not get caught up in other people’s paths, their whirlwinds, dramas or lessons, because they are not yours to defend. The more you can look at situations objectively and with a compassionate distance the better. There is no wrong or right. People are where they are, and where they are supposed to be. The shifts are powerful and you need to remain at a distance so people could make these shifts without any influence. You do not want to get caught up, especially when you have your own very important shifts to make.

This is a time when a lot  of you will start feeling a strong “resolve” about things in life, specifically those things in your life which you would like to change. You must go within and do this alone and through your conscious contact with the divine. At this point, other people’s words and actions can only hinder your progress. Since they are also going through major shifts, it may be harder for them to truly seek insight on your personal situations without judgement due to their own lessons at this time. And the same holds true for you. You must take all responsibilities at this time for all inner and external work that needs to be done. 

It is so important that you stay clear, centered and away from any situation which is not of your highest and best interests. In this period you need to stick with the winners in your life, those that are in the same “bubble” with you. Those who are shifting in the same way. And those people may be few but they will be undeniably an asset and very helpful to you during this time. 

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love those shifting in different ways, for you will come back together at a new point, a new person with a new outlook on life. You will have resolve and be certain of your direction and certainty will bring you opportunities. Those you love will see you in a new light, and fresh relationships will blossom. It is important that you keep those at proximity while you make these shifts so they don’t get caught up with anything that is not their own. You need to protect your relationships with those you love in this way. Protect them from any adversity at this time. Do the work you need to do and make a fresh start with those closest to you.

(Here is the point in which the verbiage changes. I find much beauty in it. The phrasing looks a little different too. I hope it finds you hope. I find it beautiful.)

It is time now to steer clear of negative influence, any types of arguments, or disagreements. They are not necessary because they stem from the shifts of the person’s within. When a sea is raging, do not venture out to experience the exhilaration. Do not stand by the sea, even close enough to witness it’s war. You must remain distant. You must temper your curiosity to gain pleasure from such a amazing but ruthless event. You must not bear witness. You must remain in the stillness. You must stand firm, but stand by. And this is your center. Your power. Your true nature is calm, and is not curious or enchanted by such matters. 

The stillness within is your power, your center, and is more raging than the roaring sea. Nothing without can match the stillness within. Nothing will come in or around it, because nothing will want to. It does not attract calamity, it attracts serenity, and serenity will only shine its light, and this light will be still, and darkness has no interest. There is no fight. Nor should one be within you.

Temper yourself. Do not take interest in others lessons at this time, do not integrate yourself in their paths or their solutions. Detach. But listen. Be there and love them. Continue to call angels to their side to guide them through to the next level. Do not interfere. For these lessons are necessary for the next level of light. Do not question why. 

Focus on yourself. You can choose but choose wisely. Do not fear alone, for you are not lonely at this time. You are surrounded and protected and ultimately loved. Sit quietly in sacred space and listen to the silence. 

Pay keen attention, for you will have precision of mind. You will know that you must stay, and remain where you are, unaffected, certain and steadfast. Your spirit is calling you to integrate within your earthly presence, to come home within. You must honor it alone. 

Soul structures will appear. Centered will attract the same. Your heart, soul and deepest desires will know one another, your soul sisters and brothers. With them all is possible. You lift them and they lift you. You are connected in light and cannot falter. You will work together to bring positive, to bring peace, and ultimately to bring love. 

This love is fierce, but not in fire. But of the sword. Clean, precise, unwavering and with sterling beauty. Hearts will remain and transcend physical reality. But in this power alone, which is mighty, and which is of Him, of God, is all power, is of the True One Heart. This is almost all too much, too much to feel, touch or sense. 

Alone it must be felt, then approached with dignity, honor, respect and fortitude. There may be no haste in it’s acquirement, for it is not acquireable. It already is, but it’s power so mighty, it must be tiptoed to touch. It must not be startled, for it is as fine as crystal, but wanderous and free. You cannot capture its spectrum because all colors radiate but do not remain still. The light reflects the beauty of each moment, all experienced in seconds, not to return again to the same space. You must not miss these moments. You must respect this fine specimen for it is your heart, your love, and your love of another. You must honor it’s beauty but remain an observer, and in awe as you would an individual snowflake. 

Do not change its spectrum. Do not tamper by touching or trying to fix. Allow it to shine it’s light the way the creator intended. Remain an observer, but a keen spectator of its intricate rainbows. Know it in detail, but be willing to be awed. Allow it to shine. Do not clutter it with your fingerprints because it is not yours. 

It is love. 

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