May 2018 Inspirational and Mini Messages


Have you taken time to rest over the last several weeks, or have you found that resting was even a chore to complete? If you are still wired, know that you’re not alone. The energy has been shifting at such a high rate that it could be hard to wind down and relax even though you intend to. I liken this to “shedding one’s skin”. It’s a very uncomfortable process, but once you’ve outgrown something, you have no choice but to break through.

It may feel like it will be easier not to push ahead, especially if you’re someone who really dislikes change. But, change is immanent and it will be beneficial! Try not to work against the tide, as the outcome will be the same. While you may have been needing this change for the past year and a half, planning and researching has been the primary focus. It certainly has been a long wait. But, this weekend heralds an opening of energy, and the answers that you are seeking may come quickly. And you just may have to make a decision!

Remember, this does not mean you won’t be able to change these choices down the road. There are reasons for the pathways to shift right now, and this is leading you to figure some things out that your soul has been seeking for some time. These changes need to happen over the next nine to twelve months, Answers that you have been seeking over the last seven to ten years will unfold during this time.

Many of you will finally choose an experience to commit to for the next year. You will then be able to plant both feet on the ground and *truly* see what the reality is for the next steps in your spiritual journey. Important questions you have had over this seven to ten year period will finally be answered once you commit to one path. For instance you may have certain questions like these:

– Should I stay in one place or should I move?

– Should I change my career path entirely?

– Where is this relationship headed?

– What is the next step on my spiritual journey?

Instead of the actual answer to the question being revealed, a definite path needs to be chosen now which will lead you to this answer over the course of the next nine to twelve months. Please be aware that asking advice of friends, loved ones or even mystics for this final answer may cause you to be more conflicted. This will be due to various forms of advice that are not clear.

The questions and the answer are part of your journey. Choose the path, and the rest will be revealed. Ask away on the next step, but know that you definitely have to put BOTH feet on the ground to see the course of where you are being led.

Following a split path will only lead to more confusion. Remember, there are no right or wrong decisions. But being in contradiction will cause the energy to not be able to take full course. Just make a choice! And always ask your guides and angels for assistance along the way!

Enjoy the next part of your journey!

Lots of Light Filled Energy Coming Your Way 🙂


Mini Messages From The Other Side
Channeled Messages From Spirit

Frank – This is for a Frank in the living. Your mother is coming through from the other side and is not too happy! She is saying you need to take better care of yourself, as genetics show an issue. You can completely avoid certain things if you start to watch your diet and health now. She is also saying to “get your head out of your a**” She definitely did not mince words and had no problems telling it like it is. You are not seeing things clearly, and need to start to make better decisions quickly. You car is about to go ~kaput~, as she says. So, either get it in for service or trade it in! You also need a new pair of shoes she says.

Trudy – I feel like this is not your actual name. Your parents are coming through from the other side to tell you you’ve been taught some important lessons regarding relationships over the past fifteen years. They are asking that you don’t repeat the same thing again, as you are single now and in a good place. They are saying you fought long and hard to be in this place, and do not throw away all your hard work and go in reverse!

Stan/Stanley – I feel there are two Stan’s or Stanley’s in this household, and when I say household I believe they both resided with each other at some point. One is here and one is on the other side. There may also be a Stewart or Stew connection. Someone has a leg issue in the living and needs to walk more. There are some opinions that are saying to go the medical route, but the other side is suggesting trying a combination of exercise and eating less (along with your doctors care of course!) There may be relief also during the warmer weather months. I also hear physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Millie – Millie is coming through loud and clear with a lot of love for her niece! She seemed to have a very close spiritual connection with her while here. She refers to herself as Aunt Millie, and she loved spoiling ALL the kids! Be aware of signs of bright blue butterflies when she is around as she loved the color turquoise! There are some definite surprises coming your way in June!

Keith – It’s now time to move across the country for that great job! Your dad with the receding hairline (he’s laughing about this joke with his hair) is along side of you and pushing you to move! He is very proud of you and says, “You can do it!”. Have a great flight he says 🙂

That’s it for May! Stay TUNED for June!



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