May Inspirational Message and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

May Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell



WOW! What a fast pace of changes over the last several weeks. I’m sure your minds are racing and trying to get some grip on some down time. A lot of you may be wondering ” what’s next for me?” while trying to tackle all of your other responsibilities and details. Wellll….I “feel” ya!
At this point there is no time to analyze or think about questions and answers. The planning has been laid over the past several years and whatever you have planted or sown will now produce sprigs of many good things to come. If you haven’t laid a solid foundation this does not mean that you cannot move forward as well, it just may take a little extra effort (and a little frustration) to catch up.
At this point, I want you to take EVERY opportunity that is presented to you. Many will be flying by in plain sight. Do not leave one stone unturned. Because it may be under that stone that you find what you have least expected. Right now is not the best time to say, “Oh well, I’ve been doing it LIKE THIS for my whole life.” This type of situation just isn’t “for me”. Well let me ask you something, has the way you have been doing things your “whole life” produced the results you are looking for in the long run. Are you exactly where you would like to be at this moment. If not, time to try something new. Not just anything, but new methods and concepts. It may be best to take advice and wise suggestions at this time. And the more you may fight them, the more they may benefit you 🙂
It is also a time when the physical body is most likely to be out of balance due to the stresses of all the change that may be going on. So at this time, it is SUPER important to limit any HEAVY foods, like cheeses, meats and oils. Fried foods as well, including heavy breads and pastas. Your transition will work better with light proteins, vegetables and light oils. Fish will be super beneficial to you at this time.
All in all it should be a very exciting and fruitful time for ALL of you provided you keep focus. Love is in the air, and any romantic alliances you have at this time will likely be of benefit to you and in moving you forward.
Issues with the back, neck and shoulders could arise since your body is going through major energy shifts. Massage, BY THE RIGHT practitioners and energy work will help keep you in balance. Also, light chiropractic will be good for those who are having a little more difficult time with joints and structural issues. I recommend Chinese massage over western massage this month. Also activating and stimulating spine meridians through acupressure which is done through traditional Chinese massage and bodywork will be an extra added bonus.
Stay hydrated as all this movement will most likely make you retain water, and regularly clear yourself with WHITE SAGE, which could be found at your local health food store or at your local Whole Foods. It is also important to do some sort of meditation of regular spiritual practice to ensure that you aren’t moving too far away from your connection to spirit. This will act as your compass and guide so that you don’t rely on externals as a resource.
Most of these shifts are spiritual, and part of a new path direction for you. However, you are living in a spiritual vessel and it’s important to keep very IN TUNE during this time, especially during the first two weeks of May. Any new progress you make will result in some long term dedication and desired gifts!!
Keep moving forward and don’t look back!!
Your gifts are finally on their way!
Mini Messages From Spirit
John and Joan: All in the same family. Actually showing me “All In The Family” the TV show with Archie and Edith Bunker. There is a lot of laughter around this as a family joke. Either the older couple in the family was like this, or this used to be a favorite show. The name Frank is being mentioned, or Francis.
Jacque. Major contract or agreement is coming you way. This could be a promotion or reward in excellence for a job well done. You will most likely be signing new papers either for a lease or a mortgage. You may move or sell your home. Those on the other side are saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a significant relative and telling me there will most likely be a pool at the new location, but someone will not be happy about having a pool. All in all, they will get over it!! Most likely they will not want to do the work of maintaining it, but it will be worth it in the long run!!
Morris: I don’t know if this is Morris the cat, or someone actually named Morris. I believe you lost your grandmother. She is coming through with an antique bracelet and some beads. Could these be rosary beads? They look wooden. If Morris isn’t a male, could be a cat with her. Something about you eating junk food is coming up and maybe even cheetoh bags in your car. She is saying “Clean your car”. And you are definitely a male in mid 30’s or 40’s. Something about getting your car in for service is coming up along with new tires, or tire issues. You need to renew your registration or emission. You are being lazy all around and she is saying that she doesn’t like it and didn’t train you that way!
Amanda: A loved one in spirit is telling you that YES there is a man out there for you. He has not come in yet. He will be your best friend as well as someone you are very attracted to. You will know this is who they are referring to when he gives you a simple gold necklace with a small diamond pendant.
John. Come on man. You know better and yet you keep doing EVERYTHING everyone tells you not to do. You are alienating friends and family and your pride is going to get the worst of you. Stop being stubborn and see how you could be helpful rather than hurtful. It’s not worth losing relationships over pride and resentment. Forgive and move on. The past is the past. Stop being bitter and make those major life changes you always promised to make but haven’t followed through. A Rose and Helen connection are coming in to validate this message.
Who is Rick James? Someone is laughing on the other side and yelling RICK JAMES. RICK JAMES. And some sort of hefty jean jacket. If you understand this is your sign LOL!! You are on the right path!
Hope you enjoyed the messages, and have a wonderful weekend!!
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