November Inspirational Message on the 2016 Election: Breaking Down America’s 4th Wall

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November Inspirational Message on the 2016 Election.
Breaking Down America’s 4th Wall
Marisa Liza Pell, M.A.

I’ve taken a few days since the MAJOR shift with the energy of our country to contemplate this month’s message. First off, I want to say that I’m looking at things from a energetic and spiritual perspective and want to infuse some positivity for those of you who may feel down, sad or frightened. My hope is that this will inspire some unity.

What you will read below is my take on where we are. It does not represent a specific party view, or an endorsement for either former candidate. Acceptance right now is the only spiritual remedy so we can all move ahead. 

Next, I want to say that wherever you interact with me, and especially on public forums such as social media, I promise you ***A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE***. For those of you that are afraid to speak your mind, express your viewpoints or share your ideas on the election because you fear being name called, disrespected or that you may lose friends and family, take heart. I am here to tell you that in any forum I represent (whether that be public or private) you can exercise YOUR freedom of speech and will not be judged. 

It is sad that FEAR is such an evil and corroding thread. Most of the time it manifests as ANGER on the surface. For those of you dealing with friends and family who are angry, know that they are VERY VERY afraid. They are afraid of losing rights that they fought so hard for. There are those who are fearful of losing their freedoms. We must be empathetic to those who are going through this process. That being said, being FEARFUL does not condone more negativity, hate or taking extreme measures to hurt our fellow human beings.

Here is another TRUTH: There are bigots, racists and misogynists in BOTH PARTIES. Just because your friend or family member voted for Donald Trump, it does not mean they are automatically classified into one of those categories. You may have a friend or family member who voted for Hillary Clinton who may be a racist OR against gay marriage from behind closed doors. And conversely, just because a friend or family member voted for Hillary Clinton, it does not mean they favor political lies or corruption. I ask that you not BASH OR HATE those people in your life that are near and dear to you because they exercised their right to vote and did not vote for your candidate.

It is also important to note that there are many who voted this election that are not educated in political policy or the specific platforms each candidate stood behind. So many voters have gone against their party because they felt they wanted some sort of change. They didn’t vote for one candidate to disrespect the rights of their friends or family. They felt unheard at some point individually, and they felt that the 4th wall of the current political establishment was inaccessible to touch, feel or be an active part of. 

Let me tell you why so many people behind closed doors voted for Donald Trump. Many Americans felt IN THE DARK. 

Donald Trump represented for many Americans someone they could ACCESS. He gave them a feeling of INCLUSION. (For God sakes, he was a reality TV star and got stunnered by Steve Austin on Wrestlemania!) He was REACHABLE. He did not represent the mysterious world of politics. He did not represent things about politics that the average American did not understand. Many felt they could reach him and MAYBE they would be heard. 

Most Americans did not even THINK that voting for him would make them look like a racist or bigot, they just simply wanted something tangible. The White House for many Americans seemed UNREACHABLE, a foreign world that was being run behind closed doors that THEY, as average Americans wouldn’t ever get to see or be part of. They felt Washington ran on its own. The media would relay the big news, but business as usual continued. For so many, it felt that the decisions for our country took place in some far away land and in some strange coded language. 

America did not vote policy. America voted ACCESS. Americans did not vote anti gay. America did not vote to hate minorities. America voted ANTI POLITICIAN. AMERICANS VOTED FOR THEMSELVES! They did not think of the bigger picture. They followed a feeling. And that’s what Trump sold them. 

Trump didn’t follow the rules. He broke the theatrical 4th wall and rushed the stage and called out the actors. Americans felt that 4th wall was impermeable. And some felt proud that he busted the illusion. He ACCESSED THE INACCESSIBLE and Joe Voter didn’t ever think the bubble would be popped. In his own mind, Joe Voter applauded Trump for the feat that he felt noone would ever do. He sat down on his couch with his miller lite and watched in AWE as The Donald broke all the rules. And guess what? He liked it. He secretly liked that someone would blow the whistle. And maybe this was something Joe Voter wished he could do in his life.


It’s what sells Americans every time. We hate reality TV, but we can’t wait to watch it. We want to stay away from negativity, but are drawn to watch the horrible events on the evening news. It’s a draw to drama. And drama FILLED this election was. 

My goal here is to illustrate that we shouldn’t BLAME America or each other. We need to take a look at our mainstream media. Look at the types of shows that are being BOUGHT by networks. THAT IS WHAT we should be concerned about. And the numbers DON’T lie. The ratings show us that drama and chaos lead. I could tell you that I spent over ten years pitching show ideas that would make a difference. They didn’t sell. I could tell you that I REFUSED to sell out and be part of reality shows that would compromise my integrity because they wanted to FAKE THEM. I could tell you I refused offers to PRETEND my gifts did things they do not do. Sorry, but I’ll sit back and take to the focus of inspiring the individual one at a time. I will not be PRODUCED for ratings. I would only choose to work with those who respected the gifts as they are, and would represent me in an authentic way. If my message has to wait until we elevate to that level, so be it! I truly believe that the TRUTH would get more ratings than a lie, but it’s not in the nature of television networks to chance a formula they know works. 

Authenticity at this level does not exist. It takes a brave network and spiritually awake individuals to do daring things for change. Not many would chance it.  


We as a country can ONLY EXIST at where we are. On a vibrational standpoint, we can only attract what we are. I’m sorry to say, but our VIBRATION bought us to this point. And I say THANK GOD! Thank GOD we got shaken up to the CORE to CARE. Thank GOD these two candidates represented something so different that WE GOT PASSION IN OUR HEARTS FOR OUR COUNTRY AGAIN. These two candidates, whether YOU LOVE OR HATE them, are EQUALLY important to the spiritual doorway we are about to be catapulted through. They are BOTH spiritual teachers in the sense they have brought us into a state of darkness and light at the same time. We literally had a BREAK ‘THROUGH’. As a country we are about to SHIFT RAPIDLY. To be able to complete this shift properly, we as individuals have to be awake to the energy and have the mission to do so. 

BELIEVE IN AMERICA. Believe in yourself that you can make changes in your heart to care for your fellow human being. Our former culture of self absorption, instant gratification, and a “what’s in it for me” mentality has DRIVEN US APART. Exposing ugliness only contributes to the fears we are projecting onto the former presidential candidates, who in reality are ONLY A SYMBOL. 

Change starts in your heart. With you and how you treat people. It changes when you decide not to fill your world with drama and chaos. It changes when you do for the next man what you would do for yourself. It changes when you stop expecting those in Washington to do all the work while you sit back and play on social media complaining of the state of the nation. What are you doing for your community to make a difference? Are you turning off the drama both on your TV and with those around you? How are you transmitting positivity into our world when we SO NEED IT MOST? 

Just as TRUMP broke the 4th wall, so can you. And so can WE as Americans. NOW more than ANY OTHER TIME, YOU CAN BE HEARD, and you WILL BE HEARD. Noone expected this change. Everyone expected business as usual. But let’s not see this as a negative, let’s see what breaking down this 4th wall CAN DO. THE MEDIA WILL NOW HEAR US. ALL THE BUBBLES HAVE BEEN BURST. Now, more than EVER you have the opportunity to MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN. 

If you sit behind your computer and spread negativity and hate to your fellow man, shame on you. Take this OPEN DOOR into the media and into the future of our political system and MAKE YOUR VOICE heard. This is the spiritual lesson. The doorway has now been open. What was once only accessible to the select few is NOW accessible to ALL. 

If everyone now makes a difference on their own, we could see great change. It is now time to decide WHERE YOU STAND AND HOW YOU WILL LEAD. The energy has shifted. We need to accept that and be positive as a people and as a nation and stand FIRM and NOT DIVIDED. 

I hope this inspires you that you DO HAVE A VOICE. Use it WISELY and be loud.

For now, try to take a breather from the current events, get grounded and back to center. Do something creative this weekend to bring back your flow. Inspire someone. Tell someone you love them. Do something kind for your fellow man. Let’s get away from ME centered and focus back on US as a team and as a nation. 

WE ARE NEITHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. We are Americans. We are on the same team. Treat your neighbor right and love one another.

All my best,


If you feel inspired please share this message with family and friends.

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