October 2016 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

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October 2016 Inspirational Message

Well, if you are reading this you are probably taking one DEEP BREATH!!! The last few months have been quite a ride! If you are looking for the other shoe to drop now, there is no need to worry! The tough stuff is not behind you and the coast is clear!
You have been through one of the most extensive and deepest purge cycles in ten years! No doubt you are tired and your soul needs renewal. If things got VERY uncomfortable for you, and you are still here with a smile on your face…congrats! You have made it through one very tough period in your spiritual cycle. If you haven’t already, do something NICE for yourself as a REWARD for moving through some very tough times and getting to the other side of them!
Unfortunately, due to the major shifts, some did not make it through.There have been many spirits over the past 3-5 months that have decided to leave us on their own will. The Earth Plane was just getting too much for some to bear and the discomfort beyond their ability to handle it. Please know each of us is a soul who comes here to learn certain lessons. While we have people we label as parents, or grandparents or siblings, those are just labels. People don’t BELONG to us. They are here with us moving through life cycles with their own life lessons to learn and to move along their own path. It’s important now that you ONLY take responsibility for your own lessons and not try to steer someone else’s journey. Sometimes we fight hard to relieve people of the lessons they are SUPPOSED to learn in this life. They have certain milestones they have come here to meet and move THROUGH. If they cannot move through these destiny points, it is no fault of yours and it is not your burden. We tend to sometimes take it personally if someone decides to live life in a way we are not comfortable with, or that we see as detrimental to them. It is ok for us to try to *inspire* them to LEVEL UP in vibration. It is NOT OK to try to save them at the expense of ourselves, our sanity or our wellbeing.
We are put with our families, our friends and even our business associates to be GUIDES and to learn lessons from our relationships with them. No one is perfect and we all have faults. But in the spiritual arena we are in now, please know that those around you are going through EXTREME changes and they will either CHOOSE to Level Up, Stay The Same, Take a Lower Energy Course, or in some cases Leave the Earth Plane entirely. These choices have most likely happened already, and you are dealing with wondering where you stand in light of it all. Remember, whatever a spirit chooses to do is of their own volition, It is not to hurt you or make your life uncomfortable.
So many of us take how others choose to live their life personally, because what they choose may not be comfortable to us. For some of us, we are growing at such a rapid rate, that it is hard for us to Level Down and continue to try to pull people up the mountain with us. Remember, it’s not up to us to pace other people. If they would like to stay at a level in their lessons, that’s neither good nor bad. It just is. You must realize that you are NOT responsible for what any spirit chooses or does not choose in this life. If you try to influence or manipulate too much to try to HELP them or SAVE them, you must realize that you are taking on a part of their lessons and karma. And in some cases, you may be TAKING AWAY important life lessons and challenges that they NEED to go through for their own spiritual contracts to be fulfilled.
For now, it’s best to stay on YOUR COURSE and let things fall away that are no longer linked to your current energy. You may have already seen this starting to happen! Know that it’s OK, and it means you are about to go into a new energy with new experiences and opportunities that match your growth NOW! Allow yourself to stay on course and let the universe start to open the doorways to YOUR new beginnings!
Three little words: DON’T. LOOK. BACK.
Blessings for an abundant and PEACEFUL Fall Season!!!

Mini Messages For October From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Ok, here we go! Let’s see what comes through!
Gerald, Jerry or Gerard: I feel like this message is for someone in the living with this name. Those on the other side, particularly your mother want you to watch your LEFT KNEE. You have been contemplating taking your exercise or training to a NEW LEVEL and now is not the time! You are supposed to be rehabbing either your ankle or leg, and there are also some inconsistencies with your hip. A Chiropractor and some light physical therapy may just be enough to give you relief to get things back on track again.
Louis, Luigi: There are 3 men on the other side smoking cigars and saying even though you are celebrating, don’t rest of your laurels. There is much more work to do, and they don’t want you to get LAZY! Of the three men two are twins and they didn’t get along in life. One of them speaks broken English and is fluent in Italian. This is the shorter guy who may be the father to the other two. There was a family business owned but after the three main men passed, the business did not remain open for much long after that. There are some lung issues to be aware of, so be careful with even being around second hand smoke or toxic fumes. They keep saying, “There is more work to do!”
Luke: It’s time to really reflect about what you want in life. You have been at a major crossroad this year and perhaps have hit some challenges due to your choice of taking the more difficult road. However, you made it through but with some scratches and scrapes. They want you to not be so hard on yourself over your decisions in the past year, but want you to take an easier path now. They have opened the doors for you to effortlessly move ahead (IF YOU WANT IT). Don’t make things difficult on yourself! They don’t have to be.
Ruth: Ruth is the name of the woman that is coming through from the other side. She is showing me the Star Of David, pointing me to Jewish Roots and her practice of traditional and religious values. She is guiding me to mention the upcoming nuptials of a family member. This wedding would be of two younger people in the family. She is disappointed that they are not following Jewish tradition with the wedding. The young man and woman want to do things a little differently, but she is adamant they need the traditional blessings! She said that they decided not to break glass, and it MUST be done! (She is doing this with a smile on her face but she is VERY serious!)

Donald: Take care of your back! You were supposed to wear a brace to stabilize your lower back after a minor surgery and you have not been doing it! Your mother and sister on the other side said you are in pain, and you are bringing it upon yourself by not following doctors orders!!! They are saying you need COLD and not more HEAT on your back!

Ok, well that’s it for this month! Stay tuned for next month’s messages!
Thanks for tuning in!
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