October/November Inspirational and Mini Messages


Are you feeling the sloooowwwww down? I’m sure you were hoping for some major movement once the three eclipses made their way through completion during the late Summer of 2018. We did get a burst of energy in September. However, we were dealing with THREE full retrogrades, plus the effects of so many doors closing at once due to these eclipses! The last six months of 2018 were not too pretty. And not much movement was made with Mars and Venus in retrograde.

Mars deals with business/career, and Venus deals with our home and family life. The great news about the current Venue retrograde is that you can apply it to benefit you! If you are trying to create *new love* during this time, it is not the most favorable application. Venus retrograde favors anything related to self healing, and focusing on taking care of the spirit (on whichever level you need it). Any applications in this direction will be *very* favorable. Remember – you won’t be able to share the love, unless you have some of it to give yourself!

Right now, there *may* be a part of your life that Just isn’t moving ahead. And that may be very frustrating. Not to add more to the plate, but as soon as Venus turns her little head forward, we are headed backward again with the next Mercury Retrograde of the season (until Dec 6th). Great news though! Over the last few years, Mercury was in reverse during the holiday season. Because of this, the majority of gifts were pretty much wrong or eventually returned. This didn’t make for much holdiday fun! This year, this retrograde returns to normal early enough for us to enjoy that holiday shopping, and those personal gifts will be *perfect* indeed!

In summary, wait until after December 6th if you are purchasing anything with moving inner workings or any electronic equipment/devices. And YES, this also means waiting until the energy is clear to update your cell phone or iPad! Make sure to keep all the receipts for those transactions, or better yet, purchase the protection plan for a few bucks to ensure you are protected!

On a life purpose note, things aren’t in place yet. The period from November 16th through December 6th will be a time of deep reflection connected to ONE major area of your life. Everyone is different, so you have to tune in and see which area is really in need of some tailoring. Here’s a clue: This one major area has not been clear for the past three years. There has been a lot of back and forth, trying to make things fit and make sense. However, not much has ever made sense! You have tried to make some decisions this fall with this specific area, but things are still not totally in place. One good thing to note is that you’re not alone. Lots of major transitions among people seeking a place of peace and comfort are still taking place. If you are stil very uncomfortable, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! And this will be in the denomination of 3. This could mean 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or by the month of March – but no later.

Some of you may see a glimmer of these results in the next three days! This is all good news. However, things won’t be solidified until after the 6th of December. Wait to close on real estate or settle business matters/contracts during this time. Best to give this retrograde a 5-7 day turnaround to make sure the coast it clear.

Real estate is on the horizon as well! This is especially true for those SELLING. You will have more of a push before 2019 if you are selling a property. If you have some offers, take ‘em! They may not be exactly as you wanted but should come again in denominations of 3. This means there may be three separate offers (1 by itself and two closer together) or an offer with two counter offers. Again, I recommend taking this time period to move a property off your plate and choose a closing from December 9th on.

BUYERS will be in a more favorable position after December 25th and through the winter months of 2019. Best to make a deal at this time! You will do great. Try to keep too many chefs out of the kitchen if you are trying to have a favorable (and smooth) real estate deal. The more private the deal, the better. Too many opinions could cause too many external changes and provide flux. This could cause a lot of undue stress for all parties involved. This is esecpailly true if you have two separate real estate professionals who are super assertive and goal oriented. Not that this is a bad thing, but patience won’t be the primary concern. A rushed deal will put some rushed energy into the mix which will not be needed during the holiday months. If you are in this situation, realize the team works *for you* and take control by setting the pace you are comfortable with. Do not let anyone push you into a corner or rush your process!

Finally, the topic of love seems to be a bit dim at the moment. As I stated above, this is not the best time to BEGIN a new relationship or seek one out. If you already have done so, try not to move too quickly. You may burn out, and leave a trail of dust where the fireworks started. Take your time and get to know each other.

This may sound cliche, but it really *IS* the best time for prayer, contemplation, journaling and deep reflection. It is also time to *forgive* yourself and others for past mistakes. This is especially true moving ahead into 2019, where all those “ifs, ands and buts” are about to be made very clear. It will be a quick move and everything that has been delayed will make a quick and new start! Be ready to take off!

Here’s to a wonderful season of gratitude, reflection and giving thanks for all those people that care and love you!

All the best,


November Mini Messages From Beyond
A Special Note About Mini Messages

A lot of people write in after they see the mini messages for the month and ask if there’s one for them. Or, they may see something and feel connected to it, and wonder if it is for them. Please note, these are connections *in the moment* and not planned out ahead of time! The messages may mean something to you or someone you know. Feel free to share with friends/family if you think something may have come through for them!

Shirley: This is someone named Shirley in the living. Someone who passed used to make jokes about the TV show Laverne and Shirley in connection to their name and this would always cause a funny reaction. This little joke was always fun in the family. A message from your “favorite” grandmother: Your career is FINALLY taking off in a month that is unassuming. This may be in the media or entertainment business where certain months are always ratings months or shopping months. Your next deal or “in” will be in a month where you would LEAST expect something to happen: perhaps February. This could mean everyone is busy or no new shows are taking off. I’m not sure of the exact meaning, but if this is for you, you would understand what I mean! I see the Star of David, meaning that Jewish holidays and traditions were an important part of the family unity. This could also mean that something BIG could arrive right before a major Jewish holiday. Stay on your toes! Just when you think you can relax, you will be called in for a major job! This has been something you have been waiting for for FIFTEEN years. Do not delay and think the results will be the same. This time will be incredible!

Shawn. This is Shawn with A W. The name is not spelled Sean. I see a brother and a father on the other side. If this is not a brother, it is a younger male who was very close to your father. It could also be a step son, or a son he had with another partner. He is letting you know they are together. He is still sad, as I feel his passing was abrupt and sudden and he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. He asks for some prayers as he is still stuck a little in making a full transition. There was a woman he loved who he was not married to, that he has not made amends with. He says he is fully sorry for all wrongs done. He was being stubborn and stupid he says, and he hopes you (this woman) will forgive him. Please say a mass or light a candle for him. He could use some positive energy for his transition.

Kenny/Kenneth: The name Ken is a living person. Your father and grandfather are both coming though together! For some reason, I feel Ken is a family name and there could be a number of you in the family. I feel people used to say Little and Big Ken, or Kens 1 and 3. Not sure why they didn’t say 2 lol! They are mentioning a purchase of a camper, trailer or something you would haul with a hitch. They are saying it’s not a good deal and you could get taken over and then have to invest a lot of money you don’t have right now! Plus it won’t ever be 100%! They understand you are looking for a deal, but this is NOT it. They are encouraging you to BUY NEW in January 2019. (23rd or later – but not into February)

Buddy: I feel this is a dog! Buddy is so happy on the other side and he is giving me the impression a littler or black and white puppies are on their way! Get ready for some new arrivals!

Lucus: There are two names that are coming through. Lucus and Sam or Samuel. These two names need to be connected to make sense for who this is for. I feel there is a new baby on the way and coming into the family. May 9th is a special day to the family. I’m not sure if this is a birthday or anniversary, but I feel like it’s a happy day! Please make sure that if someone announces a pregnancy, that they are committed to being stress free and relaxed (as this isn’t their normal state of mind.) This is imperative for this new little bundle of joy to ring his way in. Oh, and I feel they are asking you to name him Sam or Samuel!!! Always interesting, these notes from the other side!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy relaxing and renewing!


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