October/November 2013 Inspirational Message & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Happy Thanksgiving from Connection Beyond & Medium Marisa Liza Pell
Inspirational & Mini Messages

I know, I know. It’s been a while since you heard from me. I was kind of going through what one might call a little bit of “writer’s block” or what I would call contemplative reflection. For some reason, I felt the silence was more important than words over the past two months or so, and I would assume a lot of you have been going through some major changes and transitions. So thanks for bearing with me while I have gotten my “thoughts” together.

I spent a lot of time thinking, “What should I write for this month’s message?” The message kept coming that there was really nothing I could say which would inspire sufficiently to redirect any changes that people were going through at the time, myself included. I am writing a lot today, so I hope it makes up for the wait!
If you have been feeling the need to go within, if you have been feeling more vulnerable lately to energy, if you have been feeling more sensitive to other’s actions around you, you are also experiencing this shift. If you have allowed yourself to move through this period without resistance you would find that, without trying, a lot of things have fallen away at their own weight. Some of these things would have been situations that have been “trying” in the same sense of the word for way too long. Maybe you have experienced “trying” as a verb, where over the past two years you have been putting your will into situations that only brought you more pain or discomfort. All in all, the universe, no matter how you have “tried” has decided that it will step in and move you forward.
Another “theme” right now is clarity and things “coming to light”. If you have done your reflection work well and you have not fought the changes, you will have found that you are not saddened or angry by the changes that have taken place. Instinctively, you knew they were for the better, and you may have even been surprised by your feeling of peacefulness connected to those events. The miracle of all of this is that you have not been disheartened and that’s the power of it.
If, on the other hand, you noticed things falling away and you tried to “cling” to them, change them, or retaliate against them, you would have found yourself to be in a much more uncomfortable spot then ever before. Because at this point, the current of energy is so strong and unified along all consciousness, that going against it would have you very energetically drained and weathered. Why? Because acting and reacting in the “old patterns” will no longer work. This is especially true if you are going with the changes. The good thing is that there will be no more “with me or against me” sort of thinking. You will no longer have to choose where you stand. And the other side will be so distant that it will not cause you any imbalance. You will be placed where your vibration IS, not where you WANT it to be, not where it SHOULD be but where it IS.
Ok, I’m starting to feel the need to write a channeled message come over me. I’m sure you have seen the shift in my writing since I started SO, here is your message from spirit for this special Thanksgiving Holiday Season!
From Spirit To You: An Attitude of Gratitude: A Channeled Message
Dear Friends,
So many of you are distraught. But what is the word anyway. Distraught for what? You are a spirit of the higher energies. If you are in line with your plan, and if you are in “direct line”, you have no sense to falter, or to be “brought down” into the doldrums of the lower realms. When we speak of lower realms, we are speaking emotion, we are speaking conduct, we are speaking energy. We do not subscribe to the Earthly visions of bad or good, of heaven or hell. 
You only reside within your spirit and your spirit creates that discord that you would describe as “depression”, “feeling angry”, “withdrawn”, “soulless”. Do you not realize that these emotions are entirely within control of your energetic experience. Of course you are not a toy, but you are also not a solid rock. You are malleable, and changeable. You should flow with a current, a vibration and a steady firm hand. Deep down you know where you’re going, you know where you’ve been, and with every difficult decision you know whether you are going with or against universal law. 
With instinctive know how, you are aware the plan. Are you listening. Some may listen but really it isn’t listening from an Earthly standpoint, it is listening from your center, from your heart. And if your heart is blocked by the lower emotional states, you cannot hear and you will be caught in a circle of the same experience over and over and over again, until you just stop, collect your energy and let the “listening” carry you. Listening means, in this sense, not taking action along with desire or impulse for the sake of satisfying the desire or impulsive act to better your emotional state. Because using this method to employ peace will only bring disharmony, because the task of the spirit is to listen and not to indulge into comfort. 
If you are truly listening, you know where your spirit bends, and you know what breaks it. It is you who chooses to go against it. Not us, and not the higher energies that will it. All that is willed is for you to travel in flow along the chartlines lined out for you. Each lesson is for betterment and yes there are guided processes by us and by them, but you have the free choices to deviate. Do not be angered if you are on a deviation and say you have no “support”. We will always support you, but you must realize that your true direction is already charted and it is known within. Why must you ask us always, “What shall I do here?” and “Which direction should I take?” You see, you are asking the silence, not us. 
If you ask us, you will be confused. You are asking your own silence and those are where the answers are to be found. Our function, is to MOVE along with you, to support you on your journey, to make sure that you are on the guidelines that are set out. If you are in deviation of your course, we act as a compass to gently guide you back. But as with maps that show where you are, sometimes you choose to stay there, and we could not move you as a human is unable to move a giant boulder. 
Your will has been given you, and the strength of it supersedes at times when you decide to stay put at a certain “guidepost”. We know it is you standing still, but it appears to you as a cyclical existence, a “pattern” of the same events. It appears as a circle or sphere and you wonder how you can change it. There is no circle. It is simply that your energy is in constant motion. Your spirit is circular, the Earth revolves around the sun, so of course you would experience this as linear experiences, when in reality, you have decided not to move along your pathline. 
Once you make that decision, experiences come your way from all sides, but they rather are moving around you, revolving around you, while you are the one standing in the center. On the contrary, if you are the one “listening” and moving in flow with your pathline, you will experience flow, and forward movement, where everything starts to feel that it is “falling in line”. Doors closing are not really doors closing, they are just doors that shouldn’t be opened either in that time, or for the time being. If you are moving, again, we support you and lead you. If you are standing, we wait. 
Thank you and enjoy the feeling of gratitude that is within each and every one of us, in the human experience and above, as we all feel the same. 
Blessings to you now. 
And now for … Mini Messages From Spirit!
Betty: This is a message from Betty on the other side. Some people would call her Aunt B, or maybe spell it Bea. She was a big fan of hard candy and when you were around her you would constantly be hearing the click of the candy in her mouth. She always dyed her hair jet black and she is very unhappy about the way her hair looked when she passed. They did not do a good job “setting” it. Where are her “false teeth” she asks? Did someone take them? She is also mentioning a “Larry” connection, not sure if Larry is living or passed but he has/had a leg problem with his left leg. She is supporting him. There is a living Tina connection too, and she is not happy with the decisions she is making. Someone living hates onions and is making fun of someone at the holiday dinner yesterday who kept complaining about the food!! Radishes is also a funny memory.
Sylvia: Your father on the other side comes in light and surrounds you. He knows you have been lonely lately and understands you would like to make a life change, but he cautions you to not act “too soon” and to take a breather, as you would definitely understand what he means. He wants you to be mindful of your foot and ankle and if it is strained do not push it!
Jack: This could be in the living or on the other side. There is also a Matthew connection, Michael, and Sal or Salvatore last name. This man went by Jack but I don’t feel it was his **real** name. He’s telling me it was his name in the business, and he is showing me a holster, so he may have carried a gun, or enjoyed going out on the shooting range. He is telling me he enjoyed hunting pheasant and was quite good at it, but not at deer. He is saying he is laughing because over there he met some of those animals!! He is showing me a garbage dump or garbage truck. He is saying he wished he spent more time with family, and while he should have shaved his head he still greased his hair over and wore very strong aftershave like old spice. He was quite charming and a great business man, but he is expressing regrets about not spending enough time with family, and more time in business. This is what he would have done differently. He is saying that he found out that after he passed, his business mates were not really that concerned anyway. And he realized they were just out to take up where he left off so no money was lost. He knows he surrounded himself with some people that weren’t on the “up and up”, but thought they were like brothers to him. He knows that he left his wife, children and grandchildren without him many a times. He is deeply sorry that he did not spend more time. NY and Brooklyn were a connection for him. He had a “stage” name or nickname that went along with Jack that people called him. He was also very close with a Jim and a family member named Marie.
Ryahh: I’m not sure how you spell this name. Your grandmother is coming through offering you support during this time of grieving. Perhaps someone has just transitioned to the other side, or you have separated from someone close. Know that this feeling will be temporary, and things will lighten up by the spring time. You may be having joint problems or feeling a little stuff in the back or neck. This is due to your emotional stress. Finances will improve. There is Bob/Bobby/Barb connection to you that is significant, and remember the name Ann/Annie/Annabelle. There is a baby spirit or energy around you. Someone may be pregnant soon!! 
That is All For Now!! I hope you all enjoyed the messages!! 
Happy Thanksgiving to You and Be Happy and Safe over the Holiday Weekend!



Marisa Pell
Knowledge For Living, Inc.

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