September 2008 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

September 2008 Inspirational Message

September 25th, 2008



We are now in the midst of another mercury retrograde period!  If you aren’t aware of this astrological aspect, just google it and you will find a wealth of information on the subject. Luckily the days leading up to the beginning of the retrograde on Sept 24 were worse than what we are facing as we come into the next three weeks. Some of you may be feeling run down or even sick due to the erratic energies of the past two weeks. You may have even noticed several deaths around this time.
It’s time to slow down and go with the flow of the transitional energies that this period is bringing. Try not to make a major job change right now or to pitch new proposals to a boss. They may be viewed in a positive way, but there is a good chance they will fall through the cracks. There will be a lot of businesses closing around this time, however, the losses or endings are not sudden or surprising. Most endings will be peaceful, because they have run their course. The universe will see that these endings will be accepted by all involved. There may be a sense of general sadness, but with the inner knowing that the doors needed to close for new ones to open. Great healing accompanies these endings, and gives rise to open yourself to new opportunities.


Mentally, don’t push yourself. This is a beautiful harvest period and the moon will give rise to increasing your intuitive abilities, especially as we near Oct. You are also in a period of great acceptance about your life. Take this time to gently move on from the past. Don’t look back in anger, and refrain from attaching to old memories. Look at them as a collage of your life, and see them without judgement. There is no right or wrong, should’s or shouldn’ts. Your life is full of opportunities for growth and lessons, and you will learn whatever lesson is in front of you. If you don’t learn it, it will keep repeating itself until you do.
This season is a time to gently let things go, and renew. This is the best time for any endings, not just related to your career. Some other examples could be current relationships, letting go of grief from someone who has passed, holding onto to health issues as excuses for not moving forward and facing old fears.

In this period, it would be wise not to hold onto to those things that the universe is trying sweep away. Resisting gently letting go will give rise to a gradual buildup of emotional, mental and physical toxins that will eventually cause you problems. You may be asking, “what do I have to do?”. The answer – Nothing. Just sit back and let the universe take care of it. Don’t force issues and don’t resist necessary change. Let go of any resentment about what you think is not going right, and realize that what you “think” may not be going right, might ironically be leading you in the right direction.

All my best,


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