September 2010 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

September 2010 Inspirational Message From Medium Marisa Pell

September 7th, 2010


Here we are again! This retrograde has not been pleasant, especially with trying to get technical issues handled and everything in order.

My advice: get as much done as you can. You will see the energy moving a little bit more after September 12th. I would give it to the 15th to be safe. Know that any contracts, follow-ups and deals will most likely have delays at this point.

There may also be delays in your personal life as well, especially for those of you planning a big event such as a wedding, anniversary or big birthday party. Keep everything fluid, and try to go with the flow. Those of you who like order and well laid plans may have a hard time with this. That’s an excellent lesson in fluidity though. Sometimes, when we flow with what the universe has in store for us, it may be a LOT better than anything we have planned out for ourselves.

Other than delays, this energy feels like a horse waiting to come out of the gate! That’s why I put a horse on the newsletter this month. Horses are meant to run fee! But when that energy is pent up and the horse can’t run, the energy becomes wild and imbalanced. So here’s why I say this. Like the horse, you are waiting to rush out of the gate and get on with the race. You want to move! You want to get things done!

We would have a problem if there was nothing to do once the gates opened right? All that erratic energy would be for nothing. However, the energy coming after September 12th warrants otherwise. There are opportunities to be seized and like the horse race, you better go after them or another horse will win! That’s right, this energy can be quite competitive — but the rewards of the race are well worth reaping!

So for right now, prepare yourself for the race, and get as much ORGANIZED as possible. Knowledge right now is power. Research is key. Don’t come out of the gate and run wildly all over the place. To get ahead now, risks without research will not bode well. If you are taking on a new endeavor, make sure you do all the background work first! For those of you who like to shoot first and then aim, you may want to think twice. Risk without proper knowledge is not favorable at this time. Like the horse, you want to remain graceful as you run. You don’t want to come across erratic, rushed and unprepared.

Also, you want to remain focused, in your zone, and without thought in this process. This relates to anything business or personal you would like to achieve. Those who run out like a wild goose will burn out and be left in the dust. With your determination and knowledge behind you, you will endure.

I have a rather interesting parallel that I would like to illustrate that I find quite humorous but so on target with this month’s message. Over the labor day weekend, Rich and I decided to take an impromptu day trip to Dewey Beach in DE. I wanted to show him a place that I spent a lot of my time as a kid. It was a beautiful day! We both love playing games on the boardwalk, especially the competitive ones where you could win BIG prizes. The more people that play, the larger the prize.

So as we were walking down the boardwalk, we came across a horse racing game! How fitting. Basically there are 12 spots open for people to sit, and you have to roll a ball into colored holes to get the horse to move. Different colors represent how many spaces the horse will move at a time. There are a few red holes which are the ones you want to hit, and then there are blue and yellow ones. Sometimes the ball won’t go in any hole and you have to wait until it comes out again to roll it. So you lose momentum.

We must have played close to 10 times, and for many of those times, one of us came close to winning but for some reason we kept coming in second or third place. We seemed to have lost momentum. I really wanted to win that horse! So I thought I would try something different. I was spending too much time watching the other horses! I wanted to know where I was in the race. When I was practicing rolling the ball before the race started, I was focused and relaxed and wasn’t concerned about the other people or the race.

However, once the bell sounded, my anxious energy to win the prize took over and I started getting too excited. This made for bad rolls and a lot of gutter rolls! The more I tapped into the competitive energy of the other players, the further back I found myself.

So I decided to test a theory. I decided not to look at the other horses at all during the race. I would not even look to see where my own horse was. I would block out all other energy and completely focus in a relaxed way in just rolling the ball. The bell sounded.

I started to slowly roll the ball with focus. Time after time, the ball was landing in the two big spaces. I didn’t miss a shot. However, I was laughing at myself thinking how slow the process was. I thought for sure I was tossing too slow to win. The focused energy felt like I was in slow motion. Interesting, this is exactly how I feel when I do galleries. Time doesn’t seem to exist. I was sure I was too slow to be ahead, so I just continued to toss good shots.

Finally the bell sounded, and Rich looked up and started tapping me. He couldn’t believe it. Not only did my horse win, but it was not even close to the other horses. The whole group was together and mine was so far ahead. I never saw anything like it with that game. Usually, all the horses are clustered together in some way. There wasn’t even a chance for another horse to come close in this game!

I tried to repeat it again, but couldn’t. What started off as a boardwalk game turned into a very cool spiritual lesson! Focusing on everyone else depletes your energy. Competition is an illusion. Focusing on yourself and being in your own flow works better than worrying about what everyone else is doing. Stay out of your own way! Don’t make other people’s life your business. Channel your energy toward your dreams in a graceful way!

In the end, I realized it wasn’t any one else that was impeding my progress. It was me competing against myself! How does this example relate to your life?

Also, this story represents flying out of the gate as unprepared, erratic and aggressively competitive. Those traits will not get you anywhere right now, especially with the current energies at hand. Know your plan and carefully put it in to place. Stay relaxed, focused and inwardly confident. You can only win with that energy! Remember others feel what you give off, and people generally distance themselves from this energy.

Overall there is a lot to be won this month. Just don’t get too excited! Celebrate when everything has manifested itself. And it will! I’m sure of that!



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