September 2012 Inspirational & Mini Messages By Medium Marisa Liza Pell

September Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell


Are you feeling frustrated yet? Has time slowed down a little? You are not alone! If you feel a little in ‘limbo’ in all areas of life, you are feeling the current energy. It’s ok to feel a little down, just know it will pass. You may be feeling a bit tired, under the weather or just plain uninspired! Try not to push or force yourself, as forward motion could make you feel like you’re hitting a wall these days. It’s best to accept that you will be in this space for a little while longer.

So, what do you do about it right? I would love to tell you you will be experiencing wonderful energy coming in, and you MAY, but the moments may be fleeting, and you may find yourself dragging to get things done, or on the other hand, YOU MAY HAVE NOTHING TO DO lol! When we are dealing with this type of energy, rocking the boat will only make you feel even more out of kilter. You are in this energy now, best thing to do is be there. The last week of September, (not too far away!!) should be more forward moving, so make a good meal, watch a movie, and let yourself be ok with feeling not so hot. Don’t be upset with yourself if you just “can’t shake it”. Sometimes the energies are a bit uncomfortable, and that’s where they are now. Expecting big changes, or trying to force them at this time will just end up making you frustrated.

Be aware of your physical body at this time. Too  much overindulgence in one area can prove to be (how can I say it without being too forward)…well let’s just say it could prove to be “not so good”. Be aware of run in’s with the law, watch your driving, and be aware of how YOU ARE FEELING. Rest and take care of yourself if need be. You will have enough time later in the fall, particularly late October moving into the beginning and middle of November. You WILL be wanting to slow down! So take the time to relax and best to LET IT GO. Hmmm, a very strong message indeed for today’s thoughts.

LET IT GO. Yes, let it go!! Whatever you have been holding on to lately, OR maybe even for years, or your life, LET IT GO. From this point on, it’s best to stop trying to continue any cycle which causes you pain and/or discomfort. Life is a two way street, and if there are people in it that don’t reciprocate or aren’t aware of your happiness, there is no need to continue to be worried or anxious about changing the dynamics of these situations. You are way beyond that. As most of my readers are women, and of course this applies to the men too, you may find that overgiving is part of what you do. YOU ENJOY GIVING. But who is giving back? You are at a point energetically where it isn’t worth it to continue the imbalance of certain structures.

Now this could be with ANY relationship, even with your job. And if not, if could be WITH YOU AND YOU ALONE. You may be carrying your past with you and even may use it as an excuse to continue keeping yourself in your current energy. The fact is that is IS serving you in some way or you wouldn’t be doing it. But are you happy?? And also, what is the point of trying to control your situation. You will lose, and more importantly you will waste time. Take a look at where you are now. Have you progressed in the past five years? Do you have that new job, a happy partnership, do you feel at peace, or is it all just in your head?

Take these next few weeks to REALLY think. Where are you going? What are you doing? And how will you get there? If you are not being productive then it’s really on you. You alone are responsible for your happiness! We are under the impression that OTHER PEOPLE, PLACES AND THINGS will MAKE us happy. If only we had something, we would be happy. Try this concept out. GO GET WHAT YOU THINK WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY, and see if it lasts! If you strike gold let me know, we will all want to find out your secret 🙂 If not, know that true happiness comes from fulfilling your creative purpose! Find that!

Now on to the Mini Messages,

All my Best,



Lillian is still coming through from the other side! Apparently there was a message for someone last month that didn’t get passed on!! Please know that Lillian is doing well, and wants to acknowledge a wedding coming up, and also a strand of pearls. Pearls are very significant. She is also mentioning an Andrew either living or passed that is very special to her.

A woman named ‘DOT’ is coming through from the other side. She is a very determined WOMAN and is saying that she is INSISTANT on getting a message through today. She is reprimanding a woman in the living saying, “Get off your A%^!!” This is very much her personality. You didn’t want to mess with her. She is saying that you are being very lazy and on the P-I-T-Y pot lately. So stop stuffing yourself with snack food and vanilla ice cream, and get moving. She is saying also that you have been really hard on yourself, and looking at yourself in the mirror and wanting to lose weight. You are saying some really not so nice things about yourself!! She is saying you are complaining but doing NOTHING about it!! So stop the talk, and get out there lady!! And stop procrastinating on all that paperwork that needs to be finished.

A man named Joe from the other side is coming through. He used to roll his own tobacco, and I smell it. He does not like to be called anything but JOE, not Joseph or Joey and for some reason he is telling me this isn’t even his REAL name. This could have been his middle name. There is a Harry or Harold connection to him, or perhaps this was his real name? He is with an older woman, possibly his wife, who is wearing green scrubbing gloves!! She loved to clean, and definitely had those “dish pan hands” lol. Joe passed a while ago, maybe over 10-15 years ago. He is asking you to look into your family history, and your ancestry, very important, as there is a lot to learn. AND, check your ankle. Don’t workout too hard if it’s hurting!! Also, your stomach is very irritated right now, try to be very careful with hard liquor, or any sort of over the counter things for headaches.

Mike in the living, your grandfather is here, and he’s saying you need to continue with your plan to move forward with your own business, or take over a family business that involves manual labor. I hear the name “Gertie, Gert, or Gertrude” coming in as well. You are really on the verge of something very prosperous for yourself, and right now you are thinking of NOT MOVING FORWARD. Please don’t make me kick you in the butt, Mike!! You are a little discouraged right now, and don’t want to take a big risk with your finances, but do you really want to keep living paycheck to paycheck with no advancement and nothing for your future. I know you feel a little burned out, but do not be discouraged. Take this step! It may take a little while to get things going, but your future will be set! You are on to big things 🙂 If you are reading this, and you are not MIKE, but you know who this is for, please give him the message!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and Happy Fall!

All My Best,


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