September 2013 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

balanceSeptember 2013 Inspirational & Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

This Month’s Theme: “Creating Balance”


This September will surely have you busy to the point of being very tired! You will definitely need to take a break. Yes, you will need to get things done, and CANNOT PROCRASTINATE. Things are moving WAY too fast and there are many projects approaching. You must get your work done. But you must ALSO remain in balance.

I would recommend creating several different lists:

  • Self Care (those things that you need to do to maintain your health, image, and peace of mind)
  • Family/Friend Time
  • Work Goals & Projects
  • Home Environment Ideals
  • **Extra Credit** Creative Endeavors
If you only stay focused in one of these areas, the others will remain so out of balance this month that you will feel very “out of sorts”.

I usually don’t get into practical advice or options, but this month these lists are imperative! You will see how one list will overpower the others and you will also see which lists you tend to first..and which ones you don’t want to deal with! This will show you where your imbalances are! If you are overcrowded on one list and can’t seem to get anything on the other, than the latter is what you need to MAKE SURE you work on. It will be a good indication of where your energy and time is going.

Another point I would like to drive home this month is that if you would like to see CHANGE happen in your life, NOW is the window of opportunity to put your energy OUT THERE. And when I say OUT THERE, i really mean it! Make every contact, connection, and networking opportunity happen! If one opportunity doesn’t work, go to the next. If someone refers someone to you, immediately contact them. Just keep going as much as you can, AND remember to stay in balance by implementing a system like I illustrated above 🙂

If you are able to give equal amount of time to all of these categories in a day, (just try it for fun), you will feel a sense of a accomplishment and joy both inside and out.

At this point in the month, it is best to keep deep connections at bay, and focus on the practical, and of course on YOU. Once we move into late Oct & Nov, the energy will shift more toward deepening relationships, solid commitment and love and romance. But for now, it’s about bringing the best YOU to the table, and if you would like to take the time to change some things, it’s best to have fun, BUT keep it light. Nothing heavy at the moment.

Remember what you invest in with yourself will pay dividends this month, so invest in action, not worry!! Do your best, and you will see your light shining through this winter like a sun beam!!

Now on to the Mini Messages For September:

There is a John coming through from the other side. He is telling me he hasn’t been over there that long, (that long to me means between 1 month and 2 years. He has a connection to an Edward, I believe in the living. He is mentioning heart health that is significant, and to keep that in mind. There is the name JAY spelled exactly that way in the living and they are very proud of him. There is a Tim or Timmy connection too, and someone kept a pair of his sneakers and he is laughing saying they are dirty and smelly, to “put some powder in those darn shoes!!”

Ann or Andy in the living. Someone on the other side, his name is “POP” talking about Shish-kabobs. Are you planning to skewer some veggies on a grill? He is telling you this is your “claim to fame”, a multitude of Shish-Kabobs. All different vegetables and flavors. No meat though he says, but you can work with a Cajun spice, and he says he knows you like to be “reasonable” with your finances, but you should really invest in that new grill. There is a Jimmy or James connection in your family, and he is just shaking his head at this person, almost like, “he’s a character, not gonna change.” Get a new wallet already. You apparently like things, “worn” for comfort, he’s saying stop it. Get a new shiny black one and you also need a new belt, and some “gear”. Not sure what that means, perhaps you go camping or fishing? The name Jared is also connecting, perhaps this is someone in the living. A new baby boy may be coming into the family or news of a pregnancy in the upcoming year.

Bubba is coming through from the other side. I think it’s an animal. He is relaying that he had a kidney issue or an issue where he was very thirsty a lot and/or dehydrated, but he is wagging his tail and saying he’s all good and very happy! He looks like he is tan or white with brown circles of color or “patches” in his fur. You really liked the name patches or these brown circles of color on him! He had a very old blue/gray collar which you may still have that has a tag with his name on it and there is still fur on it! He loves you very much.

Bruce is coming in to say thank you for all the thoughts and prayers he has been sent from the Earth level. He is very appreciative of everyone who is praying for him and he has crossed over into the light. There is a Jude/Judy connection to him and a Georgie.

Larry with an A surname is coming through. Stop smoking he says. It’s really starting to cause some problems. He is very sorry for the problems he has caused you and hopes you can forgive him. The bird the Red Cardinal is coming through. Either this bird is significant to you or he was a “Cardinals” fan. The name Maya or the Mayan culture is being brought to your attention. Study something in this area, and the numbers 8 and 43. The 21 of the month in the winter is going to be a great time for you. There will be a spiritual experience coming your way that will lead you to everything you would have ever dreamed. Keep connected to your angels and know the angels in heaven are surrounding you with LOVE.

Ok, that’s all for now!! Make sure to stay connected and come to one of our upcoming events this month and next. Plus check out the ALL NEW intuitive flower circles, with guaranteed readings, and spiritual flower meanings!! I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming shows below!

Have an amazing and light filled day 🙂

With Love,

Marisa Liza

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