September 2019 Inspirational & Mini Messages

By Medium Liza Pell


Fall is quickly approaching, but the transitions that are meant to occur as the seasons change may be a bit delayed. This is a preparation time, as the seeds over the last year have been planted to sprout into MAJOR changes. 

If you have already made major shifts in the past three months in a sort of “leap of faith” manner, you are already on your way. You have been preparing for these changes for the past three years, but things didn’t seem to get off the ground. There was always a question of “do I go this way or that way?” OR “If I go this way, how do I know it will be the right move?” 

Towards the end of the Summer, you most likely didn’t have the luxury anymore of waiting or trying to decide. You reached the point where you finally had to take that jump off the high dive! Many of you did it without knowing what the outcome would be. Some of you may have turned around and went back down the ladder. 

If you took that leap, you may have been pleasantly surprised. You wonder if you should have done this some time ago. Maybe you beat yourself us by thinking you made a wrong move by waiting so long. Nevertheless, there was a readiness that you needed to take the steps you are taking now. A year ago, or even months ago, you would not have the same mindset you do now. 

If you resonate with this, then the cloudy fog of indecision should have already started to lift. You will be coming into a time where you will have extreme clarity. You are now knowing which steps to take and when and how to take them. 

Next, you will have to go back into all life areas and see what other practical matters have to be completely overhauled. 

This is mostly in the career and financial sector, primarily dealing with providers and advisors of some kind. You may also be dealing with some estate settlements. If this is the case and you’ve been with an advisor for decades, you might find something may be amiss. And you may need to look elsewhere for the best outcome. 

There may be many people offering advice in these matters or referrals to providers they have used. Remember, what works best for one person may not work for another. It’s time to forge your own path and find some new people on your own. Pay attention to where you feel safe and who seems to have your best interests in mind. Do not let anyone else dictate your next move in terms of these practical matters. Much advice will be “outdated”.

Let’s now go back to that “leap of faith” mentioned earlier. If you are that person that didn’t take the dive and went back down the ladder, there is some imperative information for you. You may have THOUGHT you were going back to a comfort zone. You may have assumed that taking that leap would be more risky than staying where you already are. 

Whether this leap was emotional, mental, spiritual OR physical, remember you went up the ladder and made it all the way up to the edge for a reason. You had been contemplating all these changes for over THREE years. The comfort zone you think you are in will not lead you to the next step. You have a very small window of time to take this “leap of faith” and enjoy the benefits getting to the other side brings. You will wonder why you were so fearful after all. These major changes that have been necessary for way too long. 

If you are sitting back down at the bottom of the ladder, you only have about two more weeks to take this window of opportunity. The pool for this season is going to close. The next cycle will be in another three years. 

Many of you in the above situation will want a “guarantee” of your outcome before you take that leap. I’m sorry to say this won’t be the case. This is as much of a test of faith as it is a leap! The stronger willed you are, the harder this will be. If you are used to feeling in control of outcomes, it will be even harder. 

The time of testing the waters and dipping your toes in the pool has come to an end. You must put both feet somewhere 100%. The time of transition has been over for quite some time, and that window is closing. Take this message as YOUR message to take that leap of faith into the unknown. Only you know what that is for you!

If this is the message you’ve been waiting for, wait no longer and take the steps necessary to reach the other side! You’ll be happy you did!

All the best for the fall season of lovely colors, pumpkins and spices!

Mini Messages
Stewart: For some reason I feel this is an ANIMAL or PET. It is a male with lots of personality coming through from the other side. Know that he is all well and good and completely out of pain! He will definitely be visiting you around the holidays. Someone may actually see or feel him close by!

Missy: This is someone who is here. Missy, you must start to look ahead and come back to your creative work and passion. You are forgetting your life purpose, and while it’s great taking care of others, you must get back to what really resonates with your spirit! Revisit this creative work you have left behind close to 12 years ago.

Nora or Norah: A woman from the other side is coming through and mentioning the number 35. This could be an age, an important number, March 5, or even a year. She is saying, “Speed it up! You are going too slow. It’s time to take things to another level with your business.” Im also seeing swirly rainbow fabric hanging kites or something that is hanging from a porch as a decoration. 

Steven: This is also someone in the living. It’s time to revamp the business model. How business was being done over the last 25 years isn’t cutting it. You need to change with the times. 

Matthew: I feel this is someone young on the other side. He is reaching out to “Dad” and saying hang in there! You will get through this. This could be a health issue/concern. Those on the other side are completely supporting you!

That’s it for this month!

Tune in next month for new mini messages!


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