September 2020 Inspirational Message

Hello September!

As many of you can attest, these past few months have been filled with so many changes and transitions. And just when you thought you were gaining some stability, things changed again. All of your best laid plans have been modified in different directions. For those of you who are structured and organized, this was sure to feel a little unstable  to say the least!

The good news is that all of the modifications presented by the universe were alignment adjustments. The purpose was to put you on the right path. And if you were listening to the insight on the webcasts the last few months, I gave very specific instructions on how to navigate the seas for a smoother ride.

The other good news is that you had the capacity to shift in vibration many times over the past few months. If you were learning your lessons and passing with flying colors, you were able to move to higher levels of energy. This is surely a great thing, but it could mean a lot of immediate change.

You see, our paths change with where we are attuned. If we are aligned to a certain frequency, our outer world reflects that. It’s like getting on a train to a certain destination and taking your seat. There is one track and many stops, and the course does not change along that path. The experiences you will have are set.

However, if you change your vibration mid way, and learn certain lessons, you can disembark the train at once of the many stops. It is up for you, at that point, to board a new train for a new destination with a difference course all together.

Since we all have free will to alter our path (which results from our choices to complete patterns and cycles), we can choose a new adventure any time we wish. Of course the path may be met with roadblocks, construction and detours. But, if you choose a higher energy road, the course gets smoother and less bumpy.

When you begin your road to alignment, life can resemble a wooden roller coaster ride. As you move along, you may move to a bumpy boat ride. The hope is that down the road  you’ll sit in an inner tube on the lazy river ride with your bathing suit on and sunglasses! 

So, what I’m saying is this. If you’ve noticed many twists and turns in the last few months with your choose your adventure life path, it means you were either raising in vibration or lowering. 

To assess this, you may need someone to objectively look at your path and read the maps. Just because all the changes are annoying, doesn’t mean your experiences aren’t going to be much more aligned with your higher purpose!

Someone such an intuitive or spiritual mentor can help with this. It’s kind of like you’re in a foreign country and need a little bit of help translating.

All in all, if you are keeping tuned in to your intuition and completing your previous repetitive cycles, you should be on the road to your happy destiny!

Only you know for sure, and have the ability to be honest with yourself about the choices you are making.

Keep moving higher up in frequency and take this opportunity to shift to higher levels and amazing experiences!

Looking forward to the new fall season of health and joy!

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