December 2017 Inspirational & Mini Messages


Just when you thought there would be a break in the intensity surrounding the past three months, you had a blip of it again over the past week and a half. There are always residual ripples from all forms of big transitions.

Spiritually, you have been broken down so that you may be built back up again in your true form. This “stripping” of all the energy you no longer need is a tough process. Your body, mind and spirit can become quite tired. Because of this, it is important you practice *thorough* self care as you probably aren’t feeling “up to par”.

As we move toward the latter part of 2017, we will continue to shed the old. Don’t worry, the worst and the most intense changes are now behind you. It’s now time to be built back up. During this rebuilding and “re-calibration” of your energy, you must steer clear of harsh environments, people and even chemicals.

A lot of people are saying they don’t feel the holiday spirit yet, and that’s because the “holiday spirits” are not yet here! You may think we generate holiday spirit, but we literally *feel* it from the energy in our universe. It seems like a lot of people are “looking” for it, but it isn’t to be found yet.

Our individual transitions to align with our true purpose – whether that be a new home, new job, entire career transition, healing or relationship, – are taking precedence. You will find the upcoming weeks to be a bit *fast* paced internally. The world and stores are decorated, yet things seem BLAH.

Don’t worry, once the actual *SPIRITS* arrive, we will be filled with the feelings of the holidays and even more so the first week of 2018. This New Year will be especially *sparkling*. And yes, this is the year when all of your dreams CAN COME TRUE!

The focus right now is your immediate environment. What will be the *foundation* this year to keep you grounded so you can fulfill your purpose?

How is your workplace? How does your actual office space feel? Is it time to give your home some needed comfort?

Your environment should be soothing and calming so you can relax the physical body. This is essential to completing this years plans for your spirit. It needs support and it needs to *sparkle* and *shine*!!!

If you do not have a design sense, hop on to Pinterest and get some ideas about how to decorate your living space, bedroom and office. If this is still too overwhelming, seek out an interior design team to help! (I’m alsoone of those people who can help you!)

Once you are in the proper environment that supports you, you will be aligning with the stars!

Happy Holidays to all my wonderful clients, friends and readers!

All my blessings for the upcoming New Year!


December Mini Messages From Spirit

Joyce: Joyce is a spirit on the other side. She is sending love and butterflies to those around her. She is especially concerned about her mother in the living. She is saying that she is being stubborn and not letting anyone know that she is uncomfortable. It’s best for other family members to keep on the lookout for changes in behavior so that they could take the proper measures.

Liz: Your father in spirit is *very alive* and doing well. In fact, he feels MUCH better in this new light body. He is mentioning -knee pain-. Not sure if this was his knee pain, or someone living may need to have their knee checked and scoped. He is referring to inflammation and lots of fluid. He is also saying his shoes are “scuffed”. Did someone forget to put on his *good shoes* or not properly shine his shoes? He is also referencing a small black book. Was this an address book? He is saying to PLEASE hold onto it. He is making his transition quite nicely and he wants his family to know he is ok and will be with them for the holidays! He doesn’t want anyone to be sad!

J.C. Funny this is the message! The message is J.C. You know who you are. This is the sign you were asking for.

Richard: This is for a living person named Rick or Richard. It’s time to put your family woes aside. Those on the other side are asking you to let go of the grudge and spend the holidays with your family. There are many changes this year, and you will be glad you listened to the message. Try to accept people as they are in your family: flaws and all. They will not change. There is a sibling you do not speak with. You have your reasons and you do not have to accept their behavior, but you can move forward for the other family members that want to be with you during the holidays.

Sam: All I keep hearing is “Sam I Am” ” Sam I Am” This was a joke or a phrase between you and the person in spirit. I’m hearing it the third time, “Sam I Am!” Is this a code word or phrase for you to know someone is ok? It seems like it is, but it’s a joke of some kind. I hear laughter about it. If you feel this is for you, I am told you will not believe yet. So “Sam I Am” will present themselves in another way with signs next week!

That’s All For This Month!!!

All my best wishes! ~Marisa

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