May 2020 Inspirational + Mini Messages

Dear Readers,

As I’ve mentioned in most of my LIVE videos, the energy this month seems to be very go-go-go, coupled with a sense that you don’t even know where to begin! And that can be extremely frustrating! 

I also mentioned that the next week (especially the next FIVE days) holds a special window of opportunity for you to start manifesting or hit a golden opportunity. This can come from any risk you take! I would urge each one of you to take a risk and throw a dart out! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just see where it lands. Also, ask yourself how you could best make the use of what comes back to you!

This doesn’t just have to be in the area of career, or personal projects. It can also be in a relationship area or doing something for your wellbeing that you didn’t ever start. This next 5 days holds promising opportunities and you don’t want to miss taking that leap.

Where this influence can come in handy is through former periods of rejection. If you have been trying to get something off the ground, or be recognized in some area of expertise, now is the IDEAL and PERFECT time to try again. The results may be astonishing! 

Perhaps you haven’t been recognized for a promotion, or you have pitched something only for it to land flat. There are some universal aspects that are just lined up right now that present a much better ROI in terms of what you want to see back.

OR, let’s say you’ve been trying to move forward with something in ONE specific direction and you have just been on a string. This aspect may finally give you the clarity you need ~ to either just walk away or seal the deal. This time is all about NEW BEGINNINGS and FRESH ENDINGS. Either way, you’re moving ahead from a limbo period in many areas of your life. 

I’m putting together a bunch of practical videos on manifesting now, which I will be sending out to the list. You may have received one in the last e-mail that takes these concepts a step further. For now, my main platform for the LIVE streams and playbacks is on Facebook. You can also watch them on YouTube if you don’t catch them LIVE. 

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