May 2020 Inspirational + Mini Messages

Mini Messages By Medium Marisa Liza Pell : May 2020

Maybe this is your message!

Mini Messages For May

Finally!!! The Mini Messages are here for the month! I know you all enjoy reading them, so here are the ones that came through today!

  • Sarah: This is for SARAH with an H. It is very important to recognize this in the message because this aspect is very important when this person tells anyone their name. The relative on the other side is snickering about this, as if they are very aware of this little personality trait. I feel a grandmother figure present, with Sarah being living. She is telling you to just take that leap and get started. I’m feeling from what she is saying that you are thinking about an entirely different pathway with your career. She is saying “as one door closes, another opens!” I feel this is something she may have even said frequently! She is telling you 100% to “go for it!”
  • Amir: I’m not sure I’m spelling that right. I see a younger person in spirit that was a sibling or cousin wanting to let you know he’s around you and guiding you. I feel he passed suddenly, and/or was not found right away. He is asking for prayers for his spirit and to ask the ancestors to elevate him in his transition. He wants you to pray with certain beads and burn a certain incense or herb while praying to help in the process. He would like to move ahead in his spiritual ascension. He is thanking you for thinking of him. His anniversary has just happened or is coming. He is wishing someone a Happy Birthday in the family.
  • Jody or Joby: A woman who passed in her fifties is coming through. I feel this is a mother figure who was very saddened to leave the Earth. She is showing you a silver ring, a plain silver ring. Either you are in the jewelry business or you are contemplating giving someone an old ring as a sign of your love and commitment. I feel though, you are afraid of commitment – or commitment ruining your lifestyle. I believe this is a Mother telling you it’s time to make a change in your life and it’s ok to move ahead. The person who you are truly meant to be with will understand. 
  • Blake: I’m not sure if the name of this person is the one here or on the other side. But I feel a strong male presence who was wonderful with numbers and business. He is telling you, and I feel you have an entrepreneurial spirit as well, that there are a few pieces missing from your foundation. Your foundation must be built upon a very firm structure, whether it be a business or a business plan. He is telling you to rework some of these things before proceeding further and make everything “tight”. This is something he used to say. 
  • Matthew: There may be two Matthews in the family. The name Kristie, Christine or Chrissy is significant. There is a female on the other side pushing move to move along and to move along quickly. She is saying, “Make a d%^ decision already and just MOVE!” I’m not sure whether the word move is an actual move or a term she is using to tell you to “get going!” I see an image of the cartoon (Tasmanian)? And the word Sassafras. You may have to look these up for further clarity. Did you know someone named Taz? Hmmm, the puzzle pieces here will surely need to come together!

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