January 2016 Inspirational & Mini Messages From The Other Side

January 2016 Energies & Inspirational Messages

Wow, what a great relief to start this new year – 2016!!! So many of you have been saying 2015 was one of toughest lesson years yet, and I would agree!!!
The good news is that 2016 will be a little more *relaxing* than the rough and tumble year we had last year. In 2015, there were no real “choices” or pathways to navigate. We had to just “ride the surf” and needed to learn acceptance on a very large scale. If, by chance, these lessons were “argued” or “fought”, you were probably more likely to be met with a much more struggle moving through the lessons the year brought you.
Now, we forge ahead! And I want to ask you: Did you make the most out of the lessons you encountered last year? If so, you will “gently” receive the rewards in the coming year. If you fought these lessons, most likely your body, mind and spirit are pretty well spent. Before you move ahead, it’s best to rest, recoup and heal.
Don’t expect 2016 to start off with fireworks, sparks and flares! This is not a year of lightening speed, even if you moved through most of your lessons well. We are *easing* into the new energy, and rightly so. With all the poking and prodding that happened this year, it’s best that you rejuvenate and heal up before running out of the gate. You’ve been through a lot, and it’s not wise to take leaps ahead just yet.
If you have projects you are working on, now is the time to take each project a little at a time. Do not rush to extremes! Do a little work each day toward your goals. Last year was like a tumultuous and thundering waterfall. This year flows like a sparkling and peaceful creek. You can’t rush it! In fact, as hard as you try you won’t even be able to.
So, those of you who are hoping for some movement, know that those big blasts of energetic movement are NOT likely to happen RIGHT NOW. More likely, you will just FLOW into your new routine and way of life. Last year you didn’t have choices of what needed to fall away. The year 2015 basically kicked your behind! Now you have to be gentle easing into the new order. You wouldn’t be able to handle energy that was too intense and exciting anyway right now.
This isn’t too say that wonderful opportunities don’t lie ahead, because they most DEFINITELY do! The word for this year is “blossoming”. A flower cannot be forced to bloom. Last year you sprouted even though the soil was rough. But it made you what you are this year, and now you have the ability and strength to withstand much more. You are very much closer to accessing and USING your inner power. If you are still trying to get your power from externals, you will find that the battery is on burn out! Connect to divine source and watch unlimited amounts of light and wellbeing (you true source of power) flow through!
Know that at this time, NOTHING can be forced. This includes new job opportunities, business partnerships, and relationship “statuses”. You will just realign and one day you will look back and say, “Wow, this totally happened and I didn’t even know it! You won’t be waiting, waiting, waiting. Just flow and know you are already there! As much as we had little control last year over the ride we went on, this year brings even less…so let go and let God! The new year brings beautiful things: journeys, blossoming and romantic love, weddings, and creative job opportunities. Yes, this is the dreamy, fairy tale year.
It’s all about beauty in your life and in your world. *** Dreams do come true!!! ***
Be very gentle with yourself this year and with others around you. Take care of your INNER world. If you are an excitement junkie, you may be disappointed this year. Why? Because there will be no sudden emotional highs, or LOWS for that matter. The excitement you normally look forward to feeling when you achieve something new will evade you, because you are ALREADY in alignment with the new energy. You no longer have to FIGHT to go up a level! You will receive all that is in alignment with *WHERE and WHAT* you are right now. You WILL receive the rewards of all your hard work last year!
As I’ve said above, you will realize these blessings in HINDSIGHT. Some of you may want those highs, but this year is a very subtle year. The good news is you don’t even have to push to get these things to happen. If you REALLY tune in right now, you’ll see they already ARE. The usually steps you need to take won’t be required, leaving you a tad bit confused. Your destination will ALREADY be reached.
You will stand there wondering how it could happen so quickly and without all the usual work!!! This NEW YEAR 2016 along with your guides and angels are working in the background. Enjoy the silence. If you get too busy, you’ll miss the magic, and this year will be filled with razzle, sparkle and shimmers!!! Just don’t let those little lights pass you by! They may be tiny, but there are millions and they are working behind the scenes!
And you’re the star!!!
All my blessings to you in 2016,

Mini Messages for January 2016 from Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Stuart. I get the feeling that this name is a dog or a cat. Definitely an animal spirit giving the message to it’s owner that he is fine on the other side. This could also be a message that there is a stuart living with this connection. I also get a connecting name of Tony or Anthony connected to this message making fun of the fact that he didn’t ever buy a new belt and he still has his ratty old black leather belt on the other side. I hope he didn’t smack people with it!!! There is also a Leonard or Leroy connection here. All in all, this is a message from spirit that your beloved pet has made it to the other side and is ok!

Linda. This is for someone in the living named Linda. Come on girl! Your mother on the other side is giving you holy hell!!! Also this woman is telling me that she wasn’t your biological mother, but she raised you, because your mother was not able to be present at all times for you. This woman is showing me an old rolling pin with the flour still on it! I get the sense she was a tough lady in life. Either listen to her or watch out. There is a Stella connection also, and some changes coming for her this year that may cause some stress for the family. You need to be able to be ready to “defend what is right”, not what you think may shift things under the rug. Things need to come straight to the surface and some reorganizing needs to be done. Do not ignore this message to take action. There are people in your family who need you even though it would be harder to take this road and be involved. Rewards and appreciation will follow.

Tina. A younger woman in spirit is coming through not to happy with how she passed on the Earth plane. She still comes through in hospital attire, giving me the sense she wasn’t feeling well or there was a long term illness involved. I also feel she was very alone at the time she passed. A lot of her relatives and friends were down “South” at the time she said and couldn’t make it up due to “inclement weather”. There were a lot of people she wanted to see but they were unable to make it in time. She is telling you that she didn’t get the chance or opportunity to learn the lessons she needed to learn in this life, especially with a man or men in general. She wants you to be aware of your patterns with a partner or men in general and start to seek better for yourself. She doesn’t want you to follow the same roads. She is saying to you that it’s better to be alone than lonely, and in your situation, even if there is someone beside you, you are lonely. Best to take a good look at things and find a way out she says.

Joanne/Johanna (with an H). Someone in spirit wanted to make sure I specified that the name Johanna is spelled with an H for this person. I get the feeling that this is something that is kind of an inside joke with the family because it’s something you ALWAYS have to tell people, especially when you are on the phone with credit card companies (which she says you are quite OFTEN)! This is a FEMALE who had major foot problems, circulation issues and water retention in the ankles. She had trouble walking too far without her feet hurting. She is saying they blistered up and were swollen towards the end. She is also telling you to watch your thyroid, and to get your “endocrine” system checked and some bloodwork. She says she also wants you to visit Alaska LOL, and go on an Alaskan cruise. Do you like Siberian Huskies??? She’s saying to take the trip, and in the middle of a blizzard telling you to go somewhere even colder is pretty interesting!!! LOL

Bert/Bertie. I feel this is a female on the other side. She had her name written in a different font and is telling me she loved writing letters, and loved even more her stationary collection. I somehow feel that someone may even have some of the paper from her collection. She is also mentioning pearls, and pearl earrings that were very significant to her. There is a Sam or Samantha connection in the living. She is very happy to be on the other side and sends great joy and blessings to her family living. She is saying she was at the wedding/anniversary or big surprise party this year and is happy for all involved. AND a big surprise is coming into the family this year in the form of a special announcement!

Scott. Stop procrastinating and start that business!

That’s all for this month guys!!! Please let us know if you have received one of these messages! We’d love to hear your story!

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