January 2017 Inspirational and Mini Messages From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Little Girl: Big World!

Getting Back to the Gold

Greetings!!! Well yes, I know we aren’t at the beginning of January now! Closer to the end to be exact. However, we are right where we need to be for this message. As I mentioned above with the new offering of “transition” packages, there is much more to do than look for a quick fix or immediate answers this year. Our vibration on a universal level has been changed and we can no longer vibrate to any lower energies either in our bodies or our environment. We also cannot KEEP AND HOLD any higher vibration for any length of time unless we have truly transitioned there.

The image above shows a little girl, free and joyous with nothing but her dreams and a suitcase. The world is limitless to her and she is purely in the moment. Woman or man, this is you. Underneath all the stress, all the responsibilities of life, and all your past history, this is STILL YOU. 2017 beckons you back. The journey to get back to that place of wonder, curiosity and freedom is not an easy one. It involves releasing old patterns layer by layer, and moving back home.
For some of you, that place is wounded and your life patterns have been a distraction from that pain. You have no more room to cycle around again in dysfunction. You either have to work hard to release the patterns or the system will break down. This takes both work and faith. First, it takes faith to understand that things will fall away. This may have already happened. You may find you are no longer comfortable with certain people, places or things that may have been in your life for decades! This could even involve family or dysfunctional family systems. Groups are not your burden or responsibility to carry any more. Each member of your “system”, whether that be work, family or friends is now responsible for their OWN individual vibration. This year, the focus is on change on the INTERNAL level, and if you are looking to externals for happiness you will be very disappointed.
Those who embark on the internal journey will see a RAPID increase of vibration. This will be so rapid that certain environments will almost feel “dirty” in energy. You may also hear close friends and family saying that “you’ve changed” (which you feel is for the better!) However, the difference to some of those people may be off-putting and you may encounter some distance as a result. Not everyone will FEEL your transition as positive for THEM. They may feel uncomfortable around you and not know why. You may feel this awkwardness or even dissatisfaction, and feel something is your fault. Please know it is not your fault or theirs. You are both now in completely different vibrations and no longer feel the same connection. It is two different worlds.
While this may be easier to transition to in the environmental or friendship arena, those in romantic relationships will have a harder time. If one partner starts to do major work and moves quickly in energy to a higher vibration, the other MUST be ready and willing to do the same. If not, the partnership could be divided and MAY affect each partner’s primary purpose. You cannot be held back, and you are no longer responsible for motivating others off their energetic couch to take the leaps with you. You must do it alone. If someone wants to be with you or around you, they will need to do an equal amount of work to keep the pace. If that happens in romantic relationships this year, couples will reap huge rewards and experience intimacy in their relationships on the spiritual level that they didn’t even think was possible!
The message here is clear. Don’t slow down to anyone else’s pace. Each and every member of your circles (family, friends, coworkers and even clients!) must help themselves. The guidance and insight years are now past us. We have received much learning, wisdom and knowledge. Many of you have tried to help others and have paid your dues lighting the way. Your karma is this area is complete. It is now time for intense reflection, self care, and dutiful expansion of the spirit. It is time for YOU to build back your energy body for very important work for our world. We need all healers, helpers, guides and spiritual mentors ready to do major work during this time when our universal vibration is in such flux. The mission here is bigger and it involves all of humanity!
If not much is happening and you feel in limbo, schedule as MANY appointments for your self care as possible. Take care of any medical appointments, receive energy work, WORK OUT to clear lower energies, PRAY, meditate, and see any spiritual advisors which hold you accountable and or counselors who can take you into core work. By spiritual advisor, I DO NOT mean going and getting a predictive psychic reading. Predicting the future has nothing to do with what needs to be done now.
If you would like intuitive insight or messages from your guides or loved ones, that is fine. But searching for a quick fix answer will not get you anywhere. Most of the work you do now CANNOT be done in groups, as groups can have too much influence on your pathway. Some of you may feel sad as you will miss certain people in your life. They have decided to go on different roads. You may love them, but think of it as just a different journey. Neither is wrong or right. People’s vibrations ARE WHERE THEY ARE. Either you are pulsing together or moving along new and different pathways. There may also be people that COME BACK into your life after so many years of being away. If they have done their work, now there may be a connection! You just don’t know. The possibilities are limitless as long as we don’t stay focused on LIMITATION.
I know this is a lot to go over, but I hope it makes sense and gives you some hope!
All my best for the Upcoming YEAR!!!
Frank: There are two Franks. One is living and one passed. There is a Rose connection, either the symbol or the name. The Frank living has to watch his stomach and needs to change his diet. I keep hearing also “NO DIET DRINKS”. That is a big issue and also no packaged cakes. This is also a message to check hearing.
Gloria: I feel this is a living name. I keep seeing the sign of “100%”. I’m gathering that this is a message of a HUGE breakthrough for you and the sign of YES, you should go for it. This could be a sign of graduation or promotion and that you are going places girlfriend! The woman on the other side said she had many problems with her one foot (bunions???) She is saying despite her foot problems, she still wore “house shoes” with clunky heels that were very loud on the hardwood floors. She is validating that after she passed someone in the family would still “hear” her walking on the floors in those shoes (even though there was carpet???) LOL!
Suzanne: I feel the name is Suzanne and not a variation of that. Not Susan or Sue. Suzanne, you have at least three people on the other side cheering you and motivating you in your current fitness goals. They are saying you WILL finally get to your goals this year, and surprisingly so. Also there are showing me a finish line, so you WILL finally run in I think a 5K and do very well to boot!
Steven: This is a message for “young Steve”, not cousin Steve and not older Steven. (Ok this is a weird message) They are saying verbatim, “Don’t listen to what your family is pushing you to do for your career. Go with your gut and what your heart is telling you. Go against what they want you to do. At first they will not be happy, but you will succeed greatly in this endeavor. This involves military or specialist operatives in government. You know what you need to do to get there. It will be a long road, but you will reach the highest STARS.” I keep hearing over and over SPECIAL OPERATIVES.
Judi: This is for JUDI with an “I”. Well Judy you’re grandmother is a firecracker and wants you to know you are always RIGHT, and then she laughs heartily. She says you are always right with your initial intuitions and impressions but DON’T LISTEN (and she is saying HARDLY EVER)! She is laughing because she is wondering when you WILL learn that lesson, and she is saying you are making it SOOOO much harder on yourself!
Jackie: The time is now to make the move.
Hope you enjoyed this month’s messages!!! See you all soon!
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