July 2017 Inspirational Message

This Summer is flying by! How are you doing with all the personal changes happening around you? As you can see from the photo above of the popsicles, I’m trying to get you to remember the good old fun times of your childhood! A time where Summertime was happy, joyful and fun!

I want to ask you ~ Have you been having joyful times lately? Being happy and experiencing JOY are two very different state. Creating more joy involves you taking every moment to take part in spontaneous fun no matter what is going in your practical life. You may be ‘happy’ with life and express gratitude for your blessings, but you may also be so busy handling all the practicalities that you miss out on the moments where you can create a “joyful” state.

Too many times we have expectations of others coming along on the journey with us so we can experience the things that are joyful for us. We may end up waiting, delaying or not even doing some of the things that will bring us joy because members of our family, kids or friends may not be down with the idea.

So what if you have to go alone? Have you been thinking about a walk on the beach, taking a spontaneous day trip, or maybe even having the urge to play by going to an amusement park or arcade? Maybe something you want to do is so wacky that you don’t think anyone else will be interested!

Sometimes we also may hold only a few close friends or family members on hand to do these things with us. And when those one or two people don’t want to go, we may feel we have no other option. Perhaps a friend or family member you haven’t thought of may want to go! Branch out and ask around. You may find someone wanting to do the exact thing you want to do.

Limiting yourself in terms of experiencing joy will only make you resentful that you are not living life to its fullest. You may turn those feelings outward and blame others (not consciously). But you are really upset with yourself because you’ve been procrastinating or haven’t taken steps to make that happen yet!

That’s ok! Take the time now to bring back the memories you had when you freely ate popsicles in the Summertime and had nothing to worry about! It might be a little strange for you to start this practice, but it will be worth it!!!

The energy of this month asks you to return to what you love, and anything else you’ve always wanted to do! Take some steps today to plan this!

While this month’s message is plain and simple, it may be the hardest one to put into practice!

Have a great Summer!


July Mini Messages

Margarita! – This is a name I’m getting, and not the drink LOL! Not sure if this person is living or passed but she is signaling a huge celebration or party and showing me that she will be there to join in on the fun! Make the most of your day and enjoy your honeymoon!!! Also tell Dad she said “HOLA!!!”

Juan: This is a man who passed suddenly and unexpectedly. His passing really took a toll on the family. He is saying he is finally taking responsibility for his part in it. He is also saying he had an estranged relationship with a close family member prior to passing and this person feels very guilty (and has since he passed). This is contributing to depression in this person and he wants that burden to be lifted. He has not crossed over fully yet, he still has some unfinished business to deal with. He is also mentioning a mechanic or a car garage that was significant to him. There is a ‘Rosa’ connection and a ‘Luis’.

*I keep hearing people speaking Spanish since the first message so I don’t know if these are all together or if they are separate messages! Feel free to share with whomever they are for!*

Jake or James: There could be both connections actually! This is a message for the living person that you may have gone backwards into old habits in months past. Please don’t despair, you have it in you to get back on track. Your anxiety sometimes can get ‘the best o’ ya” (this is how the person on the other side is speaking). You may have had bad memories of childhood or a run in with a family member on an old issue lately. Remember it’s in the past. Either you can hold on it or let it go! Letting it go yields wonderful benefits.

Lauren: Congratulations from the other side on a job well done. You have done a lot of work on yourself to get to where you are today. They are seeing more schooling for you, or a specialty coming your way which involves training or maybe even teaching!!! Take the opportunity to rise to another level this year!

*THIS IS A WEIRD NAME* I keep getting the nickname ‘BOOEY’, BOO-EY, or CHEWY. Not sure as the sound is coming through unclear. The person saying this from the other side says the person who it is for will know it IMMEDIATELY. This person was a prankster and is flashing a crooked smirky smile and mentioning the joke about getting the gold tooth in the front! He is saying that’s all you need to know. Whoever this is will be so happy to receive this message and they will know all will be well with their current struggles! Have faith and hope! It’s all coming together!

That’s all for July messages!!!

All my best!

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