June 2017 Inspirational Message


Still feeling in limbo? Don’t fret too much yet! The energies are taking a much needed ‘slowdown’ to be able to bring all the pieces into place for the perfect fit. The transitions you are making require everything to move into perfect position like a puzzle piece. All the ‘higher ups’ have to take every detail and arrange it perfectly for all of that to happen!

So be patient! Once mid to late June hits, the energy will take off like a rocket ship! Things will speed up even before you’re ready! So plan now and make sure you are taking care of the most important thing: YOU. It may not bring you the most money or increase your recognition at work, but it will prepare you to take the big leap when the opportunity arises. You don’t want to be in a position where you aren’t fully ready when you need to go forward with that new opportunity!

Is your home in order? How about your health? Are you sleeping? Are you eating properly? Are you taking care of your spiritual health? You don’t want to look like the last 3% on your cell phone when the universe comes with a push for you to move quickly. You will need all your energy PLUS some! Build that surplus NOW! And have your tank fueled all the way to FULL.

The above examples are some ways to REBUILD your energy. Of course there are other great ways like praying and meditating. But if you are also an action oriented person who is usually busy, then you may want to get some of these things done before you’ll REALLY be too busy to do them.

If your energy is not balanced, you may start to use your energy ineffectively. Especially if there is a surplus of mental energy being exerted in the form of worry and anxiety. That energy would be best used right now in the form of self-care, manifesting and/or put into a creative outlet. Don’t burn up energy unwisely because you will need it VERY soon!

If you’ve been thinking about a new exercise routine, a new plan of eating or a new way of living, these next two weeks are the perfect time to implement a new plan for long term health. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually “stick” to these plans, this window of opportunity will help place you in the right direction and keep you on track. With so many changes coming, high energy and vitality are necessary to complete all of your tasks.

I cannot emphasize enough the topic of sleep! Your guides and angels will most likely be taking you on many interesting journeys into the subconscious during this time. Pay attention to your dreams and see if there are any patterns or messages. The best one to interpret these messages and patterns is YOU. By asking others to interpret dreams or messages, you may get confusing information. Best to leave those messages to you and your guides.

You are being prepared for a wonderful change of outlook and SCENERY, so moves and new locations are favored at this time!

I hope you have a wonderful time over the next few weeks resting,rejuvenating and NOT WORRYING!

All is well!

See you very soon!



Jack or Jake: Your back is really out of whack! Instead of picking up heavy things or moving large equipment, plant flowers as I used to (this is from your mom in spirit) and your back will feel better! Bend down and stretch and have a CIG (she’s joking and laughing about that.) She is asking you to PLEASE not strain and push yourself!

Stash or Stasia: Not sure if this is a nickname or an actual name or both! I believe this is your father on the other side. He is telling you that there may finally be a major breakthrough in your business ‘line’. It’s all about RE-PURPOSING and RE-PACKAGING your ‘product’. You can do it! Don’t give up!!!! A breakthrough is on the way!

Lori: This is a message for Lori in the living. This is your grandmother on your mother’s side coming through and she wants you to know she is finally ok that you’re not into men! She says in her day, men were such a pain in her side that she would rather have not liked them either! She is helping you manifest a wonderful new partner in your life, someone that will be refreshing to your soul and not toxic like the last one! Pay attention to LILIES in connection to this new person.

Luigi: This is definitely from a person in spirit. He is showing me his shined shoes and said he had a very hard time getting rid of his old favorite pair of shoes. I believe he still had them close to the time he passed. I believe he is telling me that he would have liked them to be put on him when he was viewed but other shoes were chosen. He is very adamant about this, but not mad! He is saying the shoes that were picked out just were not “him” and he is mentioning his old cuff links that you should keep and also just letting you know he has his old favorite shoes on. He’s a little OCD!!! He is enjoying repeating himself over and over and over and over (he wanted me to say this 3 times) so that you are SURE to get the message!

Linda: Are you having issues with your calves or legs? Is there cramping? There is much fluid retention going on in your body right now. You are being asked to change your diet DRASTICALLY and reduce your processed foods and sodium intake. They are also telling me you are very low in potassium. It may be time to go to the doctor for a check up. Do not ignore your health!

That’s all for this month!!!

All my best!

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