October 2017 Inspirational & Mini Messages


How are YOU taking care of yourself these days? Have you found the intense energy of the universe to be a little much lately? Have you been more irritable than usual, or are you having strange bouts of anger or depression? If so, you may be wondering “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? THIS ISN’T LIKE ME.” And you’d be right! This is not like you! And it may not even BE you. The energy you are feeling is the energy of the universal shift as a whole. Each person on Earth is being shifted in such a huge way that there is MAJOR discomfort. The amount of sadness and destruction from the past two weeks of weather and other catastrophic events has started to leave everyone feeling helpless and out of control.

FEAR is moving its way in waves over our planet. If you are sensitive to energy, you are experiencing it on a larger level. You are feeling the Earth changing as well as other people’s emotions. And you don’t know why so many people around you are freaking out! As humans, we cannot process all of this information single handedly. This is affecting us on all multidimensional levels: physically, mentally, emotionally. psychically, AND SPIRITUALLY. We are feeling things we do not understand and are having trouble getting GROUNDED from all this upheaval and movement around us.

This is why is SO important for you to build your own force field of protection and to stay centered! I am posting daily pointers and tips on my Facebook Fanpage to keep inspiration moving during this time of transition. To get these tips and daily updates of inspiration, please click here and LIKE the page. 

On the business and career front, we see MUCH movement as well. Projects and timelines that have been SUPER DELAYED over the past SEVEN years are now moving ahead with lightening speed. You may find you aren’t used to this pace and are having trouble keeping up with all your calls, emails, and meetings! Remember, it’s so important to stay grounded and centered right now and PRIORITIZE your self care above all else!

Once you take steps to balance yourself, you will be able to exist in the energy and flow with it until things calm down in our universe. If you do nothing, you will get even more unsettled, tired and drained. I just want to let you all know you are not alone in this. While I cannot tell you when it will be more calm, I can tell you that if you take the steps to calm your inner world, all is able to be well!

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and let’s celebrate this beginning of fall!!!



Frank/Francis – There are actually two spirits coming in right now, a male and a female. One is Frank and the other is Francis. They are saying they are saying prayers for the person in the living that is struggling and needing much assistance. They are sending compassion and love from the other side and are right there with you on your journey. This man Frank had to wear orthopedic black shoes all the time because his legs were cramped.

Jeeter – I’m not sure if this is a nickname or a pet that is coming through. All I hear is that whoever is reading this will know beyond a shadow of a doubt this is for them and they will be so excited that the other side broke through and gave them this message! This is a message of hope and encouragement and also congratulations for all the hard work! Rewards are coming soon!

Bridget – Something is coming up about work for you. It seems that your job has been a source of tremendous stress for you lately and you keep pushing to make someone happy (probably a higher up) that won’t ever be pleased. It’s time to stop the insanity and see what your other options are. There are plenty of positions where people will be more appreciative of what you have to offer! And when you feel appreciated, you will feel more at home in your work environment.

Sylvia – Your mother is coming through from the other side. Actually, she is saying that biologically she is your grandmother, but she raised you, so you consider her MAMA. She knows you are grieving from a recent passing and says she’s sending you love and healing from the other side.

Bruce – Your grandfather is coming through from the other side with a nice ol’ cigar in his mouth. He also has his favorite “rinky dink’ outdoor smoking chair with him. He’s saying even on the other side “he ain’t gettin a new one”. He’s telling me to tell you it’s time to buckle down and take better care of your health, especially any stomach or digestive issues. If you are having acid reflux now, it could be an indicator of a bigger issue later. He’s saying you’re very sensitive to dairy and heavy cream and you’d do best to leave it out. He’s also mentioning “You’ve gone the winning ticket! (or tickets!) Not sure what that means! Hopefully something good! He’s also mentioning the name Ray or Raymond connected to him or you, and some concern around him or his family during this time. He’s saying the tough times will pass and everyone needs to come together.

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