The Transformational Power of The Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17: From Medium Marisa Liza Pell

The coming solar eclipse heralds a time of complete transmutation and transformation. Let’s look at the term transmutation. The term is defined as follows: the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form”.

This is exactly what will be happening both on the individual level and on the cosmic level. Over the past two years, specifically the year 2016, we were left with many sharp and sudden upheavals. This was the divine way of abruptly pulling out anchors of energy that no longer served our current path on a universal level. What do I mean by this?

Well, simply, your path and your will are no longer a priority. What you want is not *that* important in the grand scheme of things. If your path has not lined up with your soul mission in previous years, the universe most likely made some swift and sudden changes in your life beginning in 2016. The universe probably made it very clear that certain roads were not meant to be taken. 

Free will is still able to be accessed at this time. However, certain doors will remain closed no matter how hard you try to open them. You may have exhausted tons of energy over the past 1.5 years trying to go against this, but no matter how hard you tried you hit a brick wall. The universe really doesn’t care about your effort at this time. If it’s not your path, it’s not going to happen. Period.

You were born at a time in history where you were meant to be on Earth during a time of major transformation. You have taken on a soul contract to be part of important events to expand human consciousness. With the eclipse heralding the beginning of this time in history, your contract is now in effect and holds firm. You can either go with the flow or against it. Because you chose to assist the Earth during this time of transition, your mission will need to support bringing humanity to the next level.

This is not just “spiritual” in nature. It applies to all practical items in your life as well. If you are meant to be at a certain job, location, or with certain communities, you will be put on those paths. You will be directed to go exactly where the universe wants you to be so you can make the most difference in the lives of others around you.

Having goals and dreams for your life is a very positive thing. However, your soul contract and mission following this eclipse supersedes any pre-made plans. Selfish desires, if not tempered, will be met with harsh backlash. This is especially the case regarding any major choices made by our administration. Your path will flow very well and be extremely positive if it is in line to serve the greater good. On this line, you will be most useful to humanity and contribute most to the heightening of new energy.

During times of major upheaval and transformation, sometimes we are left with residue (sometimes gray in color) surrounding our energy field (or aura). Sometimes this is difficult to clear it all on our own. This accumulated residue stems from events or major changes that have impacted your life from early 2016 going into 2017. Even energy clearings and/or counseling may not be enough to fill the holes where those anchors have been literally and figuratively “ripped” out from under us.

This eclipse is a delicate balance of light and dark. Whatever dark you have accepted and released since 2016 will be rewarded at this time. These dark “holes”, where the energy was once present, will now be filled with new light and harmoniously healed. Whatever dark energy you chose to hold onto and not work through will be exposed…and sometimes this needs to happen for the energies to be brought up and healed. Everything you have been through since 2016 will have yielded this residue (similar to residual energy being left behind after a major event). This residual energy of the past will be released from your energy field in a swift fashion today and in the three weeks following. You will finally feel free and lighter. More promising, you will not have to look back on those lessons or repeat them ever again. In addition, there will not be any bad feelings tied to these life events. You can re-tell them but you won’t have to re-live them.

If you made it through the “catharsis” period of 2016-2017, you can now congratulate yourself! You have been through all the cycles and lessons from the past 7-10 years. This explains why so many souls decided to leave the Earth plane beginning in 2016 (be it free will or otherwise). They were not ready to relinquish the old way or the upheavals they felt coming. The fears associated with the changes were just too intense. Their primary methods of coping were no longer working. Being “numb” was no longer an option, and a lot of souls didn’t like that idea. 

You are like a piece of clay that has hammered, heated and constantly molded for the purpose of becoming a beautiful piece of porcelain. I hope you now see that all that hard work has paid off, and even though painful, you see the beauty now present before you. You are ready to serve the world though this new vessel. The eclipse is your final glaze on the pottery. This eclipse serves as this “sealant”, ensuring that the hard work you’ve done will not be lost. You will keep it and move forward into the next vibration.

You will not have to go in reverse. In fact, there won’t be an option to! Everyone is being called into action to be our destined posts for our new spiritual (and practical) world assignments. Remember, you have already signed up for this on the other side prior to coming to Earth this time around. In order to help raise the universal energy and vibration of the planet (as well as influence other planetary bodies), you will know be aligned with those people and places where you will make the more difference. If you decline this mission or try to push for an alternate (more selfish) way, you will be met with tough lessons along the road. More importantly, you will not be able to complete the assignment you came here to do. 

This eclipse is the ultimate disciplinarian, and all must abide by the rules with what lies ahead. For many years, your life was filled with “choose your own adventure” stories. There were many pathways to choose and experience. Right now, the universal calls for a team effort. You’re either with it or against it. This eclipse being partnered with the sign of Leo heralds leadership, and not so much Earthly leadership. You must follow your spiritual commander. We are all together on this new journey!

I’m sure there will be those who inquire about our Earthly administration. All is written, and has been for a long time. Our spirit guides and angels have been patiently guiding us over the past several years to get through the tough spots so everyone is primed for war and courage. This doesn’t necessarily mean a war in the literal sense. This solar eclipse heralds this time in our universe. As spiritual soldiers on this planet,  we are now ready to finally take the actions we need to defend what is truly ours. On a symbolic level these wars can also be of an emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic nature as well.

In the past five years, you may have been able to “blend” with different groups (or energies) that were not entirely of your vibration. This will be near impossible to sustain now since all vibrations will be divided. Whatever work you have done since 2016 will literally be “sealed” with this glaze of the solar eclipse. You will only be able to be part of your soul groups with like minded energies.

Those vibrating at lower frequencies will no longer be able to “pull” energy from the higher vibration sources. Lower vibrations pull energy from light filled sources to “cheat” the work they have to do for themselves. Or they may pull the energy to use for their own means. This is the end of people cheating life lessons or using others energy. Many will be freed from the lower vibrations by this eclipse. Those existing in lower vibrations will have no other choice but to face themselves and their own shadows. This is because the higher energies have moved on. Those who have completed personal and spiritual work during the difficult phases of 2016-2017 have been brought to wholeness and a greater sense of self. Those in higher vibrations who have “carried” lower energies no longer feel the need to be needed. They will begin to seek out relations where growth to an even higher level is possible.

The lower energies, no longer having access to the light of the higher energies to pull from, will be “grouped” with those of like minded energies. Like a mirror, they will now have to face themselves in their entirety.

This eclipse brings sheer clarity to otherwise cloudy situations and indecision starting September 15th. All paths will be made crystal clear. If you feel undecided right now, know that you will be one step closer to knowing your path in the upcoming weeks. The answers will not be vague. Your spirit will be clear and free to soar to new heights.

Blessings and Light To All In This Glorious Time!

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