Who’s Michael?

Who’s Michael?

Friday, January 4th, 2008


The last time I was there (at one of the Connection Beyond events)….Marisa was zooming in on me and my sister, talking about family, etc. etc. Well at the very end, she looks at me and says…..Who’s Michael??? I immediately thought about my step-son who recently contacted me…….I’ve have been out of touch with him for many years…….and Marisa said no….not your stepson……..but you will find out who Michael is.

Well I have been living in my development for over ten years and my next door neighbor who has been divorced since the day I met him…….and I have started dating!!! Yes, his name is Michael. I have always had a sense of comfort knowing that after my divorce six years ago he was next door………but never thought of him as any other way………but we had dinner, my invitation as a “thank you” for fixing something in my home and here we are!!! He has all the qualities any woman would want……and he thinks I’m incredible….boy is that a nice feeling after all the frogs I have kissed!!!!

Please send my warmest regards to Marisa…and will keep you abreast of further developments!!

Be well and happy,


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