Let Me Assure You

Let Me Assure You

Friday, July 18th, 2008


To the nonbelievers who feel there might be information extracted from you by way of suggested conversion between you and Marisa Pell- let me assure you this isn’t true.

Let me explain my experience last night Thursday 6-28-2007 at the Trenton Thunder Event. I sat in a room with about 20 other people. After a few relaxing breaths and basic do’s and dont’s, the session began.

As I sat there and listened with an open mind, the questions that were asked moved to areas of people who have passed and namely to my wife. Information was given that was validated immediately. None of my family members were present other than me. The only other person that would know this information is now my late wife.

Just because you attend doesn’t mean you will be read but go
with an open mind anything is possible. I have gone to other medium’s programs. Marisa is hands above anyone
out there including Mr.Edwards.

The bottom line: believe and it will happen!

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