It Just Didn’t Click At The Time

It just didn’t click at the time….

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Dear Marisa,

My friend and I attended the event at Slackwood Firehouse tonight and I was totally blown away and still am!! This was my second time seeing you but it was such a powerful experience that I can not go to sleep right now.  I hope you don’t mind me writing to you.

I know you don’t remember too much after your readings, but I am still excited that my grandmother helped my friend’s son Rick came through, along with my sister-in-law’s mom Mary Jane and sister Donna.  My grandmother was a solid role model for me and anyone she cared for, so I was glad she was with all of them and guiding them.

When you said the initials MAR, it didn’t dawn on me it could have been for Mary Jane.  All of these people have come to me in so many dreams over the years and strange things going on in my house, so this just validates things for me.  And the fact that my grandmother validated her birthday the week of Christmas (the 28th) was comforting to know she was with me.

My daughter dreamed of my grandmother the other night and told me in detail what she told her- my grandmom was mad at me because she was trying to tell me where to go but I wasn’t listening to her. It all makes sense that my grandmom (or Oma as I called her – she was German) would be upset with me about my health and about her good china in my closet.  She loved her china. She was my rock and I miss her dearly.

But, I know she has never left me and after tonight, realize she watches over my daughter, too.  In fact, when I was about 5 months pregnant she and my other grandmom came to me in a dream the night before I was going in to have an amniocentesis done.  The were both holding a bed of flowers and on it was my daughter as an infant, looking like she did at 5 months old.  They said “Here is your daughter” and I remember waking up, feeling like they were in my room. My dad’s father has also come to me many times in my dreams and in fact told me that my other grandfather was going to die the night before his death.

When I woke up, I saw the spirit of my grandfather at the edge of my bed smiling and then he disappeared.

So, when I got home tonight, so many of the names and signs you were talking about made more sense than when you were reading me.  The Daniel and Michael you spoke of didn’t click until I came home – they are the nephews of my sister-in-law Karen, and the “V” name could have been my nephew Vincent (all grandsons to Mary Jane).

It just didn’t click at the time. It was their way of trying to come through.   AS soon as you started to describe how they died and then you had to stop, I felt myself unable to catch my breath for a minute and like something was touching the back of my head, was this my grandmom?  Also, the Ron and Susan you mentioned also hit me when I got home – they are my friends who are married to one another, and Susan has had irritable bowel syndrome as long as I can remember.

One foot note about what you said to me on Friday night:  you mentioned that Mary Jane said that “she likes the denim jacket”.  I didn’t know what the heck that  meant but, I told my sister -in-law what her mom said, and here’s there weird thing: last week my sis-in-law said that her sister gave my nephew Vincent a hand-me-down denim jacket .Vincent did not like the denim jacket because it looked like a girl’s coat (it had fur on the collar), but my sister-in-law made him wear it to school!  :0)  So, I guess MaryJane wanted him to know that she liked it and it didn’t matter what he thought…..  We were laughing about it.    Karen also confirmed what you described at the time of sister’s and mom’s deaths.  I don’t want to go into detail but you were straight on with EVERYTHING!!

The other name you mentioned besides Ron and Mary (who have both passed) was my friend “Gregory”, who is Ron  and Mary’s son!  I didn’t make the connection until the next day.

So with that all said, thank you for tonight and I plan on attending more sessions.

Again, thank you.

Elise S

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