Father and Son Connection

by Medium Marisa Liza Pell

Father and Son Connection

Monday, February 23rd, 2009


I wanted to take a moment out of this evening to extend my thanks to you and your wonderful gift. You have brought to me something no one else ever could….You brought me peace in knowing my father was able to communicate with me from the other side. During your gallery in bensalem My father “Bean” was the second spirit to connect with you and our reading lasted for quite some time. I tried very hard to keep my self grounded and in recieving mode in every effort to extend that miracle we were experiencing. My mother attended this gallery with me. You mentioned my father was presenting himself as a strong spirit, he always went through life as a “tough guy” hustling to keep ends meeting and assuring my brother (Jim) and I had all the things we needed in life. He sacraficed personal relationships with us for the fast lane life and work. But as I am older now I can appreciate what he did.

Marisa….I always believed I had this unique ability to communicate with past people in my life….but not in the way where I could engage in conversation…but several times including within (1) week of my fathers passing I sat on my front porch and was reflecting on some times we had….when in my mind so strongly was the statement ” I am proud of you kid (he always referred to me that way) your strength always impresses me in hard times.”

Anyway I just wanted to thank you personally. You have instilled in me a faith in knowing life is only part of our journey, and even in death we live on.  But I assure you if you return to bensalem, I will be there for your gallery. And will also turn your amazing abilities on to others as well.

Thank You Again Marisa,

Brian J. O.

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