An Aggressive Aunt Speaks Her Mind

An Aggressive Aunt Speaks Her Mind

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I do not know how I started going to Marisa’s events, but I have attended quite a few with astonishingly amazing results.

One particular gallery was in Princeton in 2008. My aunt recently passed away. She had a lot of secrets which became known after her death. My aunt, of course, was the first one to come through. She was very aggressive and wanted what she wanted! Marisa first asked me, “who is Tony”? I said Tony was my father.

She then said a woman figure was there with a Mike. I replied that it was probably my father’s sister and his cousin Mike. She said Mike was very happy to see me and also described how he passed. She told me that he was struck and killed by a train and that it was an accident. That was indeed what happened.

He worked on railroads and was working on one at the time which everyone thought was shutdown. Apparently, someone made a huge mistake and he was hit by a train.

Marisa then asked me who Diane was. I responded that it was my sister. Marisa explained that my aunt was not happy with her. My aunt secretly had $400,000 stashed away without anyone knowing — except my sister Diane.

Diane told the whole family of my aunt’s money. Marisa expressed that my aunt was very unhappy about this and that the money was not important to her. My aunt communicated that she can not rest in peace until everyone stops saying all these bad things about her.

Also my aunt was a piano teacher and left her piano to my sister. Marisa said that my aunt was not happy about how the movers scuffed up her piano and took some of her sheet music, which I later validated by calling my sister. She told me that the piano had a lot of scratches on it and some music was missing!

Marisa also said that my aunt loved the red flowers that my son asked me to buy and give to my parents to place on her grave. This still gives me the chills! Since the first reading my aunt has come through again. The next time she complained about what my sister did with her drapes from her apartment. My sister did remake the drapes into something else, and my aunt was NOT happy about it!

Marisa relayed how my aunt died. She said that she had difficulty breathing, but a very peaceful passing. This was true.  She had lung cancer and was not in much pain when she passed. I just gave a few tidbits of my experiences, I could go on and on… as I am a huge fans of Marisa and the Connection Beyond staff.

She is always right on the money! You would not be dissapointed when you go to her galleries, just be prepared for someone to come through, they most always do!

Linda Eberhardt

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