Awestruck Client

Awestruck Client

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Hi Marisa,

I just wanted to tell you about something awesome that came to me after I left the Hamlin gallery. I can’t believe it didn’t all fit for me while I was there. I want to tell all of the people at the meeting how right on you were!!

I’m sorry for being so dense….that must be frustrating for you. Ok…anyway…you said that you were seeing an amputated leg and
since no-one was responding to that…you said ok…how about a leg that didn’t really function or something of that sort. I raised my hand and told you that my father had polio when he was younger and it caused him problems with his leg.

You said “what is the St Catherine thing”? and I told you that the closest I could think was that his mothers name was St.Catherine. You asked me if there was someone still living in his home because he wanted them to take care of a small piece of land…that it was
messy. That just seemed like he wanted my sister to make sure the lawn was taken care of….but it really wasn’t messy…so I
wasn’t completely sure of this.

Well….here is the rest of the story…When I got out of there…it dawned on me (duh) that the cemetary that my dad is buried in is St. Catherine’s. The cemetary personell had called me at the time of my fathers buriel to tell me that there was a problem…he could not fit into the spot next to my mother because there was an amputated leg (his aunts) that had shifted around in the ground and made it impossible to fit his coffin in. Consequently we buried him
in another spot very near by.

Well when all of this made sense to me…I was very nervous about telling my sisters because I was thinking that he was unhappy with where we buried him and he now wanted us to straigten it out. When I told my older sister…she said…”you are kidding”!! It seems the Cemetary had just called her that week to tell her they were engraving the stone.

They called her a little while later and said that the grounds were pretty messy there and for a little extra fee… they would groom them for her!!!!
Wow…it all made total sense. I was so relieved that I told her because…I was so surprised that my father would have a problem with our arrangement…he wasn’t the kind of guy who would care about that. Anyway….I would love to come to see you again when you’re in the area…so I will keep on checking the web site. I have others who are interested now…after that story. It made me feel good that my father was more or less letting us know that he is there.


Awestruck Client!

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