Dog Named Lexi

Dog Named Lexi

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008


Someone asked at one of your galleries if you ever give information that is actually happening as you speak. I’d like to share this story with you.

At the end of my very first visit to you, you said there was a dog in my life and the dog’s name was Lexi. I said I did not know of any dog named Lexi. You then said the dog’s name was Lexi or Alexis and I continued to have no idea of any dog by that name. The closest thing I could relate this to was that my veterinarian drove a Lexus. You said this is a dog and insisted the that I write the dog’s name down because this dog would have a special meaning to me. That was the last thing you said to me before I left that morning.

Naturally since this was my first visit with you, I was overwhelmed with the details and accuracy of events you described to me that morning. It was also at a time when I had suffered a devastating loss, so needless to say when I left you I needed some alone time to process and consider everything you had told me. When I walked to my car, I had a voice mail from my friend, Kate, but decided to call her a little later. When I pulled in my driveway Kate was calling again, and when I went in the house she had left a message on my answering machine. After I was home about an hour I returned Kate’s call. Here is what followed.

Kate was very excited when I returned her call. Her family dog had been lost a few months prior and she had posted a very generous reward in the newspaper. Someone had seen the story and reward and called her telling her that they a beautiful dog like the one she had lost but they had to find a good home for her because they were relocating. Kate already had two dogs but she told me her and her husband went to see the dog that morning, and they brought her home and she was just beautiful. Then she told me her name was Lexi, and I would just love her and did I have a crate she could borrow. My heart stopped for a second as I repeated ”Lexi?”. She could hear the surprise in my voice and she said, “well her real name on her papers is Alexis, but they call her Lexi”. Lexi turned out to be an amazing dog and I spend all my time with her now when I visit Kate.

About 11 months later I was sitting with Kate at her house in front of the fire on a snowy night. Kate on one leather couch, me on the other with Lexi lying beside me with her head on my lap as I held her head, rubbing her neck as she rested. Then out of nowhere, Kate looked over and said to me, “There is something I need to tell you because I watch you with Lexi and I know you love her so much and she loves you. The morning we went to get Lexi we were not bringing her home for us, we already had two dogs, and we went to get her for you. We knew that a dog would be the one thing that might help you get through the difficult time you were going through, but when I got her home I just fell so in love with her and could not part with her “.

So Marisa, while you were telling me about a dog named Lexi that morning, Kate was about 45 miles away on her way to pick up a dog named Lexi with every intention of bringing her home to me. While I would have loved to have Lexi, and while this may or may not have worked out as was meant to be, Lexi is a very real and very special part of my life, and I am so grateful for all the love she shares with me. Lexi has a wonderful life with a wonderful family, and all the love she could possible want, and she is a true angel that continues to touch my life in a very special way.

Thank you Marisa, for bringing your special gift to so many of us.



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