Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Hello Marisa

My sister and I were at the Slackwood session last night. As a matter of fact we go to all your events there. I would like to say that you hit it right on the nose when my brother came through. All you needed to say was “Fireworks” and I knew that was him.

My brother passed last year in Sept and my sis & I had to clean out his room (he saved everything!) and no matter where we cleaned there were boxes of fireworks everywhere! No kidding…you could fill a car with all the boxes we found. So I knew it was him coming through. I believe he was buying them and was going to sell them, as we said “to make a fast buck”.

And when I said to you that I got rid of them and you made that “face”, well, that just validated it right there. He would always make that face when he didn’t like something you said. He even did it the day he passed away when we were talking to him in the hospital. Then he left and someone else came through for the lady sitting in front of us.

Yes, that is exactly like my brother..if he didn’t like something you said he would always walk away from you but come back later to talk to you. And that he did. He came back.

Then you spoke of doves. He sends doves to let us know he’s around. This is so true! Prior to his death in Sept I have never seen a dove in Marlton no less in my back yard. Then last Sept after his passing I had them nesting in my trees, on my front lawn, on the driveway…still to this day. And my sister says the same thing about them in her yard too. So there you go.

Right on the nose again when you said if we found the money he stashed away. We did find it cleaning out his room and it was kind of funny when you asked if he was in drugs, but he wasn\’t however I know why you said that. He didn’t believe in banks and when he cashed in his big disability check from social security he got all new bills wrapped neatly and placed in baggies and stashed away in a money box. Anyone seeing this would think it was drug money the way it was kept, but that’s my brother…just didn’t believe in banks. So that was funny when you said that. And my sister and I never told anyone we found there you go.

When you asked about the family member with the curly, wavy hair..well that’s my husband and it was my brother who introduced us 10 years ago. Then when you made that gesture that he was pointing to himself like he was proud….that’s my brother.

I believe the reason why he could not speak and was coming through to you with sign language was because when he got sick last year he went into a bit of a coma. He came out of it but could not speak because he had so much of the toxins taking over his body from his liver and kidneys failing, however he could squeeze our hand and make that face as you did when we said something he didn’t like. So hopefully he knows now that he can get through and will learn how to speak later on.

The only things I’m not too sure about what my brother said regarding the road maps and the board games yet…we will have to wait and see about that.

Marisa, it’s been a pleasure to see you again. I’ll stop by to say hello next time in passing. I live off of Main Street in Marlton about 4 miles from your office.

Take care and enjoy the nice weather.

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