Of Golf Courses and Grapefruit

First Nature Yoga Studio

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

My name is Chuck and you did a reading for me
at First Nature Yoga Studio. I was the only man there.
I was at a previous reading and my wife did not come through
This time she came through shaking her finger at me.
There was a couple of things you told me that have come true.
I also figured out what my wife was trying to tell us

She showed you a golf course and a grapefruit
Which I could not tie at the time but here is the answer
Our long time family friend is a golf nut and lives in Florida
I called her and found out that she is selling her car, home and
Moving closer to her children in Arkansas

You told me I was seeing 2 women —correct
And that one of them would “jump off the wagon”
Well the last 3 weeks I have been getting the cold shoulder from one of them
So I guess she is gone…

You told me that the third lady I talk to on the phone
Is trouble –to stay away from her and every one in our
Grief counseling group thinks the same of her
I will heed your advice..

Looking forward to your next visit at First Nature


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