Person In Spirit By The Name of Laura

Person In Spirit By The Name Of Laura

Monday, June 9th, 2008


I just need to tell you that at a workshop that I was attending with Marisa,
she started to receive the name Laura, she then asked, ” is there anyone
here that has a person in spirit by the name of Laura”, I did not answer
right away, but, after awhile when Laura would not go away I said, “Well,
I had a Grandmother by the name of Laura, but she has been dead for almost
fifty years”. Then she said “yes, this is your Grandmother, why didn’t
you tell me sooner”? And I said, “Because she has been dead for fifty
years”. Marisa said, “That does not matter, she is in spirit, isn’t she”?
She then started to relay messages from my Grandmother who said to Marisa,
“Look aren’t my hands beautiful”? Then Marisa said to me, “Did your Grandmother
have beautiful hands”? I said . “I really could not remember my Grandmother
to much because at the time I was only little, but, when I remember my
Grandmother one of the first things I think of my Grandmother, is her
hands. When she was here on earth t toward the end of her life, her hands
was so deformed by arthritis that she could not even feed herself.” Marisa
then said, “Yes, she wants you to know that her hands are healed and that
they are now beautiful. She then started to preceded to tell me. That
my Grandmother was very concerned about a Tom, she kept saying tell Tom
he must go to the doctors I am so worried about him. Marisa then asked
me if I knew a Tom, and I said “Yes, I do I have a brother Tom”. She said,
“Well, your Grandmother is very concerned about him, you must tell him
to go to the doctors right away”.

So I thought about it for a week and then I decided I had to call Tom
and tell him this. I knew it would be tough because my brother was not
one to go to the doctors very easily. When I called I got my sister in
law and we gabbed for awhile and then finally I said, “Well, I will tell
you why I called”. She said, “No, before you do there is something I need
to tell you. Your brother got so sick that he had to go to the doctor
last week, and I need to tell you that they found spots in his lungs and
his liver. He has cancer. But, he didn’t want me to tell you so that you
would worry.” My brother lived for three months and then he joined my
Grandmother in spirit. My Grandmother came through and warned me , perhaps,
if I had been with Marisa sooner we could have gotten the message to my
brother sooner. But, then I also believe that we all have our time and
that it was my brother’s time to leave. Marisa’s message gave me comfort
to know, that, if my grandmother knew my brother was sick, s he was defiantly
there to cross him over. Through Marisa’s communication gave to me great
comfort and peace of mind.


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