Thank You For Sharing Your Amazing Gift

Thank For Sharing Your Amazing Gift

Sunday, June 8th, 2008


I was at Sacred Spaces on Friday night. Thank you so much for the wonderful
evening. You spent a great deal of time reading for me (My father came
through- he lost his wedding band Happy Anniversary to me)). I thought
you might enjoy hearing this. As part of the reading, you mentioned that
my Dad knew of a BIG birthday celebration…..(my half sister’s 50th birthday
is November). My sister and I had a falling out, and haven’t spoken or
communicated in quite a while. My Dad has been gone 16 months and my sister
and I have spoken maybe 5 times. Well, I called to tell her about what
I learned at the reading, and we decided to heal ourselves and each other
so we could continue our spiritual journey. Now we are working together
to help my mom (her step mom) deal with the loss of our dad. I just wanted

you to know that much healing has resulted from the session with you on
Friday. I do believe you\’ve also done readings for my sister. We’ve been
taking parallel spiritual paths…just not connecting, until now. Thank
you so very much.

At the beginning of the session on Sept. 30, when you were telling
us about how it worked etc. and the process, You tossed out a name,
“Constantine Perillou**”. My Dad’s last name (my maiden name)
is Perillou. You were looking in my direction when you said this. I
found this VERY interesting since this is not a common name. When I
mentioned this to my sister, she said she was looking at the family
tree two weeks ago, and there actually WAS a CONSTANTINE. I don\’t know
quite what to think, other than validation.

Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing gift.



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