They Called Her Danny

They Called Her Danny

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Dear Marisa,

I attended an event in November 2007 – Allentown, NJ. I was the first person you read, and you kept coming back to me all evening. The first name you mentioned was Danny, but you commented that it was a girl. That was my living niece. The person coming through mentioned her, because they were extremely worried about her health.

I assumed it was my Dad worrying about his granddaughter, Danielle. You also mentioned a Bob, or Bill. Well, my Dad’s name was Bill, so again I assumed it was my Dad. You prefaced the reading by saying that we may not find out what the messages meant for months.

It turns out that while I was at a funeral for a friend’s mother, in January 2008, one of my relatives was there – his name is Bobby. He informed me that his father, my 1st cousin, died in October 2007 – we didn’t know. As we “caught up” on our lives, he talked about his daughter Danielle – they call her DANNY!

He said that she had been having medical issues and that everyone was worried about her. It automatically CLICKED that who you read was not my Dad, but my cousin – Danny’s grandfather! He passed away a few weeks before the reading in November 2007 and wanted me to pass the urgent message on to his son, Bobby, Danielle’s (Danny’s) Dad.

It hit me so hard that I told Bobby all about the reading, as well as, show him the notes that were taken. I gave Bobby referrals for specialists in New York and urged him to take action. He was impressed, but I wasn’t sure he would act on the message from his Dad. He DID and bottom line – Danny is now doing great and back to being a normal 16 year old! You’re awesome!!!

– Joyce

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