Toby The Dog

Toby the Dog

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Dear Marisa,

Got back from the gallery tonight (Hampton Inn, Princeton) not too long
ago. You confused me when you asked if “Toby” (the man I’ve
been seeing) is a dog. He called me almost as soon as I got home, and
asked me what happened during the session. When I told him what you said,
he explained that growing up, his sister’s friend (who he thinks he should
have married) named her dog, Toby, after him. So Toby WAS a dog!!! His
sister passed away a few years ago, and I “told” her earlier
today that if she wanted to come through, I would relay a message to him.
I guess this was more convincing than if you just gave me his name and
said his sister was there. There was no way i could have known this information!
Thanks for a wonderful session. The things from my mother(punky brewster,
etc.) were right on.


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