Totally Blew Me Away!

Totally Blew Me Away!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Dear Marisa,

Just had to write and say “thank you” for everything. The private
gallery we attended with you last week totally blew me away! I went in,
not expecting much, and left with a feeling I have never felt before.
There are defining moments in a persons life, graduating from high school,
getting married, having children, etc… And my mother’s and I session
with you is now one of those moments. We planned our session with you
months prior, And I had asked my mother if she would attend, her response
was “absolutley not!” As time passed so did her reluctance,
and before we knew it, the day had arrived. Everything went wrong that
day, my babysitter canceled, my newborn son was sick with a cold, And
suddenly my mother once again changed her mind. She did everything she
could to get out of coming, and I was pretty angry with her. However,
through some miriacle we made it to the session. And now I know why, we
were meant to be there for a reason.

You told us that the people with the most important messages, were the
ones to come through first, and that the most sceptical ones were also
likely to recieve the first messages. That was definitley my mother, and
myself. We lost alot of family members in a short span of time, all pretty
traumatically. My father, brother, and grandparents. They all came through
that evening, because as you had told us, they had an important message
they needed to tell us about another family member who was in serious
trouble, and in need of our help. You told us things that no one else
could have possible known. You did more for my mother and I in one night,
than years of therapy ever did. I am finally at peace with issues I have
stuggled with for years, such as the suicide of my father. I now know,
that we do go on, and that our loved ones our there to meet us on the
other side, no matter how they passed.

You have given my mother the the only peace she could recieve after losing
three children. You have given us closure on more issues than I can count,
and we are truley grateful for the experience, forever grateful.

Melanie L.

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